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Start your e-commerce website with Laravel Bagisto

Bagisto has everything you will ever need to run and grow your online store. It evolves with innovation and lets your business meet the modern standard to provide your customers the best experience on your website.

Start your e-commerce website with Laravel Bagisto.

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Imagine saving money and getting superior-quality service. Sounds unreal? That’s what we have been doing for our numerous clients over the last 15 years.

In other words, we help our clients develop websites, web apps, and mobile apps that stand out in the ocean of the internet while saving them up to 60% of the cost with our remote developers.

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Laravel Bagisto e-commerce services we offer

Bagisto has plenty of wonder in its bag and we offer you all of it. Here is just some of it: -

Custom e-commerce design and development

With many e-commerce players out there, your website needs to be unique and stand out from the crowd.

E-commerce integration

Bagisto is like the universe - it is always expanding. This ensures that your business not only just survives the change in the market but also thrives through it.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale allows you easily track your inventory, daily sales, growth, and loyal customers to optimize your service and make better marketing decisions.

E-commerce audit and optimization

Optimization is a part of the process of being the best. Bagisto offers you decoupled architecture for making any changes in the frontend or backend without affecting the other.

Headless e-commerce

A platform should never be an obstacle to taking business a level higher. Laravel’s headless e-commerce grows with your business to meet your needs.

B2B marketplace

Bagisto isn’t built to be just an e-commerce development platform. It empowers you to build a whole marketplace where buyers and sellers connect.

Why choose Acquaint Softtech?

What you get is more important to us than what we provide.

Save up to 60% of your costs

Your money is precious. So save it for the future for yourself. Our remote developers will complete your project for up to 60% lesser cost than usual.

Global talent for the best quality work

Quality developers are hard to find. Thus why not take advantage of the global skills and talent we have already gathered for you and get started quickly?

Your deadline is taken care of

We understand how important your deadline is to you. That is why, we respect and go the extra mile to meet it, always!

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You can create an e-commerce website for your business of any size. It offers plenty of features like image search, product SEO, multi-vendor marketplace, multi-inventory management, insights reports, access control levels, etc.

PWA stands for Progressive Web Application. It is a type of application software delivered through the web. Take for example - Grammarly. E-commerce websites too can be developed as a PWA. It helps to provide a better user experience regardless of the device they are using, whether a PC or a mobile. You can develop it for your custom business requirements. Here a some of its features: -

  • Mobile-first Interface

  • Social Integration

  • Web Push Notification

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Live Chat

  • Enhanced Checkout

  • Web Payments

  • Security

  • Search Engine Optimization

Laravel Bagisto is an open-source e-commerce ecosystem to help you build your online store. It is capable of building an e-commerce website for a business of any size. You can also customize your website as per your needs. E-commerce packages like Bagisto make Laravel the best choice for e-commerce website development.

POS is an abbreviation for Point of Sale. It helps you easily sync your offline and online store and track your inventory in real-time. Bagisto helps you to easily integrate it into your website.

Acquaint Softtech is a Laravel development company. Whether you want to build your website from scratch or want to redesign your existing website, we are here to serve you.

We look forward to developing websites for our clients that stand out from the crowd whether it is in terms of performance or elegance.

Performance and design are one of the most pivotal aspects of a modern-day website. We make sure to provide the best performance and design for our client’s website by using our 15 years of web development industry experience.

We optimize code to make it lightweight and quick. We also ensure the mobile-friendliness of your website, just as search engine loves.

Everything! We are official partners of Bagisto. That is why, whatever your needs are, no matter how big or small, we are the solution for you. Just to be specific, here are some of the Bagisto services we provide: -

  1. Custom Bagisto e-commerce development

  2. E-commerce integration

  3. B2B Marketplace

  4. Custom Analytics

  5. E-commerce optimization

And much more.

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