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Backend Development Company

Leverage our expertise for high-performing backends

Every mobile app and website rests on the strength of its backend. We have a knack for delivering robust, secure, feature-rich, and high-performing backend using advanced technologies.

Leverage our expertise for high-performing backends.

Backend Development Services

Backend development solutions that you can trust

Mobile App Backend Development

Every fancy mobile app has a robust backend working overtime. Take advantage of our expertise in several backend technologies.

Cloud Backend Development Solutions

We have the perfect solution to support your cloud infrastructure to eliminate any lags in performance.

Backend Application Development

Secure, efficient, high performing and technologically advanced backend to support your website irrespective of the industry.

Custom Backend Development

Tailor-made solutions to support your custom website. We implement advanced technologies and third-party API to fast & efficient websites.

Backend API Management

Integrate existing API for quick solutions or build a custom API to match your unique requirements and integrate it seamlessly.

Backend Refactoring

We specialize in modernizing, restructuring, optimizing & rebuilding your entire backend for better performance and security.

Successful Projects

Our multi-talented backend development team develops innovative apps from several industries.


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Backend Development Company - The Process

We use a tried & tested development methodology and have the expertise to pick the best technologies suitable for your project.


The idea takes shape after brainstorming and research. The development plan is created after deciphering the requirements and considering the business goal. The risks involved are assessed and the tech stack is established.


We work closely with our clients while we put our creative talent to work to ensure our innovative designs also include the preferences of our clients. Wireframes & mockups to create an appealing design that is user-friendly, interactive, intuitive, and unique.


Our highly skilled team of developers uses the ideal technologies to deliver the best possible solution. We believe in the concepts of code reuse, OOPs, APIs, and code libraries, and tend to make use of proven techniques to integrate the features and deliver the best experience.


A dedicated QA team to ensure there are no bugs and errors. This includes manual and automated testing. We provide full support and help for the launch of your product.

Development Support

We provide support and maintenance which includes emergency support, preventive & perfect maintenance as well as dealing with upgrades, security updates, modifications, migration, and more. 

Hiring Backend developers is just the boost your business needs.

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Engagement Model for Backend Development

The added advantage of trusting us to be your development partner is our flexible working model since every business has different preferences.

Time and Material

The cost of the project is directly dependent on the development time and the resources utilized. This model supports healthy communication, prioritization of tasks, access to reports, and flexibility on project scope as well. This is a low-risk model & supports modifications.

Dedicated Development Team

A dedicated team of developers is selected to work on the projects which ensure the business has full control of the development process. It involves paying for the developer's time and is more flexible than the fixed-price model. The project cost is more predictable and it ensures higher security.

Fixed cost & Time Model

As the name suggests this type of model involves establishing the cost and time frame of the project in advance making it the more predictive and transparent model. The business is fully aware of the deliverable at every stage of the project making it easy to monitor.

Acquaint Softtech Industry Expertise

Acquaint Softtech By The Numbers


Clients Globally




Project Countries

Custom Backend Development by Acquaint that is

Develop a custom backend for your application since although it is invisible, it is responsible for a major part of the application features.



Purpose-built backend solution using code libraries, reusable code and APIs


Best Practices

Custom solutions in keeping with the industry standards as per business requirements.


Scalable & Reliable

Flexible and reliable solutions that you can depend on and scale as your business grows.



Mobile app or website backend designed with high-security standards and advanced technologies.


Tailored solution

Highly customized solutions free from errors and bugs tailored to customer requirements.



Custom backend development to offer a higher level of personalization to your customers.

Backend Development Tech Stack

Choose the ideal technologies for backend development and other supporting features from the best tech stack.








Build real-time applications by harnessing the features NodeJS has to offer. NodeJS Development is ideal to develop scalable applications and possesses a special event machine.


We have extensive experience providing custom PHP Development for backend solutions. This is one language that is specially developed for the Internet and is highly flexible & fast.


Python is a highly popular language well-equipped to handle the rising demands of various businesses. Python Development is best for fast solutions that can work on any platform.


Laravel is a PHP framework and hence possesses all the good features that PHP has. Our Laravel Development solutions leverage the in-built features of Laravel, like security, routing, etc for stunning solutions.


This is another PHP framework and it has a small footprint with exceptional performance. We offer CodeIgniter Development services with high security and quality.


Develop a high-level and secure website using this Django which is a Python web framework. Opting for Django development means using a full-fledged framework with all bells & whistles.

Backend Development For All Types of Businesses

Small & Medium Businesses

Small & medium businesses can benefit from a robust backend. We develop a feature-rich solution for a wide range of industries. These are well-designed with simple yet practical features and use advanced technologies. They are also well-tested prior to launch.

Large Businesses

We have a highly skilled and dedicated team of developers who are well-equipped to handle large projects. They also have all company resources at their disposal and keep abreast with the latest technologies which work to the advantage of a large business.


We have a knack for helping startups develop backend solutions. Our special MVP solution is ideal for startups with a low budget or for those who do not wish to take high risks or spend big on creating stunning solutions. Take advantage of our development team who have worked with many startups.

Reasons to Outsource Backend Development

Consumers expect a more personalized and interactive interface. We have the expertise to incorporate advanced technologies for a better consumer experience.

Talented Pool of Professionals

This way you have access to the a highly talented pool of designers, developers, testers with access to the best resources.


This is the more cost-effective method developing a cutting edge solutions to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Advanced Solution

Access to the latest tools & technologies and skilled team of developers to implement it for an advanced feature set.

Backend Developers

Meet our superstars

These gems are finely picked after some rigorous filtering so that only the best of the best could serve you your desired project. So pick any and assemble your team of the best developers.

Bhawani S.

Sr. Backend Developer

Bhawani has 7+ years of experience playing with Laravel and developing websites. He is punctual and spot-on in delivering.

Experts in :
  • Php
  • Laravel
  • Javascript
Also Worked With:
  • Python
Experience: 5+ years
Bhawani S.

Juned M.

Backend Developer TL

Juned is an integral part of our PHP development team. With the exceptional skills he possesses, he has led his team to complete complex projects within deadline.

Experts in :
  • Php
  • Laravel
  • WordPress
Also Worked With:
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
Experience: 5+ years
Juned M.

Mitul P.

Sr. Backend Developer

Mitul loves developing websites and web apps with Laravel. His development skills have been applauded and rewarded by our clients as well.

Experts in :
  • Php
  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
Also Worked With:
  • VueJS
Experience: 4 years
Mitul P.

Swati P.

Full Stack Developer

Swati has over 4 years of experience in designing and developing websites using Laravel. She knows how to solve problems with her logic.

Experts in :
  • Php
  • Laravel
  • JQuery
Also Worked With:
  • AngularJS
Experience: 4+ years
Swati P.

Hiren K.

PHP Laravel Developer

Hiren is a multiskilled developer with expertise in Laravel, Python, and Front-end technologies. His full-stack knowledge and leadership skills are a boost to our team.

Experts in :
  • Php
  • Laravel
  • Statamic
Also Worked With:
  • Python
  • WordPress
Experience: 3+ years
Hiren K.

12k+ Happy Clients

Our global client list continues to grow every year. All our clients have something good to say about us! Here is what some of them say:

" We have been so impressed with them that it's now developed into a 3-year-old relationship and it's still going strong. "



I cannot imagine how much effort and money it would have taken had if Acquaint wasn't there for us.

Kevin Lyttle

Co-founder - Tarakon Records

They have delivered our product on track with a high caliber of detail. Their communication is consistent and they are responsive to every feature improvement and ultimate feedback we have given them.

Nick Spiller

Founder of SuperFi


Backend development is the development of server-side software for a website or mobile app. As a user you only interact with the strategically designed frontend, the backend is responsible for the features and functions you make use of and what you cannot see.

Some of the popular backend technologies include PHP, Python, NodeJS, Laravel, Django.

A backend developer works on the backend of your website or mobile app while a full-stack developer has the skills to handle both frontend and backend development. 

Backend developer ensures the backend of the website or mobile app is highly secure and working efficiently. They find the best technologies to implement your requirements.

Frontend is the section of the website or mobile app you interact with which can also be referred to as the graphic user interface. On the other hand, the backend is the underlying code that supports your app which you cannot see; but provides the core functionality. 

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