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About Acquaint Softtech Private Limited

It is always a good idea to get to know one better! This strengthens a relationship. Here is more about us.

Our Story

This is the internet age. Thus the modern world is weaved by coding. As valuable as good developers are, they are equally hard to find and harder to afford if we do find them.

Hiring good developers was a privilege affordable only to big players. So what should start-ups and small companies do? We believe "For every problem, there is a solution." And this is when Acquaint Softtech came into play.

We envisioned bridging the gap between skilled developers and companies and making this bridge easy and affordable for them to cross. Since then, we have never looked back.

With a great team and an ever-growing list of clients, we have faced and conquered every challenge thrown at us. Today, the Acquaint family has grown to 60+ happy members and is expanding.

Who We are?

We are a team that comes together every day to make our vision a reality and have fun along with it.

What we do?

We make quality developers in various technologies accessible and affordable to you.

Why choose us?

Because we bring down your cost on the workforce to 2/5th without the hassle of managing them.

Let's Zoom In To Get A More Clear Picture About Us

Acquaint Softtech is a free-spirited team where we manage developers hired by you with utmost care to make sure that fun and work stay in balance.

We take your project with the same excitement and enthusiasm as a child getting his favorite toy. We just enjoy every moment of playing with it till completion. But that's not it. Our bond stays till eternity.

We come to work to make things happen and bring a change. This adds the element of excitement to work and sets us apart from others. Thus it is normal to lose the track of time while working here at Acquaint Softtech.

Our Clients

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