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Hire Remote Developers

Hire Remote Software Developers in 48 Hours

Be a short-term or a long-term project, don’t compromise on the quality of talent you work with. Build your dream team with remote software developers from acquaint Softtech that are technically proficient to build feature-rich solutions for better business growth and gain an upper edge over your competitors.


Claim $4,000 in credits on every hire

Grab the $4000 Credit offer by hiring a remote developer and redeem 10% on every billing. Do not let this offer pass you by! Pay less for high-quality software! read the full details here

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Cost to Hire Remote Developers

Developer Types Junior Developer Mid Level Developer Senior Level Developer
Estimate Cost $2640 $3520 $4400
Experience Developer 1 - 3 Years 3 - 5 Years 5+ Years
Risk-free Trial 7 Days 7 Days 7 Days
Methodology Agile Development Agile Development Agile Development
Development Manager Yes Yes Yes
Lock-ins No No No
Time Zone Availability Yes Yes Yes
Hire Remote Developers

Engagements models to hire remote developers

Full time hiringFull-Time Hiring Part time hiringPart-Time Hiring hourly base hiringHourly Hiring
View Hire

8 Hours

4 Hours

Hour Basis

Hiring Period (Min)

1 Month

1 Month

25 Hours

Quarterly Advance Payment

2.5% Discount

Half Yearly Advance Payment

5% Discount

Yearly Advance Payment

10% Discount




Phone, Chat, E-mail

Project Trackers

Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmine etc.

Hire Remote Developers

Simplified Hiring Process


Finalize Requirements

The requirements are analyzed first followed with brainstorming & the necessary technology and skilled developers are selected.


Shortlist Developers

We provide a list of relevant professionals based on technical & interpersonal skills. This is followed by the interview process, the signing of a contract and NDA.


Select Your Team

A set of team members are selected based on custom criteria. The developers selected for the project are provided with the necessary resources.


Begin the Project

The developers start working on the project with the remote development the company handling all the tasks and providing updates reports regularly.

Struggling to Hire Remote Developers?

You have made the right decision by choosing to hire remote developers! Avoid making the mistake of hiring the first remote development firm you come across. Finding the right one is challenging and takes considerable time & effort.


Tech Talent Shortage

Skilled developers are in high demand; hence, a shortage often makes it hard to find the right developers when you need to hire. The dedicated team of developers at Acquaint consistently delivers good solutions.


Complicated Hiring Process

It is common to be frustrated with the complex hiring processes of remote development companies. It often involves an interview process, portfolio review, test projects, and more. It is more streamlined with us.


Overcoming Legal Issues

Opting for remote developers means considering the legal complications involving intellectual property, security, trademarks, taxes, insurance, etc. Hiring from a reputed firm like Acquaint helps avoid legal issues later.


Communication Programs

The language barrier is hard to overcome, especially with offshore developers; this often leads to mismatched expectations and wrong interpretations. We assign a single point of a contract and have the expertise & patience to understand your requirements fully.


Time Zone

Hiring a remote team usually means hiring from a different country with a different language and timezone. Hire a team that offers flexible working hours, especially for project meetings and timely updates on the project status as provided by us.


Technical Proficiency

Skilled developers are hard to find, especially if you require talented developers with skills in a particular technology or advanced technologies. At Acquaint we have multi-skilled professionals who also keep up-to-date with latest technologies.

Hire Our Quality Remote Developers

Our Remote Development Team Is For You If Your Answer “Yes” To Any Of The Below.

  • A company to handle your project?

  • Need help with a tight deadline?

  • Startups that aim to grow rapidly?

  • Need a offshore development team?

  • Require long-term developer support?

  • Challenges of an in-house development team?

  • Team expertise in advanced technologies?

Trust a software development company to handle your project?

It is ideal for those who trust remote software developers with their projects and feel they are more productive and focused on the task. The remote software development company knows the current trends and ideal working environment.

Need help with a tight deadline?

If you are finding it hard to meet a deadline or have a large project with a tight schedule, a remote development team is an ideal solution instead of attempting to add resources & skilled developers within your firm.

Startups that aim to grow rapidly?

As a startup, you already have an uphill task and might not have a high budget to splurge on a new idea or business software. Hiring remote developers can fill the skilled developer’s gap when needed.

In need of a professionally managed offshore development team?

This is the ideal solution if you are a business that prefers a fully managed software development team instead of hiring one in-house. One can avoid administrative hassle by opting for this business model.

Require long-term developer support?

The dedicated team model is well-suited for businesses with long-term development road-map or ongoing development needs. By partnering with a dedicated team, businesses can ensure they have access to a reliable and skilled development team for as long as needed.

Do not deal with the challenges of an in-house development team?

Avoid dealing with the everyday challenges of an in-house development team, like investing a large sum, devoting time to the recruitment process, hiring developers with skills in the appropriate technologies, and ensuring you have appropriate tools and technologies.

Do you have the instant requirement of a team with knowledge and expertise in other advanced technologies?

It is the optimal choice if specialized skills or knowledge of a specific technology stack is needed. Hiring a remote development company with help, you gain access to specialists or a dedicated team to provide the expertise you need to complete your project successfully.

Reason to hire developer from us

Hire the best Remote Software Developers from Acquaint

  • Simple to use Cost Calculator Scalable Teams
  • Simple to use Cost Calculator NDA Signed
  • Simple to use Cost Calculator Dedicated Project Manager
  • Simple to use Cost Calculator 5000+ Projects Launch
  • Simple to use Cost Calculator Could Solutions Expertise
  • Simple to use Cost Calculator Competitive Software Development Cost
  • Simple to use Cost Calculator Project Standup Meetings Daily
  • Simple to use Cost Calculator Proven track record
  • Simple to use Cost Calculator Knowledge of advanced technologies
  • Simple to use Cost Calculator Communication & interpersonal skills
  • Simple to use Cost Calculator Perfect time management
  • Simple to use Cost Calculator Problem-solving skills

Hire Excellent Talent At A Competitive Cost

Eliminate the need to invest in dedicated office space & set up the necessary personnel and technological resources. Hire remote developers from Acquaint; we offer affordable and reliable solutions.
With freelancers
  • Project stats 1Takes no responsibility
  • Project stats 2Hard to find good freelancers
  • Project stats 3Hard to manage a team of multiple freelancers
  • Project stats 4Lacks supervision
  • Project stats 5Idea theft issues
  • Project stats 6Risk of freelancer switching to a higher paying project.
USD 3520/month (@ USD 20/hour) + your priceless sanity
With Acquaint Softtech
  • Project stats 1No hassle of management
  • Project stats 2Instant hire. No recruitment cost
  • Project stats 3No equipment cost
  • Project stats 4No overhead expenses
  • Project stats 5No premise/office required
  • Project stats 6No software cost
  • Project stats 7No ties, bond, or contract
  • Project stats 8We take full responsibility for your project
  • Project stats 9Just hourly charge of the developer you hire
USD 2640/month (@ USD 15/hour)
With an in-house team
  • Project stats 1Recruitment cost
  • Project stats 2Benefits
  • Project stats 3Training
  • Project stats 4Overhead cost (office, equipment cost)
  • Project stats 5Payroll tax
  • Project stats 6Basic salary (USD 57/hour for a Laravel developer in the US as per data)
USD 17455/month + your priceless sanity

Meet your Future Remote Software Development Team

Let the numbers speak for themselves


Years of Experience


IT Professionals


Industry Served




Hours we worked



How Will Hiring The Flexible Remote Team From Acquaint Benefit You?

We go out of our way to deliver high-quality solutions to all our clients, irrespective of their location. We specialize in remote development work as well.

Reduce Costs

Avoid investing a large amount in setting up an in-house team of developers and the cost of infrastructure and other resources. It also is lower cost for highly skilled and well-trained developers.

Access The Best Talent

You gain access to the highly talented pool of developers, designers, and testers to ensure you end up with a feature-rich solution that is also highly appealing and easy to navigate.

Gain Competitive Edge

A high percentage of businesses are now opting for advanced solutions to get ahead. Hiring Acquaint as your remote development company will ensure you gain a competitive edge over other businesses.

Niche Technology Experts

You have greater flexibility and ability to hire developers with expertise in a specific technology instead of hiring those only with basic knowledge of relevant technologies.

Improve Productivity

We have a team of developers working in the perfect environment well suited for special software projects. Thus you will be hiring developers who always remain focused on their work and have high productivity.

Incorporate a Diverse Culture

At Acquaint, we successfully manage our teams of designers and developers, all from a diverse backgrounds to repeatedly deliver state-of-the-art solutions by leveraging the vast exposure of every team member.

Technological Competencies Of Our Flexible Remote Team

Hire our quality remote developers and gain access to a thoughtfully selected tech stack. Get help from the experts on which technologies will best suit your project requirement.







Infra & DevOps


iOS App Development


Android App Development


React Native App Development


Flutter App Development


Angular Js Development


React JS Development


Vue JS Development


HTML 5 Development


Typescript Development


Tailwind CSS Development


Bootstrap Development


Node Js Development


PHP Development


Python Development


Laravel Development


Codeigniter Development


Django Development


WordPress Development


Statamic Development


Ghost Development


Gatsby Development


Strapi Development


Django CMS Development


Shopify Development


WooCommerce Development


Bagisto Development


MySQL Database


Dynamo DB














Google Cloud











Explore Our Exceptional Work

Explore how Acquaint Softtech as a software development company has shaped businesses by offering innovative and technology driven software solutions.

Explore More Case Studies

All our clients have something good to say about us.


"They are a smart group of people. I really appreciate them being great business partners for me."

Andrew Fortune

Founder - Great Colorado Homes


They have delivered our product on track with a high caliber of detail. Their communication is consistent and they are responsive to every feature improvement and ultimate feedback we have given them.

Nick Spiller

Founder of SuperFi


My team at Acquaint has grown to seven members because of the dedication they have shown.

Vivek Shah

Founder - Gowd

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Remote Developers

It is beneficial to outsource your software development project to an expert remote software development company but there is more than meets the eye. Get the answers to some of the most common questions you are likely to have as a business and be more confident about hiring one.

  • Important factors to consider when hiring developer

  • Expert tips on finding the right remote development company.

  • Important information for smooth working with remote developers

  • Myths about remote software development

  • Checklist to hire remote developers

  • Common challenges when hiring remote developers

What are the important factors to consider when hiring a remote developer?

One must consider several essential factors before hiring a remote developer or a team of dedicated remote developers. Some of the main factors include:

  • Technical expertise: The remote development firm you are considering should be technically sound. Besides, they must possess the skills you will require to complete your project successfully.

  • Efficient communication: Good communication is crucial for any software project; however, this is vital when hiring a remote developer. 

  • Problem-solving skills: In the case where there are several hiccups with the project, your software release may be delayed unless you have hired a firm that has developers with excellent problem-solving abilities.

  • Interpersonal skills: The typical characteristics of this method of developing your software includes bare minimum interaction, which is usually with the help of good video conference software. There are several things that could be improved when it comes to understanding the core requirements of the business and brainstorming ideas. This makes it essential for the developers to have strong interpersonal skills to avoid a misunderstanding and make the most of being located in a different city or country.

  • Time management: One should expect the remote team to possess the skills to schedule their project tasks and stick to the deadlines. They should also have a predefined set of milestones with regular updates and reports. 

  • Security & resources: One of the main benefits of hiring professionals is that they have all the necessary resources to deliver a flawless solution. Hence it is vital to ensure the remote software firm you select has the necessary resources and uses appropriate security measures during the development process. 

  • Tools & Methodologies: Select a firm that uses the best tools and follows proven development methodologies as well.

Expert tips on finding the right remote development company.

Choosing to hire remote developers is a good decision. However, finding the right development firm is a formidable task and another major decision. This isn't a decision you should take without proper research, preparation, and detailed information as mentioned here:

  • Define your goals: It is necessary for you to have a good idea of your requirements before approaching the professionals. This also includes having a well-defined business objective and vision to guide the remote team and ensure there is no communication gap. 

  • Explore hiring options: There are several job sites and professional platforms where you can find highly skilled remote developers to hire for your project.

  • Seek advice & information: It is a good practice to seek advice from the experts in your professional network. It is likely they have some excellent tips for you.

  • Reviews, references & ratings: Always read the reviews of previous clients and check their ratings. It is also a good idea to verify their references. 

  • Interviews: Devote time to filtering candidates and companies by preparing special interview questions. 

  • Language barrier & time zone difference: Your remote developers are likely to be in a different country with a different timezone and have a non-English local language. Consider these factors when searching for a good team.

  • High rate due to high demand: There is a high demand for remote developers with exceptional skills, which is one of the reasons for high hiring rates. It takes a little extra effort to find one that fits your budget.

  • Verify culture & talent pool: There is likely to be a cultural difference; hence, one should prepare for this. At the same time, it is vital you verify the firm has your desired technical skills and resources.

Important information for smooth working with remote developers

Working with remote developers might not always be what you expect it to be. Hence here are a few tips to ensure you have a smooth experience:

  • State your expectations early on: You must communicate your expectations with the remote team at the beginning. This can be pertaining to the requirements, the scope of the work, the project timeline, deliberations, etc.

  • Define method & frequency of communication: Defining the method of communication from the start will help avoid a lot of stress later. Planning the frequency of communication and scheduling the updates will also help avoid a lot of pain and stress after the project has begun. 

  • Prepare for the unexpected: It always pays to have a contingency plan in the remote case there is an unexpected issue. Planning for the worst in advance is an excellent way to meet unexpected situations. 

  • Optimize the use of technology: Many technologies are available, including advanced technologies that can enhance the features of your solution. It is an excellent practice to make the most of it for a better solution by researching well. 

  • Be organized: Organize yourself in an excellent position to manage the remote team and ensure the project development goes smoothly.

  • Trust the remote team: It is essential to trust the team you hire to ensure they are confident and provide you with a better solution.

Common myths regarding remote software development

  • It is necessary to hire a dedicated team of developers which is not economical: 

There is no truth to this statement. Remote development first tends to offer a high degree of flexibility, allowing one to hire a single remote developer or an entire team.

  • Remote developers are not as experienced: 

There is no truth to this statement since remote developers are equally talented and possess good experience as well. They, too, know advanced technologies and keep up-to-date with the latest trends.

  • It is hard to keep track of the project: 

This is false. The process of hiring remote developers also involves clearly defining the method of communication. It also involves defining the project schedule so that everyone concerned knows what type of deliverables are expected at predefined milestones at every stage of the project. 

A useful checklist to read prior to hiring remote software developers

Preparing the ultimate checklist to hire a remote team helps eliminate a big hassle later and ensures there are no unexpected issues later. Here is the checklist:

  • Verify the hard & soft skills of the developers.

  • Ensure they have knowledge of your company domain and have experience with similar projects in the past. 

  • Prepare a set of guidelines you might need them to follow instead of getting into a dispute midway through the project.

  • In the case where the remote team is an extension of your existing local team, the entire local team is prepared to work with the remote team.

  • Verify you have the necessary infrastructure to arrange a virtual meeting with the remote team.

Common challenges when hiring remote developers

  • The quality of service is one of the biggest challenges for businesses.

  • Misinterpretations of requirements leading to deviation from project requirements.

  • Finding the developers with the perfect set of skills that you desire.

  • Having to deal with legal complications that might arise due to one or the other reason.

  • Communicating with developers in different countries without causing any major misunderstanding.


How much does it cost to hire remote developers?

The cost to hire remote developers at Acquaint Softtech is an affordable $15 per hour or a fixed monthly cost of $2640. We are committed to transparency, ensuring that there are no hidden costs or surprises along the way. Our pricing structure allows you to have dedicated resources working on your projects without worrying about fluctuating hourly rates

Can I hire remote developers in less than 48 hours through Acquaint Softtech

Once you contact us and specify your requirements, you can start working with our developers within 48 hours.

Is hiring remote developers cheaper than hiring in-office developers?

Hiring remote developers is always cheaper than hiring in-office developers due to many reasons such as: -

  1. You save on office space.

  2. You don’t have to pay overhead costs and benefits.

  3. You don’t have to purchase systems and software for project development and testing.

  4. No hiring and management cost to you.

  5. You exploit developing economies to hire developers at a lower cost.

How do I track the progress of my remote developers?

You will be updated daily with the progress of your project. And once a milestone is hit, we will schedule a meeting to explain the progress in detail and get your approval. Meanwhile, your assigned project manager will always be in touch with you.

How many projects have you successfully delivered?

We have developed over 5000 cutting-edge software projects for web and mobile platforms. you can check our case studies and portfolio here

Do you have a well-defined communication structure for project updates?

At Acquaint, we define the tools for communication at the very beginning of the project. Besides this, once the project gets underway, we also provide details regarding the milestones, deliverables, and frequency of project updates after considering the time difference.

What are the benefits of hiring remote developers?

Outsourcing the development of your project to remote developers is beneficial in many ways. It can help eliminate the cost of investing in resources in-house, and save time and effort in the process. Doing it in-house means you require appropriate resources and skilled developers. On the other hand, opting for a remote development team will ensure you gain access to a highly talented pool of developers with access to the necessary tools and resources.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when hiring remote developers?

Some common mistakes to avoid when hire remote developers include: 

  • Failing to define clear project requirements

  • Focusing too much on cost savings rather than skills and experience

  • Neglecting proper communication and collaboration

  • Relying solely on resumes or portfolios

  • Not conducting thorough reference checks

  • Hiring based solely on technical skills without considering soft skills

  • Not providing clear expectations and deliverables upfront

  • Underestimating the need for regular performance evaluations and feedback sessions

  • Failing to create a strong company culture and sense of belonging for remote developers

What skills should I look for in a remote developer?

When hiring remote developers, there are a few key skills you should consider:

  • Technical Proficiency: Strong programming skills in relevant languages and frameworks.

  • Problem-Solving Abilities: Effective in analyzing and resolving complex issues.

  • Communication Skills: Clear and proactive communication in a remote setting.

  • Time Management and Self-Discipline: Ability to meet deadlines and work independently.

  • Collaboration and Teamwork: Skilled in virtual collaboration and contributing to team efforts.

  • Adaptability and Learning Agility: Willingness to embrace new technologies and learn quickly.

  • Attention to Detail: Meticulous approach to coding, testing, and documentation.

  • Remote Work Experience: Previous success in working remotely and self-motivation.

  • Critical Thinking: Strong ability to analyze systems and make informed decisions.

What types of developers can I hire remotely from acquaint Softtech?

At acquaint Softtech, you can find and hire remote developers for full-stack developers, mean stack, mern stack, frontend and backend engineers, react native, iOS and android, mobile app developers, software architects, QA testers, DevOps engineers and others.

Our specialists are in Statamic, wordpress, python, bagisto and Laravel and various programming languages and platforms that can meet a wide range of technical needs. We are dedicated to understanding your project requirements and connecting you with professionals who possess the right expertise, experience, and skills.

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