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Finding top talent? Look no further!

Hire our quality remote developers that do the job for you at a cost you can afford. No management is required from you. No overhead cost. Just see your project getting into life from wherever you are.

Finding top talent? Look no further!.
Our clients trust us

Enjoy a flexible remote team that delivers results

Hire quickly proven talents in the technology you want without any hassle.

Hire IT Experts, Hire Software Developers, Dedicated Development Team.
Build your team immediately
Why go through the rigorous process of finding talent and waste your time and money? We have already done it for you.
Hire IT Experts, Hire Software Developers, Dedicated Development Team.
Finely-churned talent for you
Our interview process is a hard nut to crack. Thus, it filters through only the quality workforce required to give you the best experience.
Hire IT Experts, Hire Software Developers, Dedicated Development Team.
Quality maintained … always
We never compromise on quality and anything less than the best is not acceptable. We aim to provide you with not satisfactory but exceptional results.
Hire IT Experts, Hire Software Developers, Dedicated Development Team.
Lead with flexibility
Work with your team of remote developers just the way you like. Expand, squeeze, or replace - it’s your choice! No hard feelings.
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Devanand S.
Devanand S. Project Manager
Nidhi P.
Nidhi P. Front End Designer
Komal L.
Komal L. Laravel Developer
Pravin K.
Pravin K. Senior Web Designer
Meet gems in our talent treasure

Hire any talent you seek for web development

Anything you are looking to solve your web development needs - website, web app, and mobile app, we fulfill it.


Lay a strong foundation for your web property with our panel of expert developers in various technologies.


Our qualified designers help you captivate your visitors with a great look that represents your brand.


Tolerate no bugs. They hamper the experience for your visitors. Our testers ensure that this doesn’t happen with you.

Project Manager

The experienced eyes of our project managers makes sure that the work delivered to you is of top-notch quality.

Hire remote developers now!

Why choose Acquaint Softtech?

With us, you can save up to 60% of your web development costs while getting the best quality work. Let’s assume that you want an expert-level Laravel developer (5 years of experience).
With Acquaint
  • Project stats 1No hassle of management
  • Project stats 2Instant hire. No recruitment cost
  • Project stats 3No equipment cost
  • Project stats 4No overhead expenses
  • Project stats 5No premise/office required
  • Project stats 6No software cost
  • Project stats 7No ties, bond, or contract
  • Project stats 8We take full responsibility for your project
  • Project stats 9Just hourly charge of the Laravel developer you hire
USD 4000/month (@ USD 25/hour)
With freelancers
  • Project stats 1Takes no responsibility
  • Project stats 2Hard to find good freelancers
  • Project stats 3Hard to manage a team of multiple freelancers
  • Project stats 4Lacks supervision
  • Project stats 5Idea theft issues
USD 6000/month (@ USD 25/hour + managing, vetting, and other costs) + your priceless sanity
With an in-house team
  • Project stats 1Recruitment cost
  • Project stats 2Benefits
  • Project stats 3Training
  • Project stats 4Overhead cost (office, equipment cost)
  • Project stats 5Payroll tax
  • Project stats 6Basic salary (USD 57/hour for a Laravel developer in the US as per data)
USD 15869/month + your priceless sanity

How do we get it done for you?


Reach out to us and discuss your requirements


Interview our developers and pick the ones you like


Pay along as the team makes the progress


See your project cross the finish line before the timer ticks

Tell us more about you to serve you better


Here is what our client has to say about us


Once you contact us and specify your requirements, you can start working with our developers within 24 hours.

It depends on the technology you choose and the experience of the developer you hire. However, our pricing starts from $15 an hour for a junior developer with 3 years of experience. I recommend you check our price calculator for more clarity.

Here is a list of technologies we focus on: -

  1. Mobile - Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter

  2. Frontend - ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, HTML5, Typescript, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap

  3. Backend - NodeJS, PHP, Python, Laravel, Code Ignitor, Django

  4. Database - MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Firebase, Redis, CouchDB

  5. CMS - WordPress, Statamic, Ghost, Django CMS, Strapi, Gatsby

  6. Infra and DevOps - AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Jenkins, Appium, Selenium, Gradle

  7. E-commerce - Shopify, WooCommerce, Bagisto

There are many countries from which you can hire remote developers such as India, Germany, Russia, etc. But out of these, India is the best option. Why? Because India is a pool of extremely talented developers who you can hire at a very low cost.

I recommend you go for a trusted and experienced provider of remote developers. So: -

  1. Check the previous projects of the company you are looking to work with.

  2. Look for client reviews and testimonials of the company.

  3. Give them a test task to see the quality of their work.

This is how you can be assured of getting the best value out of the developers you hire.

Our promise is that we are fully responsible for the timely completion of your project while maintaining its high quality. With us, you enjoy full flexibility with the developers you hire from us. Thus, you can expand or shrink your team whenever you like.

If you are unhappy with a developer, report to us and we will replace him/her with another developer of equal caliber.

Hiring remote developers is always cheaper than hiring in-office developers due to many reasons such as: -

  1. You save on office space.

  2. You don’t have to pay overhead costs and benefits.

  3. You don’t have to purchase systems and software for project development and testing.

  4. No hiring and management cost to you.

  5. You exploit developing economies to hire developers at a lower cost.

You will be updated daily with the progress of your project. And once a milestone is hit, we will schedule a meeting to explain the progress in detail and get your approval. Meanwhile, your assigned project manager will always be in touch with you.