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Custom Statamic CMS Development Company

Develop a Custom CMS Website with Trusted Statamic Agency

Develop custom Statamic CMS solutions by hiring our expert developers. We offer a complete range of Statamic development solutions and create cutting-edge solutions using Statamic that are based on the highly secure and feature-rich Laravel framework.


Professional Statamic CMS Development Solutions

Statamic CMS design and development

We develop next-generation solutions with Statamic by taking advantage of the extensive set of features. Our highly skilled developers take advantage of the fact that it is based on the most popular PHP framework, Laravel.

Statamic Theme Design and Development

Our highly creative Statamic developers design innovative themes by taking advantage of the highly flexible structure and ability to integrate with several other advanced technologies.

Statamic Add-ons and Extensions Development

We extend the functionality of your Statamic CMS by developing custom add-ons and extensions tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Statamic eCommerce Website Development

Our expert Statamic eCommerce solutions will help solve your predicament of finding the best eCommerce solution. We take advantage of the fact that it is built on Laravel thus allowing highly scalable and customized solutions.

Statamic CMS Upgrade

Boost the security of your CMS by seeking the help of our expert Statamic developers who will ensure you are able to update your current solution without any data loss and also gain access to the new feature.

PSD to Statamic CMS Website Development

Convert your well-designed PSD into a full working theme for your Statamic CMS. We have the expertise to transform your CMS and increase your ROI with our highly efficient transformation of your PSD and also provide a high level of flexibility in terms of features.

Google AMP with Statamic

We have the expertise to optimize your Statamic website to perform well on all platforms, especially mobile devices. Statamic is already built well to do so; however, it is simpler to integrate Google AMP for this purpose.

WordPress to Statamic migration services

Our experienced Statamic developers migrate your WordPress CMS to Statamic without any loss of data. This includes app pages, posts, images, files, add-ons and plugins, and custom functionality.

SEO optimization for existing Statamic CMS

Statamic has been designed to allow one to easily integrate the SEO optimization features. We take advantage of the in-built features of Statamic and also provide additional customization to make your CMS more "Search Engine Friendly".

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Statamic CMS Development Process

There are various stages and complex processes for our Statamic CMS development service. It takes a great deal of effort to develop cutting-edge solutions like using a proven development methodology, using expert tools, and delivering a solution free from errors.

1. Discovery

This stage involves in-depth analyses of the businesses existing information management process and the types of content. It also involves studying the primary goals and the scope of the solution prior to working out the best way to approach the development process.

2. Design

This is the stage where the look and feel of the CMS takes fold and the theme is developed for Statamic. It also involves selecting the appropriate technology and developing the frontend.

3. Development

The features list of your CMS is finalized and the business strategy is also taken into consideration. The development of the CMS begins which also includes the integration of the design or theme. 

4. Release

Our dedicated QA team develops custom test cases to test the completed project. This is done with the help of both manual & automated testing and deployed once after ensuring it is free from bugs. 

5. Support

We extend our expertise for the purpose of updating, modifying, and upgrading your project. We also provide security updates and help extend the functionality of the app. 


Does the Statamic CMS sound appealing to you?

Get in touch with us, we can help transform your business with an innovative solution with Statamic CMS.

Statamic CMS Development Engagement Models

Trust us to be your Statamic development partner, we offer a flexible working model since every business has different preferences.


Time and Material

The cost of the project is directly dependent on the development time and the resources utilized. This model supports healthy communication, prioritization of tasks, access to reports, and flexibility on project scope as well. This is a low-risk model & supports modifications.


Dedicated Statamic Development Team

A dedicated team of statamic developers is selected to work on the projects, which ensures the business has full control of the development process. It involves paying for the developer's time and is more flexible than the fixed-price model. The project cost is more predictable, and it ensures higher security.


Fixed Cost & Time Model

As the name suggests, this type of model involves establishing the cost and time frame of the project in advance, making it a more predictive and transparent model. The business is fully aware of the deliverable at every stage of the project, making it easy to monitor.

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. Fintech
. Education
. Logistics and Distribution
. Healthcare
. Retail
. Travel & Hospitality
. Media And Entertainment

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Statamic Development Solution by Acquaint Softtech

Take advantage of the special features of Statamic like its incredible speed, high security, simplicity, and expert version control to create next-generation Statamic CMS development solutions.



We offer cutting-edge Statamic CMS solutions which support a fast development process, to give your business a formidable online presence and gain the upper edge over your competitors.



Statamic is a powerful CMS that is highly scalable thus allowing us to design highly custom statamic CMS development solutions tailored to suit your business requirements and also simplifying the process of expanding it as your business grows.


Version Control

Statamic allows for speedier development of stunning CMS solutions by simplifying the process with ease of version control. This is possible because it follows a flat file system by eliminating the need for a database which is harder to manage in a version control system.



We take advantage of the higher level of flexibility with Statamic in terms of design, functionality, and ability to utilize other technologies. Our developers take advantage of this Laravel CMS by creating custom add-ons using PHP.


Fast to market

The time from the idea or concept to releasing the completed solutions is highly reduced by our experienced Statamic developers who take advantage of the unique features of this CMS that make this possible.



Statamic has inherited the high-security features of Laravel thus allowing us to create highly secure CMS. The added advantage is that the hackers first target a database, but Statamic implements a flat file system.

Technologies We Leverage With Statamic Development

The key to developing a top-notch app that gives your business the upper edge over others is to select the right set of technologies. We have highly skilled developers and an extensive skill set to choose from hence making it easier to develop an impressive app and wow your users.






Infra & DevOps



Laravel Development


Node JS Development


PHP Development


Python Development


Codeignier Development


Django Development


Angular JS Development


React JS Development


Vue JS Development


HTML 5 Development


Typescript Development


Tailwind CSS Development


Bootstrap Development


iOS App Development


Android App Development


React Native App Development


Flutter App Development


Shopify Development


WooCommerce Development


Bagisto eCommerce Development




Dynamo DB














Google Cloud












WordPress Development


Ghost CMS Development


Gatsby CMS Development


Strapi CMS Development


Django CMS Development

We Build Custom Statamic CMS Solutions for

small medium businesses.

Small & Medium Businesses

Smart solutions that do not burn your pockets. We can transform your idea or concept into a full-fledged application, thus giving even small businesses the ability to reach the massive online user base.

large businesses.

Large Enterprise Businesses

Custom solutions with Statamic CMS for large enterprise businesses to meet their requirements. We create robust, scalable, and affordable solutions to grow your businesses and gain an upper edge.



Statamic CMS is the ideal technology for startups; it is possible to develop a robust & scalable solution fast. Startups can get their product to the market fast thus reducing the risk.

Reasons to Outsource the Statamic CMS Development

Reduce the cost of developing a Statamic CMS and gain access to a wider pool of talented developers to create a content management system that gives your business the edge.



Access to the latest tools & technologies and a skilled team of developers who are well trained and have the knowledge to use the advanced technologies. This is ideal when it comes to including an advanced set of features, especially since they also have to assess all the necessary resources.


Specialized Knowledge

This is the more cost-effective method of developing a cutting-edge app to stay a step ahead of your competitors. The alternative is to either create a team of your own or hire freelancers, both of which are likely to work out more expensive in the long run.



Reduce the risk with our highly talented & experienced designers, developers, and testers. We also have access to the best resources and keep abreast with the latest technologies. Our team of experts offers innovative solutions and takes advantage of their expertise in Laravel.

In-house Pre-vetted Developers.

Ready to develop your state-of-the-art Statamic CMS?

Hire our highly experienced Statamic developers. We are a creative team of professionals with the expertise to create cutting-edge statamic cms solutions.

Our Expertise in Statamic CMS Development Services

We have the expertise to develop a wide range of solutions using Statamic CMS including eCommerce solutions and custom CMS for your business.

Statamic eCommerce store Development

Develop a custom eCommerce website using Statamic or take advantage of one of the several plugins to do so.

Statamic Third Party Integration

Take advantage of 3rd party APIs and tools to integrate new features and create custom Statamic solutions.

Flat file CMS for Dynamic website & application development

We develop robust CMS solutions for you using the special flat file system of Statamic that eliminates the need for a database for better-performing solutions.

Statamic Custom Application Development

Custom CMS solution from our expert developers using unique features that Statamic has to offer.

Statamic Plugin Development

Extend the functionality of your CMS by developing custom plugins with Statamic which is a Laravel-based CMS.

Statamic MVP Development

We take advantage of the unique features of Statamic to deliver low risk and affordable solutions with MVP development.

Statamic Custom API Development

Our expertise extends to developing custom API for your Statamic CMS to build unique features as per your business requirements.

Other CMS to Statamic CMS Migration

Migrate your existing CMS to Statamic without any loss of data or content with our expert Statamic developers.

Statamic Rest API Development

Develop bigger and better CMS solutions faster using Rest API to extend the functionality of your project.

All You Need to Know About Statamic CMS

Statamic allows one to develop custom CMS solutions to meet the demand of your business. We develop next-generation solutions by extending the functionality with custom plugins and API development.

Other Statamic Advantages

  • Why Use Statamic as your CMS?

  • Statamic is loaded with all the features

  • Statamic as a Laravel CMS

  • Statamic as a Flat File CMS

  • End User Benefits

  • Developer Benefits

  • Benefits of product

Why Use Statamic as your CMS?

Statamic is the CMS that you have been searching for with all of the best features. There are several benefits of using Statamic, like that it is a flat file system with no database, allows for simple templating, is well documented, has a strong community, and is ideal for creating a robust CMS.

Some of the other reasons to choose Statamic is that it can be used to develop a wide range of CMS solutions for many different types of industries. It supports a flexible coding style, removes the version control hassle, is easy to maintain, and is simpler in integrating advanced technologies.

Statamic is loaded with all the features most sites ever need

Content Authoring 

With Statamic one has a wide range of interface elements to pick from thus increasing the level of interaction. It is also simpler to design the navigation, sidebar, and footer content. It allows one to collaborate with other authors in real time. 

  • Multi-Site

  • Video Embeds

  • Automated Version Control

  • Block-Based Editor

  • Asset Manager

  • Inline Content Editing

  • Live Preview

  • Real-Time Collaboration

  • Drag & drop Nav Builder

  • Filter & search

  • Customizable columns

Site Management

The CMS administrator can add users and set their permission, organize the content, forms, navigation, and more. This admin section is customizable as per your needs. One can set a special business model for special clients and also use the add-on to extend functionality.

  • User Management

  • Forms

  • White Labeled

  • One-Click Updater

  • Add-on Installer

  • Business Mode

Developer Tools 

Statamic has some of the best developer tools that simplify site management, content generation, integrating graphs, working with REST API, help with the scaffolding of resources, user authentication with social media, and much more. 

  • GraphQL

  • Content API

  • Command Line Tools

  • Content Protection

  • Dynamic Image Manipulations

  • Resource Scaffolding

  • AMP Support

  • OAuth

  • Further customization with Laravel

  • Content queries

Statamic as a Laravel CMS

Statamic is the Laravel Headless CMS you've been looking for.

Statamic can transform into a Headless CMS decoupling the presentation layer from the backend. it allows your business to focus more on the products or services on offer and allows for quick upgrades as well. It is simpler to set up the proof of concept for the purpose of a presentation or other reasons. 

Content production made simple 

Statamic helps simplify the process of managing the content for your business. It is CMS that has an extensive feature set for this purpose. For example, Statamic is simpler to manage images, videos, and other content however with. It is also simpler to convert your CMS into a multilingual version. 

  • Content Authoring

  • Multilingual

  • Assent manager

  • Content API

  • Content Queries

  • Content Protection

Statamic scales better than every other CMS

This is a part of the larger Laravel ecosystem hence there are several additional benefits of using this CMS. Website scalability is one of the many advantages of opting for Statamic CMS. 

Statamic Core is a Free and Open Source

Statamic is a full-fledged CMS with an extensive feature set. There are two distinct versions however the core feature is Statamic Solo is a free and open-source solution.

Statamic as a Flat File CMS

Statamic is a flat-file CMS that helps streamline the process of storing data and eliminates version control issues. There is no database that eliminates several common issues and also helps speed up the data retrieval process. 

Some of the other benefits include easier to make it static, a boost in speed, SQL injection is no longer a worry, and it is simpler to update and upgrade.

End User Benefits

The free version of Statamic has all the necessary features to develop a typical CMS. Besides this, it has a feature-rich editor that is very easy to use. The template engine Antlers does more than assist with the template and modifying images is simpler with Glide with many more possibilities.

  • All the benefits of Laravel

  • Top-notch editor - Bard

  • Site Management tools

  • Glide - Image modification

  • Antlers template engine

Developer Benefits

Unlike other CMS software which requires a plugin or add-on for any additional functionality, such is not the case with Statamic. At the same time since it is built on Laravel, there is limitless potential when it comes to customization and building plugins. 

  • No Database

  • Rest API

  • Simplified GIT Integration

  • GraphQL

  • OAuth

  • Resource Scaffolding

  • AMF Support

Benefits of product

Statamic has a long list of features that makes it ideal for your products like only needing a single command to enable multiple languages. Some of the other features that make it ideal for products include a multi-site feature and the ability to embed videos. 

  • Super fast since no database

  • Asset Manager

  • Dynamic Image Manipulation with Glide

  • Drag & Drop Nav Builder

  • Live Preview

1200+ Happy Clients

Our global client list continues to grow every year. All our clients have something good to say about us! Here is what some of them say:

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Really enjoyed working with them. We pushed them hard and they have always come through.

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"They are a smart group of people. I really appreciate them being great business partners for me."

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" I highly recommend their services. Highly efficient, affordable, always make deadlines, very good communication. "

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Is Statamic better than WordPress?

Statamic is a flat file system and hence is more secure, furthermore, it is built on Laravel which too is a highly secure framework with plenty of space to customize it further. Since the basic features of a CMS are offered by the core Statamic team, it is overall a more appealing option for developing small-scale CMS.

Is Statamic free to use?

Yes, Statamic is free to use. It is available in three versions, Statamic Solo which is a free and open-source version, and Statamic Pro which is a commercial version with additional team & publishing tools, unlimited user accounts, revisions, and more. The Enterprise version has everything the Pro version has besides which it has several additional features like custom procurement, vendor agreement, onboarding, training, and more.

Which websites are built with Statamic?

OpenTable (, Duo Security (, Asana (, Acquaint Softtech  use Statamic

Why use Statamic?

It is a lightweight CMS built on the highly popular and secure Laravel framework. Besides this, it is known for its speed, flat file system (no database issues), ease of use, and high potential for customization for additional features since it is based on Laravel.

What type of Statamic services do you provide?

We offer the full range of Statamic solutions and also support and maintenance for this CMS. Our own website is built with Statamic.

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