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Hire Mern Stack Developers

Hire Remote Mern Stack Developers in 48 Hours

Our expertise extends to the technologies that make up the MERN Stack, thus allowing us to deliver high-performing solutions tailored to meet your business requirements. We leverage the combined strengths of each technology MongoDB, Express.JS, React.JS and Node.JS to take advantage of the libraries, frameworks and databases available to build next-generation solutions.

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Flexible Engagement Models

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In-house Pre-vetted Developers


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Cost to Hire Mern Stack Developers

Rapid and cost-effective solutions to help you get the better of your competitors, expand your business and increase your ROI.

Developer Types Junior Developer Mid Level Developer Senior Level Developer
Estimate Cost $2640 $3520 $4400
Experience Developer 1 - 3 Years 3 - 5 Years 5+ Years
Risk-free Trial 5 Days 5 Days 5 Days
Methodology Agile Development Agile Development Agile Development
Development Manager Yes Yes Yes
Lock-ins No No No
Time Zone Availability Yes Yes Yes
Hire Mern Stack Developers

Our Engagements Models to Hire MERN Stack Developers

High-performing solutions from well-experienced developers who deliver projects on-time with the added benefit of the flexible project cost.

Full time hiringFull-Time Hiring Part time hiringPart-Time Hiring hourly base hiringHourly Hiring
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8 Hours

4 Hours

Hour Basis

Hiring Period (Min)

1 Month

1 Month

25 Hours

Quarterly Advance Payment

2.5% Discount

Half Yearly Advance Payment

5% Discount

Yearly Advance Payment

10% Discount




Phone, Chat, E-mail

Project Trackers

Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmine etc.

Simplified Hiring Process


Finalize Requirements

The requirements are analyzed first followed with brainstorming & the necessary technology and skilled developers are selected.


Shortlist Developers

We provide a list of relevant professionals based on technical & interpersonal skills. This is followed by the interview process, the signing of a contract and NDA.


Select Your Team

A set of team members are selected based on custom criteria. The developers selected for the project are provided with the necessary resources.


Begin the Project

The developers start working on the project with the remote development the company handling all the tasks and providing updates reports regularly.

Enterprise MERN Stack JavaScript Development

We develop state-of-the-art enterprise solutions using advanced features of MERN Stack to help increase your productivity and gain an upper edge. We have a highly skilled team of developers to build solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Web and Mobile application development

We leverage the fact that MERN comprises the perfect set of technologies to develop an appealing interface for your web and mobile applications. Our skilled MERN developers deliver scalable, robust and cutting-edge solutions.

MERN Stack eCommerce Development

We have the expertise to develop robust, high-performing and effective eCommerce solutions. Our MERN Stack developers design simple, easy-to-navigate and highly appealing interfaces along with highly feature-rich eCommerce solutions.

Custom Web Services & API Development

We develop custom solutions to help your business gain the upper edge with our high-performing and feature-rich solutions. Our expert developers extend the features of the application with robust web services and custom API development to help increase your ROI.

MERN Stack Support, Maintenance and Testing

With Acquaint you gain access to a big pool of talented professionals that comprises top-notch MERN Stack developers and a dedicated QA Team. They ensure the solution we deliver is free from bugs or errors and also provide full support for the applications. We provide security updates as well as help with the addition of new features and modify existing ones.

Single Page Application (SPA) Development

Our dedicated team of MERN developers have the perfect skill set to deliver custom solutions for your business. They also have access to the best resources allowing them to deliver creative & innovative single-page applications. We take advantage of the fact that MERN Stack is best suited to deliver custom SPA.

Real-time Application Development

Our MERN Stack developers are well-versed in JavaScript allowing us to develop cutting-edge real-time solutions using Node.JS and the other technologies. We take advantage of the features MERN has to offer while developing cutting real-time solutions.

Code Audit Service for MERN Stack

We believe in delivering high-quality solutions hence also have a special team to conduct code audits for MERN Stack development projects. Our code reviews ensure high-quality results and help save a great deal of time and effort down the line.

Migration to MERN Stack from Older technology

Migrate your existing solution to MERN Stack without any data or content loss to take advantage of the extended feature set it has to offer. We transform your existing systems into high-performing solutions that are also future-ready.

Technical Expertise of Our Mern Stack Developers


NextJS | Express.js | Nest.js | Meteor.js | | Koa.js | Adonis js | Feathers | ItemAPI | KeystoneJS | EKraken | LoopBack

Javascript Framework

ReactJS | Angular | Vue JS | NodeJS

Web Technologies

PHP | CodeIgniter | Laravel | MERN | MEAN | LAMP | YII | WordPress | WOO | Zend | Codeigniter | Symfony | Material Design | CakePHP | Bootstrap | CSS3


ExpressJS | NestJS | Fastify | Flux | MobX | Couchbase | SailsJS | node cron | PM2 | Passport | Nodemailer | Lodash | Winston | Redux | persist | Axios/ Fetch | React-router | React Hooks | Moment | Redux-saga | MaterialUI | ReactStrap | Validation Library


PostgresSQL | MySQL | Redis | MongoDB | FireBase

Tools & Utilities

WSGI | Celery | SOAP | Redis | Fabric | Whoosh | Highcharts JS | South | JSON | GIT | NPM | Gulp | JSON | Mocha | REST

Version Control

Github | Bitbucket | Gitlab

Communication Tools

Slack | Microsoft Team | Hangout | Skype | BaseCamp


Google Meet | Zoom | GoToMeeting | Skype

Project Management Tools

Jira | Trello | BaseCamp | Asana

Object - Relational Mapping

Typeform | Mongoose


AWS | Digital Ocean | Heroku

How to Hire Mern Stack Developers in 2023

Hiring Guide for Mern Stack developers

  • What is MERN Stack?

  • MERN Stack developers: How to hire

  • How Much Does It Cost to Hire a MERN Stack Developer?

What is MERN Stack?

MERN is similar to MEAN Stack. It is a variation of it and invokes replacing Angular with React.JS where the other technologies remain the same like MongoDB, Express JS, and Node.JS. MERN stands for MongoDB a NoSQL database, ExpressJS a server-side framework for Node.JS, React.JS the frontend development platform, and Node.JS a JavaScript server.

It is best implemented by creating a three-tier architecture while developing your project like frontend, backend and database. JavaScript and JSON are the main technologies used for this purpose. It is the ideal collection of technologies to develop next-generation websites and mobile applications.

MERN Stack developers: How to hire from an IT Service provider?

There are several factors one must consider when hiring a MERN Stack developer, one of them being expertise in the basic set of technologies like MongoDB, Express.JS, React.JS and Node.JS. It is important to first establish your set of requirements and list them to ensure you can convey them clearly to the IT service provider and avoid any misunderstandings. It is also important to build a profile of the development team you require. 

Depending on the scope of the project, features to be added and complexity it can determine the best firm suitable for your project. The developers will ideally have skills in various advanced technologies as well. Shortlist the best companies that match your requirements and conduct interviews to hire the best one.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a MERN Stack Developer?

We have highly affordable rates for MERN Stack development. It starts from $15/hour and $2640/month. To get more information about the cost, get in touch with us with your requirements and we will reply promptly with a quote.

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Is the 7 days risk-free trial period completely free?

It is a risk-free trial only! It allows you to gain a better perspective of our quality of work.

What is the hourly rate for a MERN Stack developer?

Our MERN Stack development services start from $15.

Why hire a MERN Stack developer?

MERN Stack developers are cost-effective for building robust and secure solutions. The main reason for the low cost is that JavaScript is the main language that is free to use as is each component that makes up the MERN Stack like MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS and Node. JS. It is trusted by many large companies and rightly so since it allows the development of robust solutions and makes it simple to implement advanced technologies as well. Professional MERN stack developers will have the expertise to give your business the upper edge. 

What is the cost of hiring MERN Stack developers?

Acquaint Softtech have highly affordable rates for MERN Stack development. It starts from $15/hour and $2640/month. The cost largely depends on the features included in the app and the level of complexity. It also depends on the development firm you select and where they are located. Get in touch with your requirements and we will reply with a quote promptly.

Why should I hire MERN Stack developers from Acquaint Softtech?

Here is why you should go with us: 

  • Our technical skills and knowledge of advanced technologies.

  • Fluency in English and timely delivery of milestones.

  • You can save up to 40% of your development cost with us.

  • We take full responsibility to complete your project on time.

  • We bring over 15 years of experience and have already completed numerous projects.

  • You get the full flexibility to expand or shrink your team anytime.

  • You will be in constant touch with us and get daily updates on the progress.

Why should I hire MERN Stack developers in India?

The technical skills of MERN Stack developers in India tend to be better besides which the cost to develop a website is lesser in India as compared to European countries and the USA.

I'm not a technical founder of a start-up. Can I manage a team?

Yes. We offer full support including a dedicated point of contact to guide you through the development process and expert advice as well. 

Can you assemble a team that’s right for my project's needs?

Yes, we have professional consultants with the expertise to understand your project requirements and find the appropriate designers, developers, and QA team necessary for your project.

Is there a project manager assigned to manage the resources?

Yes, we do assign the project to a project manager who takes full responsibility for the development process and provides timely reports. 

What is your payment method after the engagement?

We provide flexible payment methods hence our clients can opt for the most suitable option.

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