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React JS Development Company

Building Modern Applications with ReactJS, Frontend Development Library

We develop fast, simple, efficient, scalable and affordable frontend solutions for your website using the open-source JavaScript framework, ReactJS. It allows us to create dynamic solutions using other technologies that are also future-ready.


Custom React JS Application At A Competitive Price

React JS Frontend Development

As a leading ReactJS development company, we provide highly responsive, intuitive and appealing React JS frontend development solutions. Our custom solutions are tailored to suit your business by making the most of this robust JavaScript library.

React JS Web Development

Our highly skilled ReactJS developers offer custom solutions to create a website that fits your business requirements. We implement advanced tools and techniques to ensure high-performing and innovative React Js Web Development solutions.

React JS Single Page Application Development

We leverage the special features of React (especially its unique routing feature) to deliver custom React Js single page applications development that can give your business an edge.

React JS Custom UI UX Solutions

Take advantage of our design & development team's skills to create a highly creative and innovative interface. Our UI/UX team has the expertise to ensure a user-friendly interface and good user experience

React JS Consulting Services

Consult the experts for a professional ReactJS solution for your business. Our expertise extends to delivering high-performing, user friendly, fast and feature-rich frontend solutions.

React PWA Development Services

Develop a light mobile app which does not have to be downloaded from the store or installed. Our expert React developers build react progressive web apps (PWA) that offer the best of both worlds, web and mobile.

ReactJS Support & Maintenance

Our developers have extensive knowledge of ReactJS and excellent problem-solving abilities, making them experts at providing support & maintenance for your existing solutions

Enterprise ReactJS development

A dedicated team of ReactJS developers offers your business a wide range of enterprise solutions. This includes custom solutions developed to meet your specific requirements, released after strict quality control from the dedicated QA team.

ReactJS Performance Optimization

Our expert developers optimize your ReactJS solution's performance to ensure it performs well. Such improvements are aimed at providing your businesses gains the upper-edge

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Explore how Acquaint Softtech as a software development company has shaped businesses by offering innovative and technology driven software solutions.

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ReactJS Application Development Process

As a professional ReactJS development company, we have a highly skilled team to develop stunning solutions and use a well-established methodology. We also possess all the necessary resources to do so.


This is the stage where the project kicks off with details gathering, verifying market feasibility, and exploring trends & technologies. It also involves focusing on the business objectives and common challenges and assessing the target audience to develop a good plan.


Good user experience is a vital element for the app's success, and this is the stage where the look and feel of the application are planned. It means going through several tasks like brainstorming, creating a mockup, prototyping, and working closely with the client for their preference.


Our technical expertise comes into play to build a secure app with all the functionality. We strategically pick the technologies per the requirements to integrate the business logic and the core features like authentication, notification, and special features using advanced technologies.

Testing & Delivery

Our dedicated QA team uses manual and automated testing methods to ensure the app is free from bugs or errors. They also verify it as per the client's requirements before launching it in the store. 


We offer support and maintenance for all our solutions after they go live. This includes regular updates and upgrades. It also includes adding new functionality and providing security updates.


Hire Certified React JS Developers

Improve your chances of succeeding by hiring expert ReactJS developers from Acquaint Softtech. Take advantage of our extensive experience and knowledge of advanced technologies.

React Js Application Development Engagement Models

The added advantage of trusting us to be your development partner is our flexible working model since every business has different preferences.


Time and Material

The project's cost directly depends on the development time and the resources utilized. This model supports healthy communication, prioritization of tasks, access to reports, and project scope flexibility. This is a low-risk model & supports modifications.


Dedicated React Js Development Team

A dedicated team of developers is selected to work on the projects, ensuring the business fully controls the development process. It involves paying for the developer's time and is more flexible than the fixed-price model. The project cost is more predictable, and it ensures higher security.


Fixed Cost & Time Model

As the name suggests, this type of model involves establishing the cost and time frame of the project in advance, making it a more predictive and transparent model. The business is fully aware of the deliverable at every stage of the project, making it easy to monitor.

Acquaint Softtech Industry Expertise

. Real Estate . eCommerce
. Fintech
. Education
. Logistics and Distribution
. Healthcare
. Retail
. Travel & Hospitality
. Media And Entertainment

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Benefits of React Js Development by Acquaint Softtech

ReactJS has many advantages, and our team of professionals have the perfect skills to make the most of what ReactJS has to offer. Additionally, we also keep abreast with the latest technologies and trends.



We implement the rapid development method to speed up the development process. This development method allows us to market your app quickly and gain an edge over your competitors.



We have a team of well-trained and skilled ReactJS developers who deliver high-performing custom solutions. They go out of their way to deliver cutting-edge features and provide a highly appealing interface.



ReactJS possesses all the essential features to ensure your website is optimized from the SEO perspective. We leverage these features of ReactJS to deliver a frontend solution that is lightning-fast, high performing, lightweight and has a very low loading time.



ReactJS offers greater flexibility, making it simple for our expert developers to maintain and update your software applications. This is ideal since it ensures lower development time and less time to update and upgrade.



We offer highly cost-efficient solutions and have the expertise to integrate third-party APIs and advanced technology. The dedicated ReactJS developers at Acquaint develop high-performing apps at an affordable rate.



ReactJS also helps address another vital factor; the importance of mobile-friendliness. Our developers use a mobile-first approach for all ReactJS development projects by taking advantage of the unique features it has to offer.

Technologies We Leverage With React JS Development

The key to developing a top-notch app that gives your business an edge over others is to select the right set of technologies. We have highly skilled developers and an extensive skill set to choose from, making it easier to develop an impressive app and wow your users.




Infra & DevOps




Laravel Development


Python Development


Node.js Development


PHP Development


Django Development


CodeIgniter Development


iOS App Development


Android App Development


React Native App Development


Flutter App Development




Dynamo DB














Google Cloud












WordPress Development


Statamic Development


Django CMS








Shopify Development


WooCommerce Development


Bagisto Development

We build custom React js solutions for

small medium businesses.

Small & Medium Businesses

Smart frontend solutions that do not burn your pockets. We can transform your idea or concept into a full-fledged application, thus allowing even small businesses to reach the massive online user base.

large businesses.

Large Enterprise Businesses

ReactJS is widely used, and the several big brands around the world trust for the development of their custom solution. We create robust, scalable and affordable solutions to grow your businesses and gain an edge.



ReactJS is highly beneficial for startups; developing a robust & scalable solution fast is possible. Startups can get their product to the market quickly thus reducing the risk.

Reasons to outsource React js web application development

Outsource your ReactJS development requirements for more cost-effective and efficient solutions to gain an edge.


Established team

Reduce the risk with our highly talented & experienced designers, developers, and testers. We also have access to the best resources and keep abreast with the latest technologies. Our solutions are both innovative and implement advanced technologies to allow you to stand out from the rest.



This is the more cost-effective method of developing a cutting-edge app to stay ahead of your competitors. The alternative is to either create a team or hire freelancers, both of which are likely to work out more expensive in the long run.


Specialized knowledge

Access to the latest tools & technologies and a skilled team of developers who are well trained and have the knowledge to use the advanced technologies. This is ideal when it comes to including an advanced set of feature sets, especially since they also have to assess all the necessary resources.

Hire ReactJS developers today for a better & more efficient website.

We have a dedicated team of ReactJS developers to take your business to the next level. Do not hesitate to take the decision now and get in touch with us.

Our Expertise in React JS Development Services

We have the expertise to develop cutting-edge ReactJS solutions using advanced technologies.

Custom ReactJS App Development

Users expect more in this digital era, and we deliver just that with custom ReactJS development. Our tailored solutions are scalable, robust and high performing.

ReactJS Game Development

Develop visually appealing and responsive games by taking advantage of the feature of ReactJS along with several advanced tools and technologies.

ReactJS Headless Marketplace Development

We leverage the many features of ReactJS to create a stunning headless marketplace. This includes features like code-reusability, image optimization, incremental static regeneration, API Routes, and seamless integration with Bagisto & Magento.

ReactJS Theme Development

ReactJS is well suited to developing stunning designs and graphic elements. We take advantage of these features of ReactJS to develop custom themes for your customized websites as well as other open source solutions like WordPress.

ReactJS Plugin Development

Enhance the features of your website with the help of the highly versatile ReactJS language. This frontend technology plays a vital role in developing your web application.

ReactJS Migration Services

We have the expertise to migrate your website frontend to ReactJS. A high weightage is given to the user interface and is often the deciding factor in its success. ReactJS is well suited for this purpose.

1200+ Happy Clients

Our global client list continues to grow every year. All our clients have something good to say about us! Here is what some of them say:

View All

They have delivered our product on track with a high caliber of detail. Their communication is consistent and they are responsive to every feature improvement and ultimate feedback we have given them.

Nick Spiller

Founder of SuperFi


I cannot imagine how much effort and money it would have taken if Acquaint wasn't there for us.

Kevin Lyttle

Co-founder - Tarakon Records


" They have been excellent with their customer service, they are quick to get all our projects done quickly "

Tom Kelly

Founder - Charity Auctions Today


How much does it cost to develop a ReactJS solution?

The cost of developing a feature-rich solution using ReactJS depends on several factors. Some of the main factors include the complexity of the solution and the development firm you hire. Get in touch with us with your requirements, and we will reply with a detailed quote promptly.

Will my data and information remain secure & confidential?

Yes, We always sign an NDA before the start of any project for this purpose. Besides this our team of professionals is also made aware of these terms and the need to maintain confidentiality.

Who owns the code?

You have exclusive ownership of the mobile app and the code, which is handed over to you at the end of the project.

What type of solutions is ReactJS useful for?

ReactJS is ideal for building interactive user interfaces and websites. Since it requires less code, one can develop them faster. Some popular companies that trust ReactJS for their website include Facebook, Netflix, PayPal, Reddit, Instagram, Dropbox and Discord.

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