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Answers worth knowing

Dedicated Teams

Are the developers I hire will be properly supervised?

Yes. We value the trust you have put upon us and thus handle it delicately. We have a proper system in place for the supervision of your developers:-

  • The entry and exit of our members will be recorded through biometrics.

  • You will also be provided a daily report of what progress they have made.

  • We assign a project manager to each project who personally takes care of the team you have hired and stays in contact with you.

Are your developers fluent in English?

Yes. However, in case any communication problem does arise, you can contact the project manager to pass on your message.

Can I hire a developer on a part-time basis?


Can I terminate immediately?

No. You will be required to give us a window of the period mentioned in our contract. However, if you have just started with us, the minimum time you need to be with us is 15 days.

Can you provide a quote over a phone call?

You can contact us however you like. But giving you an exact estimation of price takes time because it depends on many things like the number of developers you want to hire, which pricing model you opt for, etc.

Can your developers work according to my time zone?

We want to provide you the best service. And to do that our developers need to be in their best mental state and thus rest properly. It can only be done if they work according to our time zone i.e. IST. But they will be readily available anytime for an occasional meeting.

Do you allow your developers to come to our place and work with us?

Generally, no. We work only remotely with you.

Do you have any hidden fees?

No. We will discuss everything beforehand about the pricing.

Do you look for ways to improve and accelerate the implementation of projects?

Yes. We regularly hold meetings with our clients to take their feedback and make the necessary adjustments to make their experience pleasant.

Do you work on public holidays?

No. We make a calendar for it every year and that will be shared with you in advance.

Do your developers keep themselves updated with the latest trends in technologies?

Yes. We even have an incentive program for them to learn new technologies because staying with the latest trends of technologies is a must.

How much experience do our developers have?

Plenty! Our selection process is very rigorous. We hire only experienced developers that are the best.

If any of your services are down, will you resolve it?

We make sure it doesn't happen in the first place. But, in case it happens, we will do everything that's within our reach.

Is the code of my project always accessible to me?

Yes, always. Because we believe the code we write for you is your property.

What happens after I have identified the types of developers I need?

After identifying your exact needs, you can choose developers from our pool. Or we can do it for you - your call. However, for your complete satisfaction, you will also get a one-week free trial with us to check the caliber of our developers. Then we will raise an invoice for the first period as per the model you have selected. Once the payment is done, you can immediately start working with our developers.

What happens if a developer in my team leaves your company?

We have two months notice period policy for anyone who wishes to leave our company. Meanwhile, we start to find an apt replacement for that developer. Anyone who bids goodbye to our company will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to keep your secrets safe.

What is your refund policy?

We work very hard so that this situation doesn't arise in the first place. But if this adverse situation does pop up, we look for the mutual understanding we had between us before joining hands. If we are completely unable to fulfill our promise then we are liable for a full refund. However, we won't refund you for the amount of work you have reviewed and acknowledged.If you are asking for a refund because you are not satisfied with any developer, usually this problem is solved by replacing the same.

What's your response time for any of my queries/emergencies?

We promise to get back to you within 12 hours even on weekends. However, finding an actual solution to your problem may take a bit longer time.

What security measures do you take for my project?

Security of your project is prime to us and following measures are taken for it: -

  • Our server is secured by a firewall to prevent any cyberattacks.

  • We don't allow any external storage device or computer system to be connected to our network without permission.

  • Our members are financially bound against any leakage of data.

Whom should I talk to if I have any inputs or ideas to offer?

Wow. We love that. You can reach out to your project manager or the developers you have hired.

Why can't I cancel during the first 15 days of our contract?

Because a 15-day window gives us a fair chance to prove ourselves.

Why should I hire remote developers from you?

We are a team who dedicatedly work for our clients. We have a long portfolio of them and many have been with us for years because we provide them, quality developers, at 2/5th of the cost without having to manage them.

Will I be able to contact developers directly over the phone?


Will there be an immediate backup available if any of my developers is unavailable?

We will compensate for your time lost by rolling over the work hours of the unavailable developer to the immediate next time slot. But an immediate backup of any unavailable developer is hard to get. Don't worry, we will make sure that the overall progress of your project doesn't get hampered.

For the long unavailability of your developer, we will put in place the right replacement for the meantime.

Will you give any discount to me?

Yeah, sure if you are looking to do a long-term business with us or hiring multiple developers from us.

What payment terms do you have?

We have flexible payment terms for you depending upon which pricing model you have opted for. To know more please Contact Us.


Do you have Service Level Agreement?


Do you reuse code?

We do reuse code but only if the code is open-source or if we have written that same code elsewhere in the same project.

How do you communicate with clients during the project?

We communicate using whichever medium you like but the common ones are Basecamp and Trello for project communication apart from Skype and Email. If you are hiring a team from us we assign a project manager to make smooth communication and coordination. You can also talk directly to our developers if you feel the need.

How do you maintain your quality of work?

We only recruit the best developers and testers. We have their separate departments where they check your project thoroughly multiple times before deploying.

What about the time-zone difference?

We generally work according to the Indian time zone but will be there for any special calls no matter what if priorly scheduled. However, if working according to the client's time zone is a must, we do it by taking minor additional fees.

What are we known for?

Since our inception in 2006, we have been providing remote skilled developers at a fractional cost to companies that cannot afford to hire people conventionally.

What is your testing process?

We have testers in place to check the dependability and toughness of what we have created for you. We understand that even a small mistake from our side will spill our reputation. Thus we test your project thoroughly before providing it to you.

What's unique about you? Your USP?

Our service to you at an affordable cost is our USP. We are a team of extremely dedicated people who is eager to go an extra mile for your satisfaction. In addition, we also take good care of the well-being of our members so that they are ever ready to give their best to you.

Where are we and how many are we?

We are operating from Ahmedabad, India with a team of 60+ dedicated members and growing.

Will my idea be kept a secret?

Yes, we promise. We will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we talk business. Our employees too have signed legal contracts to ensure no one can spill your idea.

Do you provide a paid support contract?

Yes, just ask us on Contact Us page. Price will vary from project to project.

Tell me your process from start to finish.

We have already shown it beautifully on the Our Process page. Please check that page.

What model do you use for pricing?

Please check our Pricing page for hourly-based and dedicated developer/team pricing models. For the fixed price model, check this page.

Can you send your representatives to talk in person?

No. We will engage virtually with you from start to finish.

Hiring Models

Can I change the scope during the project?

If you have hired dedicated developers, then yes. But for the fixed-price model, we request you to know your requirements upfront.

I already have a technical team and looking to expand. Will it be fine for you?

Yeah sure, why not? We have experience in communicating and coordinating with remote teams using remote collaboration software. So it won't be a problem.

I am not much into technology. Will it be fine?

That's fine. We understand technology can be complex to understand for many. So you can leave that complexity for us to handle.

Which technologies do you work with?

We work in many technologies for front-end, back-end, mobile, database, CMS, Infra, and DevOps. Please check "Services" in the menu for more specifications.

Will I get to select a developer or a team of my choice?

Yes. If you want to pick developers for yourself or you want us to pick for you, we are fine with both. We will schedule your interview with them before you get on board with us. We also provide an option to expand or shrink the team whenever you like.

Will I require to hire a minimum number of developers?

No, you can start with a single developer and expand however you like.

Will I require to hire developers for any minimum time?

Yes. Just 15 days.

I know exactly what my requirements are and my scope. What should I do next?

Oh wow! Contact us immediately.

Mobile Development

Can I make changes to the mobile app after it is delivered to me?

Yes. But if it is something that was not defined in the requirements before the commencement of the project, it will charge you extra. So we recommend you to be specific and thorough from the start.

Can you develop a mobile app on a partnership basis?

Not, as of now.

Can you provide just one app that works on all major OS?

Yes, we provide hybrid solutions using React Native to provide you a mobile app that works in all major OS.

Can you use UI designs for mobile that I have created?

Yeah, sure.

Do you cover marketing for mobile apps?


Does your company guarantee that the app store won't reject my mobile app?

We take care of all the technicalities and bugs so that it most likely gets approved. But we don't guarantee that it will make it into Google Play Store or Apple Store. Most mobile apps we create make it inside their respective app stores. But we don't guarantee that it will be.

For which platform/OS do you build mobile apps?

We provide solutions for all major OS like Android and iOS. We also work on React Native for hybrid mobile applications.

Is a website or hosting required to get a mobile app?

To put a mobile app in the iOS app store you will need a website but not for the Android app store. You will need hosting if your mobile app needs a database to be hosted (generally it needs).

Native apps and web apps - what is the difference?

Native apps are the ones that are specific to an operating system. You need to create different apps for different OS. Web apps are accessed through browsers and can be used regardless of OS.

Which framework and programming language do you use for mobile app development?

It depends upon the type of mobile app you want us to create for you and the OS which you are targeting to be in. We create native apps for Android and iOS. For hybrid apps, we use React Native and Flutter.

Will mobile applications developed by you generate revenue for me?

We strive to provide a user-friendly UI to your mobile app. But ultimately revenue generation depends upon you and your idea.

Will the mobile app developed by you make it to the list of "New and Noteworthy" apps?

Unfortunately, it depends on many things and some of it is beyond our control - your idea, how well the app is built (we will take care of it), and what Google and Apple employees think about it.

Will you upload the mobile app on the respective app store for me?

We do upload it in the app store given that you had paid their respective fees.

Web Development

Are the websites you develop, responsive?

Yes, always.

Have you developed any website similar to mine?

Most probably, yes. We are in service since 2006 and have handled numerous clients with different requirements. But we also love to conquer uncharted territories.

How much time do you take to develop a website from scratch?

The number of developers working on it and the complexity of your requirements - the answer to this question depends upon these two factors. However, based on your requirements and time constraints we will give you suggestions on how many developers you should hire.

I want to start an e-commerce website. What are your recommendations?

Developing an e-commerce website requires a bit more sweat than other websites because it demands more flexibility and security. Thus we recommend using a closed or paid source instead of an open-source technology.

If I want to make changes to the website during project development, is it allowed?

Yes, but to some extent. For the sake of time, money, and resources used, we request you to be specific and thorough during our discussion to understand your requirements.

Is web hosting provided?

Only if you ask for it.

What architecture and framework do you use for website development?

We use MVC - Mobile View Controller - which is the standard architecture. We are flexible to use different frameworks depending upon your requirements.

What are web portals and their benefits?

A web portal is a website that is used as a single access point to information from various sources. It is used to provide personalized information to different types of people, for example - employees and customers. It can help you in improving communication between people.

What is cloud service? Are your mobile and web applications compatible with cloud technology?

Cloud service is a data storage facility that stores your data on the internet and helps you retrieve it quickly. It solves the problem of buying physical data storage and their warehouse. We do provide mobile and web applications that are cloud-compatible.

What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. This software makes it easier for you to handle your website and its content. The best example of CMS is WordPress. CMS is recommended if you want to define specific roles for a different person.

What is the difference between open source and MS Tech?

Open source code is a code that you can use, twitch, or mold for your purpose however you like. MS Tech has some limitations on how you can use, alter or distribute the code.

Which one is better - static or dynamic - website?

A static website is suited to those who don't need to update it often and want to cater the same content to every visitor. A dynamic website use database and can offer you many features that a static website doesn't, like a personalized experience. With growing modern needs dynamic websites are getting more common.

What options do you provide for website design? Are there any templates for reference?

We are as flexible as your imagination. We have served clients' websites with different designs, thus our portfolio is vast. You can check Our Work to see for yourself. But be specific with your requirements so that we provide you website exactly as you like.

After identifying your exact needs, you can choose developers from our pool. Or we can do it for you - your call. However, for your complete satisfaction, you will also get a one-week free trial with us to check the caliber of our developers. Then we will raise an invoice as per the model you have selected. Once the payment is done, you can immediately start working with our developers.