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CodeIgniter Development Company

Build a Value Adding Web Applications with CodeIgniter

Develop feature-rich web solutions rapidly by hiring one of the best CodeIgnitor development companies, Acquaint. We have a well-organized team to deliver high-quality solutions that will be beneficial for your business.


CodeIgniter development services for dynamic web solutions

CodeIgniter Web App Development

Our team of skilled CodeIgniter developers built well-researched and feature-rich solutions as per the current trends and market demand. They keep abreast with current trends and new technologies to offer next-generation solutions.

CodeIgniter eCommerce Development

We have the perfect strategy to create a successful eCommerce solution for your business. We do so by developing custom CodeIgniter solutions with a professional UI/UX design and top-notch features to ensure ease of use, navigation and attract more consumers.

CodeIgniter Custom Web Development

Custom web solutions from a team of highly skilled and experienced CodeIgniter developers. We have the expertise to convert your ideas into real-world solutions and do so after extensive research.

CodeIgniter Extension Development

Our CodeIgnitor developers create feature-rich solutions for your business. We also add additional features through our creativity and innovation of extension development.

CodeIgniter Maintenance and Support

We offer full support for the CodeIgniter solutions we develop and also assist with existing solutions. This includes security updates, upgrades, adding or modifying functionality, and more.

CodeIgniter Migration Solutions

Migrate your existing solutions to CodeIgniter by taking advantage of the expert skills of our developers. We provide a lossless migration service and take advantage of the additional features CodeIgniter has to offer.

Explore Our Exceptional Work

Our portfolio is a good place to start for a glimpse at our past work and check to find out if there is anything to your liking. Read the reviews of our past clients as well, who have only good things to say about us.

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CodeIgniter Development Process

We follow a well-established development methodology to deliver the project promptly. This includes planning it well at the initial stages and setting the milestones. It also includes providing regular updates.

1. Requirement Analysis

This is a stage that involves detailed information, research, and close inspection of the business idea, goals, and objectives. It also develops a development strategy and defines the various stages of development.

2. Wireframing & Design

The design stage is an important one and involves close coordination with the client using several techniques like wire-framing and prototyping. It involves brainstorming, creating several mock-ups, and using several other techniques to develop the best interface to incorporate business logic.

3. Programming & Development

It involves selecting the approximate tech stack and implementing advanced technologies if required. The project is broken into modules and each one is developed as per the priority by following a proven methodology, with regular updates provided at predefined intervals. 

4. Testing & Debugging

The testing process takes place at every stage of the project and it is tested thoroughly at the end of the project. This includes both manual and automated testing with the help of several testing software. 

5. Deployment & Maintenance

The project is released after acceptance testing ensuring it meets the requirements and is free from bugs. It also involves inspecting for performance issues. The software is also supported after release and maintenance tasks like upgrading, security updates, modifying functionality, and more. 


Need the help of professional CodeIngiter developers?

We have a dedicated team of CodeIngiter developers with the expertise to build next-generation solutions for your business.

CodeIgniter Web Development Engagement Models

Trust us to be your development partner, we offer a flexible working model since every business has different preferences.


Time and Material

The cost of the project is directly dependent on the development time and the resources utilized. This model supports healthy communication, prioritization of tasks, access to reports, and flexibility on project scope as well. This is a low-risk model & supports modifications.


Dedicated CodeIgniter Development Team

A dedicated team of developers is selected to work on the projects, which ensures the business has full control of the development process. It involves paying for the developer's time and is more flexible than the fixed-price model. The project cost is more predictable, and it ensures higher security.


Fixed Cost & Time Model

As the name suggests, this type of model involves establishing the cost and time frame of the project in advance, making it a more predictive and transparent model. The business is fully aware of the deliverable at every stage of the project, making it easy to monitor.

Acquaint Softtech Industry Expertise

. Real Estate . eCommerce
. Fintech
. Education
. Logistics and Distribution
. Healthcare
. Retail
. Travel & Hospitality
. Media And Entertainment

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Codeigniter development Solution by Acquaint Softtech

CodeIgniter happens to be one of the best PHP frameworks. Some of the key features that set it apart include a small footprint, the ability to do more with less code, easy to develop highly performing solutions fast, high security, and that it is easy to scale.



CodeIgniter has evolved a great deal to become one of the leading PHP frameworks. We take advantage of this secure framework that is best suited to deliver high-performing solutions to help your business become more competitive.


Stable & secure

CodeIgniter is stable and secure allowing us to create web solutions that businesses can rely on. Our highly skilled developers have the expertise to deliver high-performing solutions, one that is easy to use, has excellent error-handling capabilities, ideal for search engines.



CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP framework that supports rapid development and offers a higher level of freedom and flexibility. Our talented CodeIgniter developers use the extensive pool of resources at their disposal to create many types of solutions for many different industries.



We leverage the features of this powerful PHP framework with an MVC system, high security, good error-handling capability, and strong validation features to deliver cutting-edge solutions to help expand your business.



The feature-rich CodeIgnitor solutions that we develop are compatible with various platforms and mobile devices (iOS & Android). You can trust us to create innovative solutions to help your business stand out.


Fast development

Hire professional CodeIgniter developers with the expertise to take advantage of the ability to develop high performing solutions fast.

Technologies We Leverage With Codeigniter Development

The key to developing a top-notch app that gives your business the upper edge over others is to select the right set of technologies. We have highly skilled developers and an extensive skill set to choose from hence making it easier to develop an impressive app and wow your users.







Infra & DevOps


Laravel Development


Node Js Development


PHP Development


Python Development


Codeigniter Development


Django Development


iOS App Development


Android App Development


React Native App Development


Flutter App Development


Angular Js Development


React JS Development


Vue JS Development


HTML 5 Development


Typescript Development


Tailwind CSS Development


Bootstrap Development


WordPress Development


Statamic Development


Ghost Development


Gatsby Development


Strapi Development


Django CMS Development


Shopify Development


WooCommerce Development


Bagisto Development


MySQL Database


Dynamo DB














Google Cloud











We build custom CodeIgniter Web Application for

small medium businesses.

Small & Medium Businesses

Smart solutions that do not burn your pockets. We can transform your idea or concept into full-fledged solutions, thus giving small businesses the ability to reach a massive online user base.

large businesses.

Large Enterprise Businesses

Custom solutions with CodeIgniter for large enterprise businesses to meet their requirements. We create robust, scalable, and affordable solutions to grow your businesses and gain an upper edge.



CodeIgniter makes it possible to develop a robust & scalable solution fast. Startups can get their product to the market fast with lower risk and a higher level of customization.

Reasons to Outsource the CodeIgniter Software Development Services

Outsource the development of your website; hire our CodeIgniter team for efficient and quick solutions. Focus on your core business objectives, manage resources more effectively, and allow us to deliver top-notch solutions.



Access to the latest tools & technologies and a skilled team of developers who are well trained and have the knowledge to use the advanced technologies. This is ideal when it comes to including an advanced set of feature sets, especially since they also have to assess all the necessary resources.


Vast experience

Reduce the risk with our highly talented & experienced designers, developers, and testers. We also have access to the best resources and keep abreast with the latest technologies. Our solutions are both innovative and implement advanced technologies to allow you to stand out from the rest.


Focus on core business activities

This is the more cost-effective method of developing a cutting-edge app to stay a step ahead of your competitors. The alternative is to either create a team of your own or hire freelancers. Hiring remote developers is more affordable in the long run and allows you to focus on your business objectives


Hire CodeIgniter developers for your business solutions.

We have extensive experience in CodeIgniter as well as the necessary skills & resources to develop a cutting-edge solution for you

Our Expertise in CodeIgniter Development Services

We provide end-to-end development solutions for your business. Hire our outcome-driven CodeIgniter developers who deliver high-performing and efficient solutions fast.

CodeIgniter Customization Services

We deliver custom CodeIgniter solutions for various industries to create solutions tailored to meet their requirements. This includes custom business solutions, eCommerce websites, customized extensions, and much more.

CodeIgniter Upgrade Services

Upgrade your existing CodeIgniter solutions to include more features or modify the existing ones. We offer maintenance and update services to tweak your applications, update security and provide custom plug-ins.

Module & Plugin Development

Our experienced CodeIgniter developers have the expertise to introduce features in your application by developing customer modules & plug-ins that can be potentially reused for several applications.

API-based web application development

The custom-build APIs we develop play a big role in enhancing the features of your application and it is possible because of the expertise of our CodeIgniter developers. This is the ideal method to add features faster and more securely.

Third-Party Integration Services

We have the expertise to integrate third-party apps which are well-tested and robust solutions to increase the functionality of your web solution. This helps reduce the development time and project development cost.

App Upgrade & Migration Services

Upgrade your existing CodeIgniter applications to include modern features and increase the level of security. We also help you migrate your existing solutions to CodeIgnitor without any loss and take advantage of the unique features it has to offer.

CodeIgniter Portal Development

We provide an end-to-end portal development solution which includes initial research, creating a strategy, and developing the solution as per your business needs. The portals we develop transform your business for the better irrespective of the industry.

JSON/REST API Development

Our CodeIgniter services extend to developing custom REST API solutions for your business that take advantage of JSON to extend the features of your web application and for more robust and high-performing solutions.

Custom CMS Development

We develop custom CMS solutions that go beyond providing basic features like document management, content management, publishing digital content, etc. Our custom CMS solutions provide more features and also incorporate your business's custom requirements.

Mobile App Backend Development

We have the expertise to develop smart, efficient, and high-performing backend solutions for your mobile applications and also efficiently integrate them with your appealing mobile interface.

Corporate Application Development

We can help you with your corporate application development requirements. We have a team of highly skilled developers who have the expertise to build custom solutions using the advanced features that CodeIgniter has to offer.

Codeigniter Theme Design & Development

Create custom themes for your website with the help of our highly creative and innovative team of CodeIgniter designers. Our expertise also extends to seamlessly integrating the template with the CodeIgniter backend.

1200+ Happy Clients

Our global client list continues to grow every year. All our clients have something good to say about us! Here is what some of them say:

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" I highly recommend their services. Highly efficient, affordable, always make deadlines, very good communication. "

Chad Nellis

Founder - Music Launch Pad


My team at Acquaint has grown to seven members because of the dedication they have shown.

Vivek Shah

Founder - Gowd

" We have been so impressed with them that it's now developed into a 3-year-old relationship and it's still going strong. "




Why use CodeIgniter for web development?

CodeIgniter is an open source PHP framework that supports MVC development methodology. It is ideal for creating highly customized solutions for a wide range of industries and for many different types of solutions. It supports rapid website development.

How long does it take to develop a CodeIgniter website?

The time it takes to develop a decent CodeIgniter solution varies and depends on several factors: the number of features, the complexity of the features, integration, and the advanced technologies used. 

What type of applications can CodeIgniter be used for?

It is ideal to create custom web solutions and backends for mobile apps. It is also a good option for eCommerce solutions, web services, etc. 

How secure is a CodeIgniter application?

We follow the best practice to ensure your web solutions are secure besides which CodeIgnier too offers a high level of security.

Who uses CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is used by several businesses globally like Udemy, QuinStreet, Adobe, and Medial Guardian.

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