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Looking For A Dedicated Developer?

You have come to the right place. Choose from our pool of developers to hire them dedicatedly for your project and get it done swiftly.

Full-Time Hiring

Working Hours:

8hours/day, 5days/week


Skype, Email, Phone



Part-Time Hiring

Working Hours:

4hours/day, 5days/week


Skype, Email, Phone



Hourly Hiring

Working Hours:

8hours/day, 5days/week


Skype, Email, Phone


15 Days

Contractual Hiring

Working Hours:

8hours/day, 5days/week


Skype, Email, Phone



Why Hire A Dedicated Developer?

Which task can you do better - juggling three balls or handling just one ball? The answer is obvious. The same is the reason why you should hire a dedicated developer.

The dedicated developer you hire will be chosen specifically for you and will stay with you throughout the project. He will devote his time just to you for the number of hours you wish.

On the other side, a non-dedicated developer may switch projects in-between whenever required.

So why should you opt for a dedicated developer? Because: -

Technologies we work with

The key to developing a top-notch app that gives your business the upper edge over others is to select the right set of technologies. We have highly skilled developers and an extensive skill set to choose from hence making it easier to develop an impressive app and wow your users.







Infra & DevOps

Laravel Development

Node Js Development

PHP Development

Python Development

Codeigniter Development

Django Development

iOS App Development

Android App Development

React Native App Development

Flutter App Development

Angular Js Development

React JS Development

Vue JS Development

HTML 5 Development

Typescript Development

Tailwind CSS Development

Bootstrap Development

WordPress Development

Statamic Development

Ghost Development

Gatsby Development

Strapi Development

Django CMS Development

Shopify Development

WooCommerce Development

Bagisto Development

MySQL Database

Dynamo DB







Google Cloud






How Does The Hiring Process Go?

We want it to be smooth and we know, even you too. Thus, we make our hiring process feel like a knife through butter.


Contact us


Discuss your requirements and scope of project


Interview our developers and select the one you like


Start working


Make Payment

What do you get by choosing us?

Your deadline is met, always

That's what our clients say about us

Hire a team dedicated just to you

Hire an individual or a team that thinks about none but you

Get your work done from wherever you are

It's fine if you are chilling on a beach in Miami

Get a solution for every budget

Flexibility options that molds as per your budget

We manage the team for you

Reap the rewards of an excellent team without managing them!

11 years of experience at your disposal

Our service has stood the test of time

Pick or let us pick the team for you

We provide you the best developers but let you pick as well from our pool

Choose from the wide range of technologies

No matter what your requirements are, we deliver them to you

Your team is taken care of by us

We take care of their growth to keep them in the best shape and thus provide you the best result

Hire from scratch or expand your team

Remote collaboration is never a problem with us whether you have an existing team or not

Bring your cost to a fraction

Take advantage of currency difference without compromising the quality of work

Your work is our responsibility

Unlike freelancing, we take full responsibility for your work to get done in time

1200+ Happy Clients

Our global client list continues to grow every year. All our clients have something good to say about us! Here is what some of them say:

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Really enjoyed working with them. We pushed them hard and they have always come through.

Dakota Denver

CTO of ZenDev

"They are a smart group of people. I really appreciate them being great business partners for me."

Andrew Fortune

Founder - Great Colorado Homes

They have delivered our product on track with a high caliber of detail. Their communication is consistent and they are responsive to every feature improvement and ultimate feedback we have given them.

Nick Spiller

Founder of SuperFi

Our Clients