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Laravel Development Company

Develop a Laravel Web Apps with Official Laravel Partner

Being a top Laravel development company, we offer Laravel web app development services that includes customization, custom Laravel development, CRM, complex business web app, marketplace and e-commerce development, and API integrations.

Official Laravel Partner.

Custom Laravel development service

Fully customized Laravel development solutions. We specialize in unique solutions and help spread the true essence of your business with our carefully thought and personalized development solutions.

Laravel enterprise solution

Whether you are a small business just starting out or an oak-sized business running for years, our skilled developers provide you with a perfect blend of creativity and expertise.

Laravel data migration solution

Move from your existing platform to Laravel seamlessly with our Laravel data migration solutions. Our panel of expert developers knows how to handle your precious data without any loss.

Laravel ecommerce development solutions

Start your online store with our Laravel ecommerce development solution. Our specialized approach to developing an e-commerce website helps your store attract and engage your visitors.

Laravel website development

Elevate your website's performance with our exceptional Laravel website development services. As a renowned Laravel development company, Our services cater to business owners who seek a personalized website that meets their unique requirements and functions seamlessly.

Laravel CRM development

Our Laravel CRM development solution is the best way for you to develop a customized CRM filled with all the necessary features required to boost your relationship with your customers.

Laravel support and maintenance

You always need an eagle’s eye to make things work even better. Our Laravel support and maintenance team has an eye for detail and good problem solving abilities to find bugs and security issues in your website and fix them instantly.

Laravel third-party integrations

We help with Laravel third-party integration and to increase the functionality of your application. Extend the features of your solution quicker, efficiently and by using third-party APIs or libraries.

Laravel Restful API development

Hire our remote developers with expertise in Laravel restful API development to make highly functional RESTful solutions and reach an even larger audience.

Explore Our Exceptional Work

Explore how Acquaint Softtech as a Laravel development company has shaped businesses by offering innovative and technology driven software solutions.

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Laravel Development Process

We follow a well-established development methodology to deliver the project in a timely manner. This includes planning it well at the initial stages and setting the milestones. It also includes providing regular updates.

1. Requirement Analysis

This is a stage that involves detailed information, research and close inspection of the business ideal, goals and objectives. It also involves developing a development strategy and defining the various stages of development.

2. Wireframing & Design

The design stage is an important one and involves close coordination with the client using several techniques like wire-framing and prototyping. It involves brainstorming, creating several mock-ups and using several other techniques to develop the best interface to incorporate the business logic.

3. Programming & Development

It involves selecting the approximate tech stack and implementing advanced technologies if required. The project is broken into modules and each one is developed as per the priority by following a proven methodology, with regular updates provided at predefined intervals. 

4. Testing & Debugging

The testing process takes place at every stage of the project and it is tested thoroughly at the end of the project. This includes both manual and automated testing with the help of several testing software. 

5. Deployment & Maintenance

The project is released after acceptance testing ensuring it meets the requirements and is free from bugs. It also involves inspecting for performance issues. The software is also supported after release and maintenance tasks like upgrading, security updates, modifying functionality and more.


Require a robust & secure web or mobile solution?

We have the best solution for your business in the form of custom Laravel solutions.

Laravel Development Engagement Models

Trust us to be your laravel development partner, we offer a flexible working model since every business has different preferences.


Time and Material

The cost of the project is directly dependent on the development time and the resources utilized. This model supports healthy communication, prioritization of tasks, access to reports, and flexibility on project scope as well. This is a low-risk model & supports modifications.


Dedicated Laravel Development Team

A dedicated team of developers is selected to work on the projects, which ensures the business has full control of the development process. It involves paying for the developer's time and is more flexible than the fixed-price model. The project cost is more predictable, and it ensures higher security.


Fixed Cost & Time Model

As the name suggests, this type of model involves establishing the cost and time frame of the project in advance, making it a more predictive and transparent model. The business is fully aware of the deliverable at every stage of the project, making it easy to monitor.

Acquaint Softtech Industry Expertise

. Real Estate . eCommerce
. Fintech
. Education
. Logistics and Distribution
. Healthcare
. Retail
. Travel & Hospitality
. Media And Entertainment

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Laravel development Solution by Acquaint Softtech

We deliver next-generation solutions using Laravel for many industries. It is the ideal PHP framework to create robust solutions with a high level of security.



Laravel happens to be one of the most popular PHP frameworks making it ideal to develop a feature-rich and appealing solution for your business. Some of the factors that make it the best include efficient in-built libraries, swift development, high security, and ease of creating high-performing solutions.


Stable & secure

Laravel has several in-built features that make it highly secure and efficient. A website or mobile app developed using Laravel is bound to be very stable, and high performing to ensure your business gains an upper edge.



Laravel is a PHP framework with immense potential and a wide range of applications for many industries. We use it to develop many types of web and mobile solutions.



Laravel is built with an MVC architecture, has object-oriented libraries, built-in security & unit testing, main service integration, and artisan tools. Our skilled developers leverage the many features of this powerful framework to develop next-generation solutions.



We have a highly trained team of Laravel developers to develop stunning solutions that are compatible with several platforms. We develop secure web and mobile solutions for several operating systems and mobile devices.


Fast development

The highly modular structure of Laravel allows us to build a feature-rich solution rapidly. The fact that Laravel has built-in security features and unit-testing modules that we use to perform automated testing makes the task of creating effective solutions simpler.

Technologies We Leverage With Laravel Development

The key to developing a top-notch app that gives your business the upper edge over others is to select the right set of technologies. We have highly skilled developers and an extensive skill set to choose from hence making it easier to develop an impressive app and wow your users.







Infra & DevOps


Laravel Development


Node Js Development


PHP Development


Python Development


Codeigniter Development


Django Development


iOS App Development


Android App Development


React Native App Development


Flutter App Development


Angular Js Development


React JS Development


Vue JS Development


HTML 5 Development


Typescript Development


Tailwind CSS Development


Bootstrap Development


WordPress Development


Statamic Development


Ghost Development


Gatsby Development


Strapi Development


Django CMS Development


Shopify Development


WooCommerce Development


Bagisto Development


MySQL Database


Dynamo DB














Google Cloud












Laravel with Angular

Angular and Laravel complement each other well so you can get a highly-scalable website and web app from our Laravel development service. Leverage this combo with us to get powerful results.


Laravel with VueJS

VueJS is great for frontend JavaScript framework. It helps you develop elegant UIs and single-page applications. Couple that with Laravel and you have security, stability, and performance like nowhere else.


Laravel with React

Combine the power of React and Laravel to build a smooth and interactive user interface for your web application while ensuring its performance, scalability, and security with the awesomeness of Laravel.


Laravel with Svelte

Want to develop ultra-fast web applications? With the simplicity of Svelte and the wide horizon of Laravel, you can create with us a sophisticated website and web application that meet the modern standard.


Laravel with SolidJS

Another great combo - Laravel and SolidJS. Our 360-degree Laravel development solutions empower you with the powerful reactivity of SolidJS and the trust in Laravel’s performance to build customized websites.


Laravel with Alpine

Alpine isn’t just another JavaScript framework. It provides you with a lightweight set of codes to develop swift websites. Add to that the power of our Laravel development service and you get a world-class project.


Laravel with Tailwind CSS

An elegant user interface always works wonders. Leverage Tailwind CSS for a beautiful front-end along with our expertise in Laravel development to create a stand-out project for your business.


Laravel with Bootstrap

Develop fast and responsive websites and web apps with Bootstrap and Laravel. Our qualified developers know how to bring your unique essence to your project while providing you with the best of Laravel and Bootstrap.


Laravel with MaterialUI

Need a feature-loaded web application for your business? Then MaterialUI + Laravel is perfect for you. Our 9+ years of expertise help you leverage this combo to build a perfect web app for your business.

We build custom Laravel Solutions for

small medium businesses.

Small & Medium Businesses

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalized solutions that cater to the unique needs of your business. Whether you're looking to streamline your operations, improve your online presence, or implement new software, we're here to help you achieve your goals. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your business and take it to new heights of success.

large businesses.

Large Enterprise Businesses

Our Laravel-based custom solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of large enterprise businesses, helping them achieve their goals with ease. We understand the unique challenges that come with managing large-scale operations, and our solutions are built to be robust, scalable, and affordable, ensuring that your business can grow and stay competitive in today's fast-paced market. Let us help you gain an upper edge and take your business to the next level.



Laravel is an excellent choice for startups looking to develop a robust and scalable solution quickly. With its easy-to-use framework and powerful tools, we can help you get your product to market faster, reducing your risk and giving you a higher level of customization. Our team of experts can work with you to create a tailored solution that meets your unique needs and helps your startup thrive in the competitive business landscape. Let us help you turn your vision into a reality and achieve success with Laravel.

Reasons to Outsource the Laravel Development Services

Outsource the development of your website; hire our Laravel team for efficient and quick solutions. Focus on your core business objectives, manage resources more effectively and allow us to deliver a cutting-edge solution.



Access to the latest tools & technologies and a skilled team of developers who are well trained and have the knowledge to use the advanced technologies. This is ideal when it comes to including an advanced set of feature sets, especially since they also have to assess all the necessary resources.


Vast experience

Reduce the risk with our highly talented & experienced designers, developers, and testers. We also have access to the best resources and keep abreast with the latest technologies. Our solutions are both innovative and implement advanced technologies to allow you to stand out from the rest.


Focus on core business activities

This is the more cost-effective method of developing a cutting-edge app to stay a step ahead of your competitors. The alternative is to either create a team of your own or hire freelancers. Hiring remote developers is more affordable in the long run and allows you to focus on your business objectives

Our Expertise in Laravel development Services

Our team of Laravel developers have the expertise and access to a vast pool of resources to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Laravel Package Development

Extend the functionality of your website by developing advanced features as a Laravel package. We secure your core business logic and add additional features as packages which mainly focus on a single feature. It also allows for code-reuse and provides an additional layer of security.

Laravel Integration Services

We develop custom Laravel solutions and integrate third party features to extend the functionality of your website as per your requirements. We provide creative, innovative and affordable solutions to deliver unique and feature-rich solutions to give your business an edge.

Laravel Application Development

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP framework which is ideal to create robust, secure and feature-rich websites. We have the expertise to develop cutting-edge solutions using Laravel to make your business more competitive and ensure its stand out.

Laravel Custom Solutions

Build website solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business by taking advantage of our custom Laravel solutions. We have expertise in Laravel and the resources necessary to develop stunning solutions.

Custom Business Application Development

We have a full-fledged team for custom Laravel solutions to design, develop, test and deploy as per the requirements of your organization. These are custom solutions built from ground up using Laravel and several other advanced technologies.

eCommerce and Marketplace Development

Take advantage of extensive knowledge in Laravel to develop a cutting-edge eCommerce solution or marketplace to help your business grow. Take advantage of the scores of online users and grow your business online.

Laravel Microservices Development

Almost all businesses can benefit from microservices development. We offer this type of solution with Laravel that allows us to create a single application as a part of a larger service connected by API.

Laravel Mobile App Development

Behind every appealing mobile with the best features there is the underlying code written by the experts. We develop robust and innovative backend solutions to develop state-of-the-art mobile applications.

Laravel API Development Services

Hire our highly trained Laravel developers to develop strategic APIs to meet your business requirements. We have extensive experience developing custom solutions for a wide range of businesses to remain competitive.

Laravel Template Design & Development

We have extensive knowledge of Laravel which extends to the unique Laravel tempting engine blade. We design custom templates and integrate it using the special purpose module Blade to transform your ideas into reality.

Laravel Data Migration Solutions

Migrate your data from an existing software solution to laravel without any loss of data. We have the expertise to perform lossless migration and at the same time allow you take advantage of the many features of Laravel like high security, highly efficient routing.

Laravel QA and Testing Services

We have a dedicated QA team to ensure the Laravel solution is free from bugs and errors. We implement both manual and automated testing techniques and have a team that develops custom strategies to ensure your business solutions are flawless.


Hire dedicated Laravel developers now!

Contact us now and get your project started in a whisk.

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Reliable Laravel web app development services

The Laravel web app development services we offer are trusted and admired by our clients from over 15 countries. Thus, our experience allows us to provide 360-degree services for custom Laravel development. So expect nothing lesser than the best service that is personalized to your unique needs.
Laravel Enterprise Solutions
Laravel Restful App Development
Laravel Data Migration Solutions
Laravel eCommerce App Development
Laravel CRM Development
Laravel Maintenance and Support
Laravel Module Development
Laravel Customization
Laravel Package Development
Laravel Portal Development
Laravel CMS Development
Integration & Customization
Laravel Shopping Cart
AI-based Laravel Web App
Laravel Plugin development
Laravel 3rd Party API Integrations
Laravel Extension Development
Laravel Cloud Integration
Laravel Development Solution for Startups
Laravel Extension Development
Laravel Social Networking Solution
Laravel Upgradation
Laravel Cloud Development
Lumen Development

Hire Laravel developers the way you like



Pay per hour and work with your Laravel developer flexibly.



Hire a dedicated Laravel developer for 176 hours a month.


Monthly for a team of 5 developers

Pay per hour and work with your Laravel developer flexibly.

Hire Laravel Developer

1200+ Happy Clients

Our global client list continues to grow every year. All our clients have something good to say about us! Here is what some of them say:

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My team at Acquaint has grown to seven members because of the dedication they have shown.

Vivek Shah

Founder - Gowd

Really enjoyed working with them. We pushed them hard and they have always come through.

Dakota Denver

CTO of ZenDev


"They are a smart group of people. I really appreciate them being great business partners for me."

Andrew Fortune

Founder - Great Colorado Homes


What is Laravel and why it is used?

Laravel is a Robust framework built on MVC architecture, an web application Develpment framework. It is designed to help developers build web applications faster. Laravel comes with a rich set of tools and features that allow developers to focus on creating high-quality applications rather than worrying about mundane tasks. Here are the reasons why Laravel is most used PHP framework: 

  • Easy syntax with MVC architecture. 

  • Robust built-in tools set and libraries 

  • Smooth and efficient development experience. 

  • Supportive community. 

  • Integrated caching system for improved performance. 

  • Robust security features 

  • Seamless integration with third-party libraries and services. 

  • Built-in unit testing and easy debugging capabilities.

What are the pros and cons of the Laravel Framework?

Laravel is one of the finest PHP frameworks out right now. And here is the list of Pros and cons of Laravel. 

Pros of Laravel 

  • Elegant syntax and MVC architecture. 

  • Robust built-in tools and libraries for common tasks. 

  • Smooth and efficient development experience. 

  • Supportive community. 

  • Integrated caching system for improved performance. 

  • Robust security features 

  • Seamless integration with third-party libraries and services. 

  • Built-in unit testing and easy debugging capabilities. 

Cons of Laravel 

  • Slower development 

  • Steeper learning curve for new developer 

  • Some user think Updating is difficult  

  • Legacy systems has Complex transfer process 

Why should I build my project in Laravel?

Laravel is one of the fastest-growing frameworks with a backup of a huge community. It offers all you need to build a modern-day website and web app. If you like to know more about its awesomeness, have a look at our blog post on Why use Laravel?

Is Laravel Development process is faster than regular PHP?

Yes, due to Laravel's robust feature list and functionalities, Laravel outstands when it comes to the development process. However, Core PHP scripts generally execute faster than Laravel scripts due to their more straightforward structure and optimized execution. 

What kind of applications can you build using Laravel?

Laravel is a promising framework, built to make a robust application without compromising on security. With Laravel you can develop a several types of applications such as: 

  • eCommerce websites and e-Learning platforms 

  • Secure Payment systems 

  • Job/recruitment platforms 

  • Real estate websites 

  • Healthcare portals 

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems 

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems 

  • Book platforms 

  • Websites and web application for different types of firm Business 

  • Secure Crowdfunding websites 

What are the Laravel features?

Laravel comes with a robust and secure list of features, and here is the list of features Laravel is known for: 

  • MVC architecture 

  • Routing system 

  • Blade templating engine 

  • Eloquent ORM 

  • Artisan command-line interface 

  • Database migration system 

  • Authentication and authorization 

  • Caching mechanisms 

  • Task scheduling 

  • Robust security features

What are Laravel development services?

Laravel development services refer to the services provided by Laravel development firms and developers to build robust applications or websites using Laravel. Laravel development services aim to leverage the features and capabilities of the Laravel framework to create powerful, scalable, and efficient web applications. 

What are the benefits of outsourcing the Laravel development firm or developer?

Outsourcing the Laravel development firm or developer has several benefits: 

  • Cost saving 

  • Access to experienced and expert developers 

  • Quality assurance 

  • More time to marketing 

  • Easy support and maintenance 

  • Flexible time of working according to your time zone 

How is Acquaint softtech is the best choice for my Laravel development project?

If you are looking for the best-in-class Laravel development service, look no further than Acquaint Softtech. Our team of expert developers has a history of proven track record in time. 

Why choose Acquaint for Laravel development project? 

  • 15+ years of experience 

  • 1200+ happy clients 

  • Official Laravel development partner 

  • Hire Expert team of Developer 

  • Proven Project record 

  • Helped to Launch 5000+ web application 

  • In Time Project delivery 

Which industries do you serve as a Top Laravel App Development Company?

As an official Laravel partner and being in the market for years. We serve multiple industries listing, from small-scale to large-scale. Here is the list of sectors to which we provide the advanced Laravel development solution. 

  • Advertisement 

  • Business 

  • Ecommerce 

  • Education 

  • Entertainment 

  • Finance 

  • Banking 

  • Fitness 

  • Food 

  • Travel 

  • Gaming 

  • Healthcare 

  • Hospitality 

  • Lifestyle 

  • IoT 

  • Sports 

  • Marketing 

  • Wellness 

Which types of Laravel development services do you offer?

Team Acquaint offer Various Laravel development services which are listed below: 

  • Laravel eCommerce App Development 

  • Laravel Web Development and CRM development 

  • Laravel Consulting and Strategy 

  • Customized Laravel Development 

  • Laravel Extension Development 

  • Laravel Enterprise Development 

  • Laravel Migration and Upgradation 

  • Dedicated Laravel Development Team 

How do I choose the right Laravel developer for my project?

When choosing the right Laravel developer for your project, consider the following:  

  • Experience and have a relevant project portfolio in Laravel  

  • Expertise in Laravel and other related technologies  

  • Effective communication and responsiveness  

  • Positive client reviews and testimonials.  

  • Strong problem-solving skills  

  • Availability, reliability, and pricing compatibility  

  • Known for using features of Laravel for a better and faster Development approach  

Hiring a Laravel developer gets easy if you check all these steps, although if you Hire a remote developer from Acquaint, you will be assured a dream team of developers for your project. 

How much does it cost to develop Laravel app or website?

Development cost depends on client requirements and needs. If the Client needs a simple and minimalistic website, the price will be less compared to a website that packs loads of advanced features. The cost of developing the Laravel app also varies from place to place according to geographical location. 

However, if you plan to hire a Laravel developer from Acquaint, you will get the skilled developer at the lowest price.  

Starting at just $15/Hr and $2,400/Month 

Pricing varies depending on the requirements of your project, but we provide the best at a competitive price. 

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