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Develop a Laravel Web Apps with Laravel Partner

Being a top Laravel development company, we offer Laravel web app development that includes customization, custom Laravel development, CRM, complex business web app, marketplace and e-commerce development, and API integrations.

Develop a Laravel Web Apps with Laravel Partner.

Develop out-of-the-box Web Apps with the Best Laravel Development Company

Acquaint Softtech is a top-rated Laravel Development Company across India and the USA. We specialize in custom Laravel development services that are tailored to your needs. Whether you're looking for a simple web application or a complex business app, we have Laravel experts to get the job done. Some of our Laravel development services include:

Best Laravel development service.

Customized Laravel development service

Get a fully customized Laravel development service from us. Be unique and spread the true essence of your business with our carefully thought and personalized development for your business.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel enterprise solution

Whether you are a small business just starting out or an oak-sized business running for years, our Laravel enterprise solutions provide you with a perfect blend of creativity and expertise.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel data migration solution

Move from one Laravel platform to another seamlessly with our Laravel data migration solutions. Our panel of expert developers knows how to handle your precious data without spilling it.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel e-commerce development solution

Start your online store with our Laravel e-commerce development solution. Our specialized approach to developing an e-commerce website helps your store attract and engage your visitors.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel extension development

Are you finding a solution for Laravel extension development? Then you are at the right place. Our developers are ready to provide you with any type of Laravel extension you seek.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel CRM development

Our Laravel CRM development solution is the best way for you to develop a customized CRM filled with all the necessary features required to boost your relationship with your customers.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel support and maintenance

You always need an eagle’s eye to make things work even better. Our Laravel support and maintenance find rough patches and other security issues in your website to fix them instantly.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel third-party integrations

Want to load your Laravel website and web app with even more firepower? Our developers know how to develop Laravel third-party integrations and add functionalities you need to make them world-class.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel Restful API development

If you want to make highly functional RESTful solutions, hire our remote developers who possess expertise in Laravel restful API development and reach an even larger audience.

Tools and tech stack for Laravel web application development

We use sophisticated Laravel development tools and technologies to create powerful and scalable projects that serve your specific needs. Our Laravel web app development solution is trusted by our clients all over the world across various industries. Have a look at our wide expertise in Laravel.
CMS October CMS PyroCMS Statamic TypiCMS Lavalite Coaster
Framework Acorn Laravel Zero Laravel Livewire Aimeos Marketplace Bagisto Lumen
Library Laravel Scout Laravel Mix Laravel Echo Laravel Medialibrary Laravel Scout Laravel Scout Laravel Scout
Packages Laravel Passport Laravel Spark Laravel Nova Laravel Socialite Laravel Envoy Laravel Horizon
Databases MySQL SQLite PostgreSQL MS SQL Server MongoDB Firebase Oracle OCI8
IDE PHPSTORM Sublime Text Atom Visual Studio Code Codelobster Zend Studio Cloud9 IDE
Development Environments Laravel Valet Laravel Homestead Mailtrap Blog Laravel Docker Laravel Drydock Laragon Laravel Environment Laravel Drydock
Testing & Debugging Laravel Dusk Telescope API- Tester LERN ClockWork Test Factory Laravel Debugbar
Services Laravel Forge Laravel Vapor Chipper CI Flare Laravel Envoyer
CLI Grex CLI Lambo CLI MY CLI Artisan SAIL Laravel UP

Laravel web app development expertise, We Posses

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel with Angular

Angular and Laravel complement each other well so you can get a highly-scalable website and web app from our Laravel development service. Leverage this combo with us to get powerful results.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel with VueJS

VueJS is great for frontend JavaScript framework. It helps you develop elegant UIs and single-page applications. Couple that with Laravel and you have security, stability, and performance like nowhere else.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel with React

Combine the power of React and Laravel to build a smooth and interactive user interface for your web application while ensuring its performance, scalability, and security with the awesomeness of Laravel.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel with Svelte

Want to develop ultra-fast web applications? With the simplicity of Svelte and the wide horizon of Laravel, you can create with us a sophisticated website and web application that meet the modern standard.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel with SolidJS

Another great combo - Laravel and SolidJS. Our 360-degree Laravel development solutions empower you with the powerful reactivity of SolidJS and the trust in Laravel’s performance to build customized websites.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel with Alpine

Alpine isn’t just another JavaScript framework. It provides you with a lightweight set of codes to develop swift websites. Add to that the power of our Laravel development service and you get a world-class project.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel with Tailwind CSS

An elegant user interface always works wonders. Leverage Tailwind CSS for a beautiful front-end along with our expertise in Laravel development to create a stand-out project for your business.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel with Bootstrap

Develop fast and responsive websites and web apps with Bootstrap and Laravel. Our qualified developers know how to bring your unique essence to your project while providing you with the best of Laravel and Bootstrap.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel with Foundation

Build your website and web application with the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world - Foundation - and the best Laravel development company.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel with MaterialUI

Need a feature-loaded web application for your business? Then MaterialUI + Laravel is perfect for you. Our 9+ years of expertise help you leverage this combo to build a perfect web app for your business.

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Our Laravel web app development expertise

Our highly-experienced developers are ready to take on your project for Laravel web application development. We use a proven method for custom Laravel development so you get the best result as per the requirements of your business. In our 9+ years of experience, we have served clients all over the world across different industries. Here is what sets us apart from others.

  • Dedicated Laravel developers
  • Agile SDLC for modern software development
  • Integrity and transparency
  • On-time completion
  • Best skills and talent working for you
  • Full flexibility
  • Competitive pricing

Reliable Laravel web app development services

The Laravel web app development services we offer are trusted and admired by our clients from over 15 countries. Thus, our experience allows us to provide 360-degree services for custom Laravel development. So expect nothing lesser than the best service that is personalized to your unique needs.
Laravel Enterprise Solutions
Laravel Restful App Development
Laravel Data Migration Solutions
Laravel eCommerce App Development
Laravel CRM Development
Laravel Maintenance and Support
Laravel Module Development
Laravel Customization
Package Development
Portal Development
CMS Development
Integration & Customization
Laravel Shopping Cart
AI-based Laravel Web App
Laravel Plugin development
Laravel 3rd Party API Integrations
Laravel Extension Development
Laravel Cloud Integration
Laravel Development Solution for Startups
Laravel Extension Development
Laravel Social Networking Solution
Laravel Upgradation
Laravel cloud development
Lumen Developmen
Indusrty we Serve

Where can we help you

With over 9+ years of industry experience and being the best MVP development company, we have mounted our flag on almost all industries with our services. So no matter which industry you are targeting, be assured that you are at the right place.s

Real Estate
Best Laravel development service.

Show your listings the best way and sell more with an IDX and MLS-integrated website.

Best Laravel development service.

Build your own powerful online store and expand to a global audience for your products.

Best Laravel development service.

Provide any banking and financial services seamlessly with your elegant FinTech website.

Best Laravel development service.

Take advantage of the power and growth of online education and serve curious minds all over.

Logistics and Distribution
Best Laravel development service.

Grow your Logistics and Distribution business with a website loaded with all the features you need.

Best Laravel development service.

Serve your clients better and keep a track of them efficiently with your healthcare website.

Best Laravel development service.

Target the retail arena with a wide range of products and manage them easily from your dashboard.

Travel & Hospitality
Best Laravel development service.

Help people with all the services of travel and hospitality such as finding hotels, booking tickets, etc.

Media and Entertainment
Best Laravel development service.

Start your business by leveraging people’s ever-growing love for the media and entertainment.

Build a website as per your industry

Why pick Acquaint Softtech as your Laravel development company?

Best Laravel development service.

Full-cycle software development

Get your mobile developed from scratch with just an idea to market and customer-ready and everything in between with our full-cycle software development.

Best Laravel development service.

Mobile-first approach

Our mobile-first approach to your project assures you of agility, responsiveness, and robustness in your mobile app. So sit back and relax to see the project to completion.

Best Laravel development service.

Transparent communication

We take pride in our transparent communication with our clients. In fact, we have been commended over and over by our clients for our communication with daily updates and regular meetings.

Best Laravel development service.

Best-in-class customer experience

“Clients come first, always” - believing in this adage has rewarded us with numerous projects from the same clients. So expect nothing less than the best customer experience from us.

Best Laravel development service.

Flexible engagement models

We offer you flexible pricing models to let you hire developers as per your requirements and situation. Hire full-time or part-time or work with the fixed price model.

Best Laravel development service.

Experienced developers

We pick only the best developers in our team so that you get spectacular results always. Doubt us? Interview them yourself to measure their caliber and then decide.

Best Laravel development service.

On-time delivery

Your deadline stays at our forefront to complete your project on time. Thus, we reach every set milestone on time even if that demands going the extra mile.

Best Laravel development service.

Technical support

Our support stays with you beyond the days of our working together. So anytime you need any technical help, just reach out to us and we will get back to you in no time.

Best Laravel development service.

Cost and time efficiency

Hiring people in-house eats up a lot of time and money. Instead, we help you save both of these resources by starting your project within 24 hours and removing all your overhead costs.

Hire Laravel developers the way you like

$20 / Hourly

Pay per hour and work with your Laravel developer flexibly.

$2400 / Monthly

Hire a dedicated Laravel developer for 160 hours a month.

$12000 / Monthly for a team of 5 developers

Pay per hour and work with your Laravel developer flexibly.

Case study

See the proof of our testament

Our long portfolio of happy clients is the result of our dedication and hard work toward fulfilling their vision. And these case studies speak for us.

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There are a few factors you should look for in a company before picking them for your Laravel project: -

  • Experience - Check the experience of the whole company and its experience in Laravel. You can also see if they have developed any projects in your industry like real estate, finance, travel, etc.

  • Communication - How easily can they understand your problem? Do they communicate well regularly? How quickly do they respond?

  • Transparency - They should have a proper system to show you the day-by-day progress of your project and no hidden charges.

To save you the trouble, Acquaint Softtech has it all. We are in the industry for over 15 years and have handled clients from various industries and countries. Contact us now.

It is extremely easy: -

  1. Reach out to a Laravel development company like ours.

  2. Tell us your requirements

  3. Pick pricing model

  4. Start your project

It should meet the following criteria: -

  1. Experience of minimum 8 years

  2. Should have a proven portfolio of clients.

  3. Should have worked with clients across many countries

When in any doubt, you can also give a test task to the service provider to check its mettle.

Here is why you should go with us: -

  1. You can save up to 60% of your development cost with us.

  2. We take full responsibility to complete your project on time.

  3. We bring over 9 years of experience and have already completed numerous Laravel projects.

  4. You get the full flexibility to expand or shrink your team anytime.

  5. You will be in constant touch with us and get daily updates on the progress.

Laravel is one of the fastest-growing frameworks with a backup of a huge community. It offers all you need to build a modern-day website and web app. If you like to know more about its awesomeness, have a look at our blog post on Why use Laravel?

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