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Develop a stunning Laravel Web Application with Laravel Partner

Laravel is growing exponentially, and with it, so can you! Get your fast, elegant, and powerful website developed by our highly-experienced remote Laravel developers.

Hire Laravel developer to take your project from start to finish

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Once we hit a milestone in the project and you are totally satisfied with it, we create an invoice for you to pay.

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Hitting milestone upon milestone, we deliver your project within your deadline.

Quality Laravel web development solution for quality result

Imagine saving money and getting superior-quality service. Sounds unreal? That’s what we have been doing for our numerous clients over the last 15 years.

In other words, we help our clients develop websites, web apps, and mobile apps that stand out in the ocean of the internet while saving them up to 60% of the cost with our remote developers.

Do you want to save money?

Why spend a fortune to develop a website when you can get it done from our quality remote developers at a much lesser cost? So tell us your requirements and get a FREE estimation.

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Other Laravel-powered services we offer

We are more than a Laravel development company. Thus, we go beyond it to provide you with our expertise in any other Laravel-powered services out there.

Check out our Laravel expertise

We don’t just talk. We prove it to you as well. Check the previous Laravel projects we have done and decide for yourself.

An interest-based social network and a curated news app
Access to the collection of music and all related to music
A market-forecasting app to stay up-to-date at the very moment

Why choose Acquaint Softtech?

What you get is more important to us than what we provide.

Save up to 60% of your costs

Your money is precious. So save it for the future for yourself. Our remote developers will complete your project for up to 60% lesser cost than usual.

Global talent for the best quality work

Quality developers are hard to find. Thus why not take advantage of the global skills and talent we have already gathered for you and get started quickly?

Your deadline is taken care of

We understand how important your deadline is to you. That is why, we respect and go the extra mile to meet it, always!

Get results with our Laravel development services

Our impeccable Laravel development service provides you a stand-out solution for your project. Hire remote developers from us and start utilizing the magic of Laravel.

Best Laravel development service.

Customized Laravel development service

Get a fully customized Laravel development service from us. Be unique and spread the true essence of your business with our carefully thought and personalized development for your business.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel enterprise solution

Whether you are a small business just starting out or an oak-sized business running for years, our Laravel enterprise solutions provide you with a perfect blend of creativity and expertise.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel data migration solution

Move from one Laravel platform to another seamlessly with our Laravel data migration solutions. Our panel of expert developers knows how to handle your precious data without spilling it.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel e-commerce development solution

Start your online store with our Laravel e-commerce development solution. Our specialized approach to developing an e-commerce website helps your store attract and engage your visitors.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel extension development

Are you finding a solution for Laravel extension development? Then you are at the right place. Our developers are ready to provide you with any type of Laravel extension you seek.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel CRM development

Our Laravel CRM development solution is the best way for you to develop a customized CRM filled with all the necessary features required to boost your relationship with your customers.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel support and maintenance

You always need an eagle’s eye to make things work even better. Our Laravel support and maintenance find rough patches and other security issues in your website to fix them instantly.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel third-party integrations

Want to load your Laravel website and web app with even more firepower? Our developers know how to develop Laravel third-party integrations and add functionalities you need to make them world-class.

Best Laravel development service.

Laravel Restful API development

If you want to make highly functional RESTful solutions, hire our remote developers who possess expertise in Laravel restful API development and reach an even larger audience.

Meet our clients


There are a few factors you should look for in a company before picking them for your Laravel project: -

  • Experience - Check the experience of the whole company and its experience in Laravel. You can also see if they have developed any projects in your industry like real estate, finance, travel, etc.

  • Communication - How easily can they understand your problem? Do they communicate well regularly? How quickly do they respond?

  • Transparency - They should have a proper system to show you the day-by-day progress of your project and no hidden charges.

To save you the trouble, Acquaint Softtech has it all. We are in the industry for over 15 years and have handled clients from various industries and countries. Contact us now.

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks in the world. Why? Because it provides everything a website ever needs. Stability? Security? Flexibility? All check.

It has a growing community to make it better and better every year and help you along if stuck anywhere. That is why Laravel is a perfect solution for your web development project.

For more details, please read our blog post on “Why Should You Pick Laravel For Web Development?

Laravel is more than a framework, it’s a whole ecosystem! This means that you seldom, if ever, need to go out of it to get the features you want in your websites. Moreover, they have pre-written codes for common website elements to make web development quick.

Laravel is a popular choice among developers and companies to develop a website because of its all-round features: -

  • It is more stable than other frameworks.

  • It provides security features to protect your website from hackers.

  • It is updated regularly to make it even better.

  • It has a huge community to support you.

Yes, we do! Being found out on Google is more glorious and rewarding than being found out on social media. Keeping that in mind, we make your website Google-first-page-worthy by enabling it to load fast, reduce bounce rates, and increase CTR.

We follow on-page and technical SEO practices to make your website more likely to rank on Google.

We take utmost care of security while developing your project. We follow all the fundamental and advanced security practices to create a strong base for your web application. Some of them are: -

  • Getting SSL certificate

  • Writing better code

  • Preventing SQL injections

  • Using in-built Laravel security features

We follow many practices to develop faster websites and web applications for our clients. Here are some of them: -

  • Writing optimized code

  • Removing unwanted parts such as comments

  • Minifying scripts, CSS, and HTML code

With Laravel, you can build any type of website and web app, no matter how simple or complex. But here are some services Laravel is popular for: -

  • Laravel ecommerce development

  • Laravel data migration

  • Laravel extension development

  • Laravel CRM development

You enjoy the flexibility to pick from these pricing models with Acquaint Softtech: -

  • Dedicated Laravel developer - part-time or full-time

  • Fixed-price Laravel project

Hire dedicated Laravel developers now!

Contact us now and get your project started in a whisk.

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Do you want to hire developers at 2/5th of the cost without the hassle of managing them?

Do you want to hire developers at 2/5th of the cost without the hassle of managing them?

Yes, this is possible with us. How? Hire skilled remote developers from us and we take care of them to get your task done in time

" They have been excellent with their customer service, they are quick to get all our projects done quickly "

Tom Kelly, Founder - Charity Auctions Today