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eCommerce Marketplace custom solution for better business growth

Develop a top-notch marketplace that is more than just buying & selling products. We develop the perfect solutions after extensive research and carefully choosing the best technologist suitable for your specific needs.



  • United Kingdom


  • Elite Alliance


  • 2 Laravel Developers
  • 1 Frontend Developer
  • 1 Quality Analyst
  • 1 Team Lead
  • 1 Project Manager


  • Laravel
  • React JS
  • Tailwind CSS


  • 2 Year

Project Background

Custom eCommerce Marketplace Solution

Considering the exponential rise in online spending, developing an eCommerce marketplace makes perfect sense. We developed a custom marketplace very similar to Amazon to allow multiple vendors to set up shop and take advantage of the platform for B2B and B2C sales. It was a robust solution with the data being supplied using an API. The administrator has access to a feature-rich dashboard to manage the products, users, and individual stores. 

  • The administrator can log in and access a dashboard to manage the users, products, custom themes, and more.

  • Users can shop from a highly appealing storefront and buy the products of their choice. 

  • The administrator can customize the home page design, testimonials, privacy policy, contact, about us, and other page information. 

  • Markup restrictions and guidelines for all the vendors using the platform.


Partnering with Acquaint Softtech for our B2B marketplace website was a game-changer. Their dedicated team provides exceptional support, even on weekends. Their excellent communication and deep understanding of our requirements make them highly recommended. They provide Great value.

Darren Fuller, Founder of Elite Alliance

A well-researched eCommerce marketplace, built from scratch

. Brainstorming Website Colors

We redesigned their website from scratch which included brainstorming the user interface and the colors to be used in the website.

. Innovative administrative panel design

The administrative panel was designed to simplify website management including providing a custom theme and also managing over 100 vendors and sub-vendors

. Manage users, roles & data

We made it possible with our innovative design and development for the Administrator to manage all types of users, their roles as well as the vendor data.

. Optimized for speed

We added several custom features like secure login, the ability to set custom markup for products based on various conditions, and many more. The eCommerce website was also optimized for speed and performance.

Issues that were major hiccups during the project

We overcame the challenges of revamping the eCommerce website to create a fully featured eCommerce marketplace from scratch. We also overcame having to deliver the supplier data with the help of an API. There were also several custom requirements for the solution that posed a challenge. 

1. Google shopping

2. Sitemap for SEO

3. SSL renew 

4. Supplier data import 

5. Copy the website 

6. Forms integration 

7. Custom theme building as per requirement


Develop a Robust B2B Marketplace

Revolutionize your business with a fine crafted B2B E-commerce marketplace. Let's connect to understand your expectations and requirements on a free 30-minute call to build a robust and scalable marketplace development tailored to your specific needs. Book now for a free consultation.

We rose to the challenge and developed a custom eCommerce marketplace from scratch

We developed a custom strategy that included selecting the best technologies for the project like Laravel, React JS, and Tailwind CSS. It included creating a secure solution, integrating of several third-party software, and creating a highly custom dashboard for the administrator to manage the eCommerce marketplace. 

  • Google shopping with regular updates

  • Sitemap for SEO with automatic updates

  • SSL renewal is updated every 3 months

  • Supplier Data import product; implemented as API.

  • Import all vendor settings 

  • Forms integration based on client requirement 

  • Custom theme building as per requirement updated with new themes.


eCommerce marketplace customized to your business model

We designed a custom solution by strategically picking the best features. We did so after extensive research and a brainstorming session that also includes considering the client's requirements.

Product Categories

Create multiple-level categories with parent categories along with several other options like Google Product Category, slug, tags, URL, etc. Designed to allow up to three levels of categories like parent, child, and sub-child categories.


An interactive interface to present the data of many types of inquiries. This includes inquiries like "Buy Now" with details like username, product payment details, address, and more. Some of the other types of inquiries include Contact Us, quotes, etc.

  • Buy Now
  • Contact us
  • Express quote
  • Free design visual
  • Order sample
  • Quotes
  • Samples
  • Request carts

Import Data

Import data for many different types of categories like carriage, product specifications, price and more using an interactive interface.

  • Import data by API
  • Excel file upload


Custom interface to add and list the products with various options.

  • Product feed
  • Assign category
  • Hide/Show product
  • Default product options
  • Automated Meta
  • Add images & videos
  • Toggle the Google Shopping view


Add new suppliers and toggle their active status.

  • Supplier details (Add/Edit/Delete)


Assign custom themes for vendors as per their choice. There are over 10 options to choose from with special themes for special occasions like Christmas.


Users (vendors)

Manage multiple website users like administrators, developers, and vendors. There are several additional customs to set for the vendors like POA, types of forms to display, and suppliers that wish to list them.



Manage vendor details like website, digital marketing analytics information, and several other options.


Vendor Discount Prices

A vendor discount price can be assigned based on and customized for each supplier.


Import vendor product

Import vendor product data in bulk using a special import file in XLS format.


Color group manage

Color Group creates a group to create the same color front website color filter show.


Supplier product report

This generates either a supplier report or a group supplier product report with a detailed analysis of several factors like product clicks, number of searches, and more.

High detail product page to ensure a rich user experience

We developed a highly secure eCommerce marketplace with a custom product page. Our custom design also involved providing vendors the option to select the UI/UX design of their store.

Product tab

A custom products tab with several filters and custom options for vendors to further customize their online store.


High Product Capacity

The website is designed to handle a high number of products along with their details for all vendors.


Custom themes

The vendors are given the freedom to customize the design of the vendor page by choosing from the many themes listed. This also includes special themes for special occasions.

An appealing interface with a unique design concept for custom vendor stores.

We designed the perfect one-stop destination for customers and vendors to take advantage of the big shift toward online shopping in this digital age.

UX Design

We developed an eCommerce website to ensure both the buyers and sellers find it intuitive and simple to navigate. Our UX designer ensured all users will have a great experience as well.

Visually appealing

Special care was taken to make the website visually appealing to ensure consumers spend more time on it. The admin panel for the vendors to manage their websites was also designed to implement the concept of simplicity, intuitive navigation, and by taking advantage of advanced technologies.


Well-designed feature-rich websites that are also optimized for the search engines

We developed a fast-loading eCommerce solution that was highly secure and implemented the mobile-first approach. Our designers and developers followed a strategy to ensure the website is SEO optimized.


The eCommerce website was optimized for speed by ensuring it is fast to load and has efficient processing. Besides this, several other SEO factors were also taken into consideration while developing the website.


We made an extra effort to build a secure eCommerce solution and also took advantage of the built-in security of Laravel for this purpose.

Mobile-First Approach

We implemented a mobile-first approach while designing the website to ensure maximum exposure



Timely completion & successfully running with 57 vendors and counting.

The client was satisfied with the outcome of the project. They were highly pleased with the response they received from the customers and vendors.


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