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  • Singapore


  • Real School


  • 2 React Native developer
  • 1 Node developer
  • 1 QA
  • 1 Project Manager


  • Python
  • Django
  • React Native
  • Node
  • PostgreSQL


  • 1 Year

Project Background and Goals

Project Background

Upgrading your skills can give your career a boost. What better way to study in this digital era than taking up an online course? That is exactly what "Real School" is all about. We developed an online education platform where both students and teachers can come together. The platforms allow them to register themselves and also allows the use of advanced tools and features.


Client Vision About the Project



Teachers can register themselves on the platform and select the course they wish to teach as per their expertise.



Students have the option of selecting a course to learn after registering themselves on the platform.


UI/UX Design

A custom design that is highly interactive and ensures users gain a good experience online.

Brainstorming The eLearning Concept

We put in a great deal of effort in the research stage to explore the potential of our client's idea. More people prefer online education and we took special care to include features to make the e-Learning process as easy as possible.


Zoom Integration

We integrated Zoom features to allow teachers to launch a live session for the course being taught. Students too can join the session and record it for future reference.


Social Login

Both students and teachers can log in or register using their social accounts as well.


Explore Courses

The courses are listed to allow students to browse through them which also include additional details of the course like course start date and details on the instructor.

Custom-designed interface to ensure a good user experience by our UI/UX designers

Designing an appealing interface for "Real School" involved a great deal of research and brainstorming. We went out of our way to transform the client's concept of online education into a reality in the form of a stunning website design. Special care was taken to ensure it is simple to understand and easy to navigate.


Custom Pages Design and Development

Customized pages and sections to provide students with in-depth knowledge of the course, teacher, and any additional aspects of the course.

A lot of effort has gone into simplifying the process of selecting a course, enrolling in it, and initialing the online class. This includes custom pages for the individual teachers with additional information on them. It also includes dedicated pages on the course and much more.




UI/UX challenge

The existing design of the website was not up to mark. We registered & made it more scalable. Redesigning it involved extensive brainstorming in the quest to find the perfect combination of colors and design elements.


Zoom integration

The requirement to integrate Zoom with registered users gaining access to this feature was posing to be quite a challenge. However, our developers rose to the occasion and came up with an effective solution.


Zoom class recordings

We successfully integrated Zoom with the website however, there was also a need to record the online sessions on Zoom which was not working out as per design. We went out of our way to include these features with a high level of customization.


We developed a feature-rich solution, one that was ideal to create the right impression. We successfully integrated all the features and designed a good interface; with special features like Zoom, payment gateway, etc.

  • Admin Dashboard

    We designed an easily accessible dashboard for the administrator to monitor the activity on this E-learning platform. This includes viewing the number of subscriptions, teachers, and courses. approve classes and more.

  • Integrating the features

    We created a custom solution with a high level of flexibility for the users at every stage like login, payment, etc. It was developed by integrating additional features like Zoom, cloud hosting, course configuration, etc.

  • Back-end for the app and admin panel

    We choose two of our expert Python developers to handle the backend development. Our choice of technologies was also reliable and included Django, Python, AWS, PostgreSQL, etc.


Advanced Custom Features

We developed a feature-rich solution where users were given flexibility in terms of social login, the ability to share class information, course enrollment, and utilize interactive online gains sections.

Social Login

We make it easier for users to register and log in to this education portal by simply authorizing their social accounts (like Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn) to connect with the website and log in.


Top 10 Speakers

This is a special feature for the teachers on the portal that ranks the speakers. It is a clever system that generates the ranking based on the number of classes taught, the number of attendees, and the rating of the class.


Zoom Meeting integration

The speaker plays an integral role during each class session. We have integrated the Zoom meeting platform into this e-Learning platform for a more interactive session.

Feature-rich solution using 3rd Party Tools

We designed this as an e-Learning platform for students to study, gain a certificate and pay online with 3rd party tools like Zoom (form online meetings), Accredible (for certification), and Stripe (for the online payment gateway).


We integrated all the good features that Zoom has to offer to make it possible for the teachers to conduct active sessions with the ability to record them as well.


No course is complete without a certificate and we made this possible by integrating Accredible. This is one of the most secure digital certificate platforms with features fit for our application.


Our expert developers include one of the best payment infrastructures of the Internet in this solution by integrating Stripe.


On-Going Support & Maintenance

Besides developing the eLearning platform we also provided support and maintenance. This included technical support, regular content updates, monitoring for issues, and more.


Performance Optimization

We actively collect feedback, make content changes, monitor the website and other resources like storage, and recordings, and fix issues that arise to prevent downtime.

Third-party support

Whether there is a need to integrate new third-party solutions or better the existing ones, we have a skilled team of developers to offer appropriate support.


We take full responsibility for our client’s projects. This is true during the development stage as well as via support plans after launch.


Our client received a good response after the launch of this website.

Our expert team developed a top-notch website, one with high coding standards, and delivered it in a timely manner. This helped our client gain their approval for the funding they were looking for.

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