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Built a website and a hybrid mobile app for a FinTech solution

We use innovative IT Solutions to overcome industry challenges and build customer trust through cutting edge Fintech application development and custom FinTech software development.



  • United Kingdom


  • SuperFi


  • 2 MERN Developers
  • 2 React Native Developers
  • 1 DevOps Engineer
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Quality Analyst


  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • MongoDB
  • React Native
  • Amazon AWS


  • 1 Year

Background And Goals

Project background

Wouldn’t it be better if we had someone that lends support to get debt-free faster? Nick heard you and that is why he came up with SuperFi. SuperFi is just like having your own finance manager in the form of a mobile app that manages your credit cards, provides you with money-saving tips, and helps you zero in on your debt.


Project goals


Validate idea

Validating any idea first is crucial for risk management.


Try it with real users

Nothing beats the value of analyzing the target audience using your product.


Get valuable feedback

Feedback from the target audience helps to make our product even better.


They delivered our project on track to a high caliber of detail. Their communication is consistent with daily standups and they have always been responsive to feature improvement or any feedback we have given them.

Nick Spiller, Founder of Superfi

Research & Ideation

Sources state that the average credit card debt per household in the UK is over 2000 pounds. This creates a massive need for a helping hand that lays the path for a common man to get rid of debt faster.


Manage your credit cards

Making your debt apparent by bringing all your cards under one roof can have a profound impact on spending behavior.


Get rewards for timely payment

You get great deals for spending with your credit cards. So how about being rewarded for paying back your debt on time?


Calculate time to remove your debt

Know the estimated time it will take to get rid of debt at the pace you have set so you can know how fast to run.

UI logic designed to give the best experience

A great idea is only half the battle. The other half is how you present it to the world. Thus, having a smooth, engaging, and adaptive website and mobile app for SuperFi was absolutely essential. So we brainstormed a UI that helps users navigate quickly and adjusts to fit their screen perfectly.


Coming up with the Product Page

This is the core of any product-related app. Thus, we decided to keep it simple with a minimalistic design and yet resourceful enough to be able to access all the services from that single page.


Want to develop a FinTech app?

Our skilled experts provide full-cycle custom FinTech Mobile and web application development to fit your business and budget while leveraging leading-edge technologies.

Challenges make the project fun


Tight deadline

SuperFi a FinTech Mobile Application is a one-of-a-kind product. Thus, we have been challenged to build this project from the ground up within a tight deadline. But thanks to our highly reliable FinTech App Developer team, we were able to deliver the project with some time to spare.


Minimizing costs

Our aim is to minimize our clients’ FinTech App development costs without any compromise on quality. And Nick was no exception. So we challenged ourselves to keep the cost of FinTech App development minimal while providing him the best service out there.


Removing distance barriers

Our team worked in sync with Nick’s team of developers who is thousands of miles and multiple time zones apart from us. However, we never let those things be any kind of hiccup in the project and teamed up successfully. In the end, it was an enchanting experience for all of us.


Designing with client’s vision

Nick had a vision for the design of his mobile app and website. We loved his idea but our FinTech App developers complemented their experience with Nick’s requirements to make it even better.

Our solutions

We are known for the FinTech App Development solutions we provide and beyond the hard work we do. Because ultimately it is the result that matters the most. Thus, we always focus on providing the best results by providing our clients with FinTech App Development solutions that work for them no matter what level of customization it needs.

  • Admin Panel

    We haven’t just created a website and a mobile app for this product that helps people get debt-free. We have also created a FinTech system for Nick which enables him to track, get insights, and manage his product.

  • App development

    Developing dedicated apps for Android and iOS each can be costly and time-consuming. So instead Nick went for the latest tech-stack with React Native which lets him create a single app that works for both platforms.

  • Backend

    No app or website is worth developing, no matter how elegant and functional it is, if it doesn’t have a strong backend. So we made sure that SuperFi is strong enough to overcome attacks and blazing enough to serve you fast.


Custom functionalities

We always strive to create something unique, different, or better. So developing customized features for SuperFi that its users will love was a given. For this, we brainstormed the most useful features to be loaded into the fintech mobile application.

1. Debt calculation

Calculate your total debt instantly and get an estimation of how much time will it take you to get rid of it with the pace you have set.


2. Rewards and cashback

SuperFi leverages the concept of incentives. So get lucrative rewards and cashback for keeping your commitment to pay your installment on time.


3. Knowledge nuggets

Improving your credit score provides you and your family with a lot of benefits. Thus, we have created a section to give you regular tips on boosting your credit score.

Third-party integrations

Not everything needs to be built from scratch. We save time and cost of FinTech App development for our clients using third-party integrations as per their requirements. Here are the third-party integrations we leveraged to give Nick the best solution.


SuperFi is a FinTech app. Thus, we needed an integration that gets us instant access to banking. And ultimately we choose Truelayer to integrate payments and financial data into the app.


Nick wants SuperFi to connect the people personally. So we empowered it with Intercom which creates a direct way of engaging with customers for sales and support.


On-going support

Our partnership with our clients doesn’t end when once the project is over. Our bond is forever. So Nick is currently enjoying our real-time support to help him with anything related to his fintech app development project.


Performance optimization

We are determined to make SuperFi better and bigger with time. Thus, our team is enjoying the second phase of the project dedicated to optimizing its performance.

Third-party support

Whether the client needs to integrate new third-party solutions or work better with the existing ones, we are always there to help him out at any time.

Live chat support

We take full responsibility for our client’s project - during the project and even after it. So we work in real-time to solve any issue, bring updates, or give support to clients.


Project outcome

Ultimately, this is what we are after. We are happy to say that our partnership with Nick to build SuperFi has been a successful one. Not just he got his project delivered on time, but it also got him approved for two fundings to move ahead even faster.

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