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One-Stop Subscription Sharing Platform

A place to buy and share subscription accounts

One-Stop Subscription Sharing Platform.

What did the client expect from us?



Vivek wanted a remote team on which he can rely completely for his project. And we didn’t disappoint him just as any of our clients.


Powerful website

In the world of cybercrime, a powerful website is the need of the hour. That is why we always keep an eye on it and develop a secure website.


Quickness and elegance

Vivek’s website doesn’t just have to showcase something, it has to move visitors to buy the subscription quickly. And we did it with a quick and elegant website.


Here are some project stats

  • Project stats 1Frontend Development
  • Project stats 2Backend Development
  • Project stats 3Quality Testing
  • Project stats 4Project Manager
  • Project stats 1Python
  • Project stats 2Django
  • Project stats 3Bootstrap
  • Project stats 4AWS
  • Project stats 1USA
Number of resources hired
  • Project stats 12 Developers
  • Project stats 21 UI/UX Designer
  • Project stats 31 Project Manager (FREE)
  • Project stats 41 Quality Analyst

Features that make this project stand out

.High Security

Given the fact that people will be providing their payment information, we worked hard to keep the database secure.

.Fast checkout process

Vivek wanted the checkout process to be smooth and quick because the more steps it has, the higher will be the abandonment rate.

.Sign Up

The goal isn’t to sell our service once to a person but again and again. For that, we created a signup form on the website to reach visitors with personalized offers.

Ok! Show me results.

Quality-tested website

10% faster payment

40% lesser cost

Our journey, potholes, and how we tackled them?

Vivek wanted to make Gowd a one-stop place to buy and sell subscriptions. And for his dream project, he had approached many companies that provide remote developers. But he just kept on switching as couldn’t find his ideal team.

Then, he found solace with us. Earlier he started with a couple of developers, but upon seeing our dedication, he grew his remote team to 5!

Here is what our client has to say about us


They kept me from having sleepless nights because of the quality of code they provided.

Vivek Shah

Founder, Gowd

What are you waiting for?

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