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One-Stop Subscription Sharing Platform

Develop an online marketplace to share subscriptions for a wide range of online platforms from various categories. We have a skilled team of developers to build a marketplace to share subscription accounts.



  • USA


  • GOWD


  • 2 Developers
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 1 QA
  • 1 Project Manager


  • Python
  • Django
  • Bootstrap
  • AWS


  • 2 years

Background And Goals

Project Background and Goals

We developed a website for "Gowd" to allow users to either share their subscriptions or buy a shared subscription. It was designed as a highly practical marketplace with a simple design and easy-to-navigate interface.


Client Vision About the Project


Buy Shared Subscription

Users can buy a shared subscription account and use the robust search system to find one.


Earn by sharing a subscription.

Users can share their subscription account and earn 70% commission.


Login with a social media account

Users can create accounts using social media platforms.


They kept me from having sleepless nights because of the quality of code they provided.

Vivek Shah. Founder Gowd

Well-researched and thoughtful strategy for a subscription platform

Our aim was to allow users to share subscriptions to various platforms and make it as simple as possible to do so. This involved a few brainstorming sessions during the initial stages to ensure we offered the best possible solution.


UI/UX Design

Our top priority was ensuring users had no hiccups while attempting to find and buy the online service of their choice and buy it. Our extensive research and experience paid off, allowing us to provide a good user experience with an appealing design.


Buy Subscription

Our research helped us simplify the process of buying the subscription by designing a dedicated page with all the essential information, thus eliminating any ambiguity the consumers might have


Robust Search

Our designers went out of their way to ensure users find their favourite platform with ease. This was done after several usability tests to design an easy-to-navigate website with simple categories and a robust search system.

Creative & innovative design using advanced tools for high-level usability

Our dedicated team designed took into consideration convenience, simplicity of design and affordability while coming up with an appealing and practical design. With all the resources at their disposal, they build a subscription marketplace with state-of-the-art UI/UX.


Development of a subscription-sharing website tailored to meet business requirements and goals.

Our highly skilled developers build a custom website based on the main objectives of the client and the subscription business model to offer users a more personalized service and a high level of flexibility.


Built a One-Stop Subscription Sharing Platform

Handling multiple subscription plans in different apps and website is daunting. Keep it Centralized in a single platform with a One-Stop Subscription Sharing Platform. Join us on a free 30 min call for easy consultation and estimation to start your development process today.



Selling subscriptions

Users are required to create an account in order to share access to their subscription accounts. Several issues were detected during the initial testing stages and rectified by our expert team of developers to provide an easy and intuitive platform for users to earn on their subscription accounts.


Listing online accounts

There were several hitches in our attempt to create a listing of the online subscription accounts available to the users to buy. We rose to the challenge to fix this issue, which resulted in an easy-to-navigate listing of the online subscription accounts with intuitive categories.


User accounts

Our attempt to simplify the account sign-up using social accounts was met with several hurdles. We successfully overcame them to allow the users to sign up using their existing accounts on platforms like Facebook, Google and Apple.


We developed an online subscription marketplace where both buyers and sellers can benefit. A well-designed and categorized listing of online account subscriptions to ensure buyers can find one fast. It also includes a robust search feature and an easy interface to allow sellers to share their subscriptions.

  • Robust Search

    An intuitive listing of the online subscription accounts available for sale was coupled with a robust search feature to allow users to find their favourite platform fast, thus simplifying the process of finding the platform of their choice and buying it.

  • Intuitive Listing

    A smartly categorized and well-organized list of subscription accounts along with their other details to allow users to browse through the accounts or navigate to the account of their choice with ease.

  • Subscription marketplace

    A marketplace where users can share their subscriptions to online services. It allows users to sell or share their accounts and gain up to 70% commission. It also allows buyers to buy subscriptions to their favourite platform with ease.



We developed a feature-rich online subscription marketplace using Python programming languages and the cloud computing platform AWS to allow users to share their subscriptions to online services with ease. It also includes a robust search feature.

1. User Account

Users can sign up and log in using their existing accounts on various platforms like Facebook, Apple and Google. We have simplified the process for user accounts by integrating third-party modules for this purpose.


2. Buy Subscription

Users can browse the strategically designed listing based on intuitive categories or use the robust search feature to find one. They can buy the subscription for the specified time period and make online payments with ease.


3. Wishlist

Users can browse the listing that is a neatly categorized list of subscriptions and place what they like in their own personal wishlist for purchase on another day when convenient to them.

Third-party integrations

Robust & high-performing subscription-sharing marketplace using 3rd Party Tools

We took advantage of several 3rd party apps and services to boost the usability of this online marketplace, like third-party login and cloud service AWS.


On-Going Support

We offered additional support after the launch of the feature-rich website. This included security updates as well as the addition of new features.


Performance Optimization

We actively collect feedback, make content changes, monitor the website and provide support as and when required.

Third-party support

Whether there is a need to integrate new third-party solutions or improve the existing ones, we have a skilled team of developers to offer appropriate support.


A single point of contact for regular updates, which continued after the launch of the website with our special application support.


Project outcome

The entire team of designers, developers and the QA team came through on this one to deliver a next-generation website to our client.

The client was pleased with the outcome of the website and received a good response from the users. Their customer base is on the rise since then, and the client thanked us for developing this custom solution tailored to meet their requirements.

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