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  • USA


  • Great Colorado Homes


  • 3 Developers
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 1 QA
  • 1 Project Manager


  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Typesense
  • Tailwind
  • Vite


  • 2 years

Project Background and Goals

We developed a custom real estate website for Great Colorado Homes with all the bells and whistles. It was tailored to meet their requirements and included an appealing interface as well. It was designed to simplify the process of buying and selling houses and also offered users a wide range of resources.


Client Vision About the Project


Simplify property search

Property buyers and sellers can have the perfect platform to buy or sell a property in Colorado.


IDX integration

Real Estate with real-time listing by integrating IDX and ML5 for updated information on properties.


Offer useful resource

Vital resources for property buyers and sellers as well as realtors.


They can handle stress. They can handle pressure. They handled pretty much everything I have thrown at them. They have been wonderful.

Andrew Fortune, Owner, Great Colorado Homes

The ultimate solution for the real estate industry.

We have a highly skilled team of developers with a great deal of experience developing top-notch real estate solutions. We further researched from various sources to ensure our client gains the upper edge over their competitors



We went out of our way with several brainstorming and research sessions to ensure the website design is simple and easy to navigate. This was done to ensure a high level of usability while not compromising on quality.


Brand awareness

The design and development team got together and researched the best techniques to incorporate the client's requirements to generate brand awareness for their real estate firm.


Real Estate Listings

Real Estate listings are vital to providing updated information about properties to buyers & sellers. Our extensive research and in-depth knowledge of IDX and ML5 paid off and made the seamless integration of these listings possible.

End-to-end real estate design service to take your business to the next level.

Our designers have all the resources at their disposal to develop cutting-edge solutions that give your real estate business the edge over your competitors. We took special care to ensure the website was interactive and users had a good experience while using the website.


We built a custom real estate website with hand-picked features to give your business the upper edge.

We built a feature-rich and responsive website fit for multiple devices. It was designed to give easy access to property data as well as real-time listing. We also included a robust search system with advanced filter options and several other resources.


Built the best Real Estate website

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Real Estate listing

One of the primary requirements was to integrate a real-time listing like IDX and MLS. Although we achieved this there were some minor issues in implementing it with the custom features of the website. We overcame these issues to deliver a flawless website.


User accounts

Users were given the option to either sign up using their email address or use their social accounts like Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Instagram. There were a few hiccups in integrating these third-party social media platforms for creating an account however, this was fixed quickly by our expert developers.


Scheduling a property tour

The feature that allowed property buyers to schedule an appointment to tour the property failed several test runs. This was a minor issue that took longer than expected to fix; however, it did not delay the overall delivery of the project and is one of the main features of the website.


We developed a real estate portal for both property buyers and sellers along with the necessary resources. Our expert Laravel developers put together a highly feature-rich website along with a highly appealing user interface.

  • Property listing & search

    Property listing with current information with the ability to either save to favourite, schedule a tour, share with friends, find similar homes and more. We also include a robust search feature for quick property searches.

  • Ultimate buyer & seller features & resources

    We included some of the best features for buyers and sellers in our real estate portal. This includes the ability to list properties as per category as well as a robust search feature not to mention the other resources made available to them.

  • Current market listing

    This feature was specially included to help property buyers and sellers make better decisions. This includes several listings and important statistics like total active listings, a comparison of listings over the years in the same time frame, average days on the market for properties, and much more.



The main purpose of Great Colorado Homes was to simplify the process of buying and selling properties. We made this possible by developing a website with all the best features and also including several statistics and facts to help make better decisions.

1. Buy & Sell Home

Users can buy or sell homes using this real estate website. It includes a listing of properties with many other tools like sort by category, robust search feature and many more.


2. User resources

The real estate website we developed also includes all the best resources & tools for buyers and sellers. This also includes a special blog section, market stats, testimonials and much more.


3. Favourite

Users of the website can create an account and shortlist the properties prior to purchase. This can be done by creating an account and saving the property as a favourite. This is a good way to shorten your list of properties and make a decision.

Third-party integrations

Robust & high-performing solutions using 3rd Party Tools

We strategically integrated a 3rd party real estate listing for real-time access to current information on properties along with their amenities and other details.


On-Going Support

We offered additional support after the launch of the feature-rich real estate website. This included security updates as well as the addition of new features.


Performance Optimization

We actively collect feedback, make content changes, monitor the website and provide support as and where required.

Third-party support

Whether there is a need to integrate new third-party solutions or improve the existing ones, we have a skilled team of developers to offer appropriate support.


A single point of contact for regular updates which continued after the launch of the website with our special application support.


Project outcome

Our efforts were fruitful, Great Colorado Homes website exceeded the client's expectations.

The launch was a success and included the complete set of features as requested by the client. Property buyers and sellers too have provided raving reviews of the website and how it simplifies property search with its extended feature set.

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