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Custom EMR Solution for Better Patient Care

Develop a cloud-based EMR (electronic medical records) system to increase the efficiency of your medical practice, automate tasks and access medical data remotely. We help you care for your patients better.



  • UK


  • Hospital Note


  • 1 Developer
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 1 QA
  • 1 Project Manager


  • Laravel
  • AWS
  • Bootstrap


  • 1 Year

Project Background and Goals

We put our creativity & knowledge to good use and developed a cutting-edge cloud-based EMR to help clinicians manage their daily routines better. It was specially designed to help automate real-world tasks, manage patient records more efficiently and reduce human errors. We went out of our way to ensure it is easy to set up and personalize for your medical practice.


Client Vision About the Project


Patient Records

Medical practitioners can save their patient's medical records in a secure, efficient manner to increase productivity.


Install & Configure

A cloud-based EMR that is accessible from anywhere and is easy to set up and configure for your medical practice.


Accessible & Intuitive

An EMR system is intuitive designed to simplify the process of clinicians that is accessible wherever there is Internet access


Acquaint Softtech did a fine job for me and I cannot recommend them enough. They have been a wonderful company to partner with.

Abdirizak Mohamed, Owner, HospitalNote

Smart & innovative Solutions for the Medical Industry

We specialize in providing expert solutions for the healthcare industry. Our dedicated team of Laravel developers performed extensive research before the start of this project to consider every aspect.


Simplify Tasks of Clinician

The cloud solution we developed was aimed at simplifying the tasks of medical practitioners and making it more efficient. Our extensive research allowed us to make this possible.


Task Management

Our research allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the effort it takes to treat each patient with real-time information on their case. Our cloud solution simplified this process.


Health Records

We developed a system to store the patient health records in a safe and secure manner and also ensured that it is easily retrievable whenever necessary while dealing with matters pertaining to the patient.

Practical and appealing design tailored to suit the custom feature set.

The design stage involved a special brainstorming session to allow easy access to the medical records and allow patients to gain medical assistance easily. This also included an intuitive and simple website front to make it instantly apparent what the website is all about.


We developed a feature-rich medical practice management solution for Hospital Note with an appealing interface.

Our highly experienced Laravel developers leveraged the full potential of AWS to develop a cloud computing platform that allows clinicians to manage their medical practice more efficiently. This was built taking into consideration the business objectives and the ease of patients accessing medical help.


Built a best EMR development solution

We care for your patient's privacy as you do. Your client data is precious. Make sure it's secure. Streamline your patient's data with an EMR development solution. Bring the best EMR technology to your workplace built with Laravel. Join us on a free 30 min call for a free consultation.



Performance optimization

We have a knack for completing our projects on time however, doing so for this project was becoming quite the challenge since it was necessary to further performance optimization. However, we overcame this challenge by putting in a few extra hours each day to deliver it in a timely manner.


Storing health records

We faced several issues storing health records, and accessing them as and when needed from remote locations. Our team of skilled developers rose to the occasion to fix the issues and developed a secure cloud computing solution.


Remote patient assistance

This electronic medical records solution also included a patient portal allowing patients to book online and conduct video consultations. This module didn't work as expected. Our developers came up with innovative methods to fix it.


We developed a feature-rich portal for medical practitioners to manage their patient records and more. This includes several other features as well that implemented cloud computing technologies.

  • Simple & intuitive website

    We developed a simple website that was easy to navigate. The aim was to develop a website to provide essential details about the EMR along with the pricing information and ensure visitors find what they are looking for immediately.

  • EMR portal

    We developed an electronic medical records portal to store & access patient details in a secure and organized manner. It was built to leverage the features of cloud computing solutions.

  • GDPR compliance

    Our highly skilled developers implemented cloud computing solutions using AWS with high security and GDPR compliance. This means we store your data in a highly secure cloud environment.



We developed an electronic medical records website to allow medical practitioners to manage the medical data of their patience more efficiently. It includes several other features like a patient's online appointment booking.

1. Consultation & Prescription

Patients can consult with the clinician using the integrated video feature. The prescription writing process is also highly simplified and automated and made more efficient for both patients and doctors.


2. Scheduling

A special appointment calendar to simplify the scheduling process. Patients can access the online appointment booking link from a website, social media and various other channels to gain medical attention.


3. Online Payment

Simple online card payment system to make payments online, book appointments, view results and update details. The patient's records and documents are secure and easily accessible by implementing a cloud solution.

Third-party integrations

Robust & high-performing solutions using 3rd Party Tools

The electronic medical record solution was strategically designed by leveraging the cloud computing platform AWS. We developed a highly secure EMR platform with all the bells & whistles.


On-Going Support

We extended support & maintenance for the high-performing electronic medical records website. This includes security updates and addition or modification of features and much more.


Performance Optimization

We actively collect feedback, make content changes, monitor the website and provide support as and where required.

Third-party support

Whether there is a need to integrate new third-party solutions or improve the existing ones, we have a skilled team of developers to offer appropriate support.


A single point of contact for regular updates which continued after the launch of the website with our special application support.


Project outcome

The client was happy with the way the project turned out and thanked us for it.

We were able to launch the website with the complete set of requirements without any deviation from the pre-defined milestones. The client was pleased with the timely delivery & successful launch. They have received good responses from several clinics that were thrilled with the transition to a paperless clinic.

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