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Web App For All Clinicians

Helps medical practitioners save medical records efficiently

Web App For All Clinicians.

What did the client expect from us?


Fast project delivery with on-time support

Mohammad was in a hurry to get his project developed. Thus, the deadline he provided to complete the project was tight. But we love to overcome challenges.


Fast and elegant website

As per the current web standard, having a fast and elegant website isn’t a privilege but a basic necessity to fulfill. And that’s what we keep in mind while developing every project.


Secure web app

HospitalNote is intended to store the medical records of thousands of patients. And such confidential data need a powerful web app and database to be stored securely.


Here are some project stats

  • Project stats 1Backend Development
  • Project stats 2Frontend Development
  • Project stats 3Quality Testing
  • Project stats 4Project Manager
  • Project stats 1Laravel
  • Project stats 2AWS
  • Project stats 3Bootstrap
  • Project stats 1UK
Number of resources hired
  • Project stats 11 Developer
  • Project stats 21 UI/UX Designer
  • Project stats 31 Project Manager (FREE)
  • Project stats 41 Quality Analyst

Features that make this project stand out


Mohammad needed a super-fast website. But how can this be achieved with a fat code? So we ensure to keep the code as light as possible and make the website lightning fast.

.Database integration

HospitalNote helps medical professionals save medical records. But this needs an efficient database integration to keep the data flow smooth.

.Chat support

A 24*7 chat support helps you to provide the best customer service and generate leads. Thus, we have embedded a nice chatbot in this web application that does the job automatically.

“Ok! Show me results.”

On-time delivery under pressure

50% smoother transfer to and from database

30% lighter website

Our journey, potholes, and how we tackled them?

We take pride in always meeting the deadline for our clients. And that is what differentiates us from others. But this time we found ourselves lagging due to extra-optimizing the code to make it even more robust.

We were determined to keep our streak going on for meeting our clients’ deadlines. Thus, we worked some extra hours for free to meet the deadline as we believe that it is our responsibility to deliver the work on time, no matter what.

Here is what our client has to say about us

Acquaint Softtech did a fine job for me and I cannot recommend them enough. They have been a wonderful company to partner with.

Abdirizak Mohamed

Owner, HospitalNote

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