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Creative Website Solution for the Music Industry

Your new music creations need a home; Develop a creative & innovative website to showcase your music and more with Acquaint Softtech, a leading website design and development company for the music industry.



  • USA


  • Tarakon Records


  • Android developer
  • iOS developer
  • QA
  • Project Manager
  • Back-end developer


  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Laravel


  • 8 months

Background and Goals

Project background

We designed & developed a purpose-built website and mobile app for Tarakon Records with special features that are unique to the music industry. It was designed to be a one-stop destination for the fans to gain information on the artists, connect with them, check tour dates and get to know more about the music. It also includes a shop to allow fans to purchase their favourite music.


Project goals



An eCommerce store integrated with the website to allow visitors to buy music.


Music & Videos

Fans and visitors can listen to short clips from the music artists to help with their decision to buy it.



Create the perfect platform for fans to interact and connect via social media.


They delivered our project on track to a high caliber of detail. Their communication is consistent with daily standups and they have always been responsive to feature improvement or any feedback we have given them.

Kevin Little, Founder of Tarakon Records

Growing Our Expertise of the Music Industry

We are more than familiar with the music industry having already developed several projects in this industry. However, our team of experts conducted thorough research and analysis that also included brainstorming prior to the start of the project.


Preview Music

Fans and visitors can listen to short clips from the music artists to help with their decision to buy it. This was made possible after extensive research of the music industry and suitable technologies.


Buy Music

We integrated an eCommerce store after conducting extensive research. Visitors to the website will have the option of buying music from various sources like Apple, Spotify and many more.


Artist information

Fans can connect with their favourite artists and also gain vital information on them like biography, tour dates, and more. Our creativity, knowledge, and extensive research help achieve this.

Innovative and attention-grabbing design fitting with the Caribbean music theme.

Our designers went out of their way with their creativity to design an innovative interface for a feature-rich website and mobile application. Special care was taken to ensure it is easy to navigate and at the same time also appealing to the visitors.


An online presence for Tarakon Records with an eCommerce store, strategic information on artists and much more.

Our skilled team of Laravel developers built a secure and feature-rich backend for both the mobile and web platforms. This was coupled with top-notch UI/UX to ensure awesome usability. They built a professional website by also taking the main business objectives into consideration.


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Challenges make the project fun


Music preview

Listing the music tracks of the artists was an easy part however, we faced several hurdles while integrating a professional server to allow users to preview the track. Our developers rose to the occasion to achieve this.


Integrating third-party stores

Designing an eCommerce store is not something one would lose sleep over. But we did face issues integrating external stores, to make it possible for the visitors to buy their favourite music tracks from online stores of their choice like Apple, Spotify, etc. A little research did the trick and we overcame our problems.


Tour dates & Social connect

The client had the need for a special feature that allowed them to dynamically update the tour dates and integrate social media connect features. There were a few hitches in this section as well. The good training and exposure to the music industry helped us to solve this issue.


Designing with client’s vision

Nick had a vision for the design of his mobile app and website. We loved his idea but our FinTech App developers complemented their experience with Nick’s requirements to make it even better.

Our solutions

We developed the optimal web and mobile solution for Tarakon Records and did so by building a strong, secure and feature-rich backend with Laravel. Some of the other technologies we took advantage of were Kotlin and Swift.

  • Shop

    We integrated an innovative eCommerce store that allows visitors to buy music tracks from multiple sources. It also includes a robust search feature.

  • Artists

    A special section was custom designed to showcase information about each artist. This was tailor-made to suit their requirements and ensure the viewers gain access to the details of their favourite artists.

  • Social Connect & Videos

    Our custom solution also included a creativity-designed video section that was specially designed for the fans. The social connect page has been strategically designed to make it simple for the users to connect with the artist of their choice.


Custom functionalities

We developed a feature-rich solution where users were given flexibility in terms of social login, the ability to share class information, course enrollment, and utilize interactive online gains sections.

Showcasing Caribbean Music with innovative design

The dedicated design team gave this project their 100% to ensure it stood up to the expectations of the visitors and was highly appealing. They did so by including a unique Caribbean Music look and feel.



The team was given access to all the resources they would require to build the biography section. We designed this, especially for the fans with the latest information on the artists.



Our dedicated QA team along with the designers and developers ensured that we delivered a flawless solution that allowed users to seamlessly browse through all the music and also listen to previews.

Third-party integrations

Feature-rich solution using 3rd Party Tools

We designed a website and mobile application for the music industry. It was strategically designed for the fans to gain access to their favourite artists and possibly with third-party integration for the eCommerce store.



We provide after-launch support for cross-platform mobile applications and websites. This also includes security updates and the addition or modification of features as seemed fit.


Performance Optimization

We actively collect feedback, make content changes, monitor the website and mobile apps and provide support as and where required.

Third-party support

Whether there is a need to integrate new third-party solutions or improve the existing ones, we have a skilled team of developers to offer appropriate support.


The client was offered a single point of contact for regular updates which continued after the launch of the website and mobile app.


Tarakon Records gave us raving reviews for the work we did.

Not only was our client happy to work with us and the final outcome; but they also found our solution affordable since it was well within their budget. Our dedicated Laravel team created a strong backend as a base for the website and cross-platform mobile application which help Tarakon Records accomplish its goals.

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