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How Tarakon Records Saves Money By Hiring A Remote Team

Tarakon Records glorifies Caribbean music. Since its inception in 2007, they collaborate with artists to create fusions across different genres that are pleasing to ears. But modern-day demands an online presence for any business that wants to grow.

Insights from
Kevin Lyttle

Co-founder, Tarakon Records

Use Cases Project outsourcing, Saving money
1 Hiring in-house developers was not an option
Tarakon Records have been doing good from the start. But Kevin wanted the business to be even better. Making their products available at only the local stores capped the growth of sales. "This made me think of taking the business online," says Kevin. Hiring a full-time developer at their office was never an option for them. "It would have been way too costly for us," added Kevin. Thus he started looking for a reliable company and went no further than Acquaint Softtech.
It's been two years since I am working with Acquaint and they have been very very good.
Kevin Lyttle, Co-founder - Tarakon Records
2 They wanted to focus on music
Musicians constantly checking on their developer team to see the progress of website development - not a good idea. "I am a musician and want to focus on that. I don't want to be entangled in code," says Kevin. Managing a developer team themselves would have cost them their focus. But with Acquaint, they got a free project manager for the team they hired from us. This way they did what they are good at - music - while their project and related hassles were handled by us.
3 Fitting into the budget
Small companies can never take their eye off the budget. "When I compared my budget with the estimated price of a developer, it was like fitting a kid's jeans to an adult," says Kevin. Hiring a remote team from us perfectly fitted into their budget as they had to pay for no overhead cost. They had to pay for only the hours of work done and the progress they are satisfied with.
I would definitely recommend Acquaint Softtech to anybody who has a start-up or a business and want to put it out there.
Kevin Lyttle, Co-founder - Tarakon Records