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ArtsCause - Custom Art Crowdfunding Website Development


About Project

Art has the ability to express a thousand words in a second and hold to power to transform individuals and communities. To support such a beautiful cause, Walter Allen joined hands with us in developing a responsive and artistic website that contains easy-to-use social media links, secure payment platforms for donations and is easy to apply. Our creative technical minds blended various technologies and made a masterpiece web appearance for ArtsCause.



  • Responsive website design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Social Sharing
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Database management system
  • Fund calculation with donation metrics
  • Campaign management
  • Analytics and Reporting

Art can express a thousand words without saying a single word. With the mission of helping a new artist, Walter Allen took it a step forward by giving them a platform for crowdfunding with the help of Acquaint Softtech. We helped ArtsCause build a website packed with several features like a secure payment platform to bridge the gap between the art and supporter. The fusion of innovative technologies resulted in a remarkable web presence for ArtsCause. 

Requirements by ArtsCause 

  • A website with a user-friendly interface and social sharing   

  • Easy and Secure payment gateway for all types of currency   

  • A system to track every type of campaign   

  • A well-built Customer support system to assist users 

Challenges to overcome 

For making a crowdfunding website, there are several factors to consider. I meant having to ensure the website will comply with the legal regulations so that it won't face an issue in the long run.  

The second challenge was to make a CMS that can handle different types of campaigns. Crowdfunding websites need a robust CMS that can handle different types of new campaigns with ease. And lastly, a well-tested secure payment gateway for easy and dependable payment handling. 

How Acquaint Helped ArtsCause with an Advanced Solution 

By teaming with ArtsCause, we created a platform for upcoming Artists. Challenges are tough, but we provided the best possible results to ArtsCause. To pass all legal regulations, we did our research and ensured it was compliant with all legal requirements.  

We created a robust CMS for the crowdfunding website with the help of PHP and JavaScript. Using WordPress, we built a website that never loses breath and runs fast. 

Building trust is essential for such a website since it is vital it is viewed as a reliable crowdfunding website. We provided exactly what ArtsCause needed. A colorful artistic website that looks reliable paired with a secure payment gateway for easy donation. 




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