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Blue Box Firewall - Cybersecurity Mobile App Developed with Kotlin


About Project

Blue box firewall app helps to secure your Wi-Fi connection with intelligently created hardware. Team Blue Box joint hands with Acquaint to create a user-friendly app that provides easy access to their secure gear. The client needed an app with an easy-to-use interface that empowers users to take control of their cybersecurity. By helping blue box, Acquaint created an intuitive and easy-to-use app that backed them up to bring their expertise to a broader range of audience.



  • Easy-to-use minimalistic interface with Smooth navigation
  • Easy setup and configure
  • Web filtering Access level with settings for individual users
  • Separate network for guest
  • Security without compromising on network speed
  • Internet speed monitoring
  • Automatic update
  • Changing WI-FI settings
  • Internet pause for individual users

Requirements by Blue Box Firewall

  • Easy-to-use interface with robust design with easy navigation.

  • Easy to setup and configure for novices too.

  • High security without compromising performance of the device.

  • Secure sharing by creating a separate network for guests.

  • Access to all the advanced features of Blue Box Firefox Hardware.

Challenges to overcome

Developing an app that involves firewall and cyber security is not an easy task. High level security is a major concern and at the same time it is also important it does not affect the performance. 

Web filtering can be troublesome as this can affect network performance. Our challenge was to add web filtering without compromising security and network speed. 

Another noteworthy factor was that Blue Box is known for making Cybersecurity hardware, hence our goal was to develop an app that takes complete control of the Hardware and provides users complete access without compromising the security. 

How Acquaint Helped Blue Box Firewall With An Advanced Solution

Working with the Blue Box was a pleasant experience; they are well known for their networking products. Blue Box is known for making Cybersecurity hardware, so our goal was to develop an app that takes control of the Cybersecurity gears without compromising usability, performance and security.

Blue Box needed an app with a minimalistic design and easy navigation. The Acquaint team created a layout for the Blue Box Firewall that was user-friendly and easy to use. Spotting the need to make a light and fast app, Acquaint chose Kotlin for this app. Using Kotlin is a go-to choice for developing an app that's easy to use, set up and configure; making it versatile even for those without prior experience.

As this app connects and commands the hardware of the Blue Box, we had to develop advanced solutions for this. We added features like web filtering that will not affect network performance. It included access level setting for individual users that tracks the day and time they can use Wi-Fi. And a separate Wi-Fi for guests without compromising on sharing personal data.

With advanced tech, Blue Box needed basic features too that help the user monitor connected devices, internet pausing for an individual user, Internet speed monitoring, changing WI-FI settings like name and password, and automatic updates with every new update.

Each project we undertake presents a unique opportunity to learn and grow. Our project with Blue Box has challenged us to improve our craft. Partnering with Acquaint has allowed Blue Box to take a giant leap forward in its quest to secure networks against potential threats.







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