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Club Bookers – Club Booking Software Development to reserve most famous clubs in London


About Project

Acquaint made a fun website packed with all clubbing data user needs, allowing users to book clubs in simple steps easily. It isn’t easy to book the club of your choice since there is a very good chance it will not be available. Booking is essential since if you arrive late to the club you are not likely to get an opportunity to enter the club, especially most of the popular ones in London. Club bookers choose to solve this problem by creating a website by joining hands with Acquaint. We developed a website that allows people to choose their party spot (nightclub) for the night, book a table and even get on to the guestlist.

club booking website development.


  • Responsive design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy booking with different options
  • Get your name on the guestlist
  • Booking and Availability
  • Next event details
  • Integrated Map
  • Image Gallery
  • Easy Contact-us details
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Mail and SMS Notifications
  • Booking with special deals and for special occasions

Requirements by Club Bookers

  • Unique but informational website. 

  • An interactive user interface, easy-to-navigate that fits every screen. 

  • Easy booking with two different options for user counts or table counts.

  • Allow users to get on the guest list.

  • Image gallery and integrated map for easy access to club location.

  • Newsletter subscription and social sharing.

  • Detailed information about the club like name, location, music, dress code, event timings, capacity, and images.

  • A future-proof website that continues to wow users for years to come.

Challenges to overcome

A website with details of every good club in town consisting of images and more is likely to cause a drag. A club booking website cannot afford this. 

It was also vital the theme and colors of the website were as per the clubbing look and feel. It was also challenging to design the appropriate design for booking the club; besides this, there were also several hurdles while ensuring that the booking process is smooth and fast. There is no margin for error when confirming the booking of eager partygoers hence a dedicated QA team to test for all potential fails was essential.

How Acquaint Helped Club Bookers with Advanced Solutions

Club-Bookers help users by booking clubs in London in the least steps possible. They also allow users to find details of the best clubs around London. Their main aim was to allow users to find and book an appropriate club irrespective of the type of party. 

Our design team built a website using a framework that was perfect for the Club-bookers. Our development team used technologies like CSS3 and JavaScript to ensure the website is lightweight. We designed something creative enough without compromising speed and information.

Making an easy-booking page for the website means it has to be easy and fast without complicating things. Our expert developer beautifully integrated an easy-booking section that allows users to perform an advanced search using filters prior to booking the club of their choice.

Acquaint used WordPress and added other necessary features like Newsletter Subscription and social sharing, event calendar with future event details for individual clubs. We also made sure it was easy to navigate contact details, mail, and SMS notifications after submitting the consultation form. 

Working with Club-bookers was fun, just like the service they provide. Acquaint helped Club-bookers with the best outcome that helped their innovative idea to grow their startup. Teaming up with Acquaint not only assisted their startup in stepping up but also made it easy for users to club with the help of the custom-made website.





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