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Our online education platform and community helps students and professionals alike broaden their VR Storytelling capacity.

VR eLearning platform development.

About Project

We developed an eLearning website to allow students to find the course of their choice and use the online payment gateway to make their purchase. As per the client requirements we built a Virtual Reality learning platform that included several other features including a newsletter. VRTL benefited from our work and successfully established a robust platform, enabling them to connect with a broader audience of VR enthusiasts who shared their passion and eagerness to learn more.

Virtual Reality eLearning platform development.


  • VR learning platform and digital magazine(newsletter)
  • Unique built futuristic website design
  • Online course page with secure payment gateway
  • ‘About Us’ page
  • Blog and events sections
  • User registration and login setup
  • Search bar functionality
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Social media integration
  • Latest news stories section

Requirements by VRTL 

  • A VR learning online platform and a digital magazine. 

  • A futuristic and tailored website that looks unique. 

  • Interactive list of courses along with payment gateway to purchase. 

  • An interactive website with a well designed ‘About Us’ page.

  • The secure payment gateway for an effortless buying experience for the user. 

  • Blog section and ‘Event’ page.

  • Easy ‘Contact Us’ page and user register/login page. 

  • Search bar and newsletter subscription. 

  • Social media integration and stories section to provide the latest news.

Challenges to Overcome

VRTL was a big project with minor complications when building the website. We took into consideration the growing demand for eLearning platforms and were prepared to rise to the challenge of developing a website that the students would find appealing. Our developers had to ensure they gave their best to live up to the expectations of the client as well. 

The website had so many elements, so we also had to take care of writing every code efficiently to make it run smoothly. The website also needed a course page with secure access. The login and register page had a few issues with the interface and functionality, hence had to work a bit harder to get it right.

How Acquaint helped VRTL with Advanced Solutions

We developed an interactive eLearning website in WordPress for the students as well as schools and businesses to take advantage of. Our designers went out of their way to make it highly appealing.  The aim of the client was to offer their long list of courses in an interactive manner to allow the users purchase them and also access them at their leisure. It was also to include a newsletter section for regular updates on relevant topics. 

The website we designed took the basic requirements of the client besides which we also ensured the users would find it easy to use and study at their own pace. Our solution was to develop a website that was easy to navigate with excellent user experience.












We successfully delivered the project per the client's requirements. VRTL was pleased with the website we delivered and thanked us for it. They also received a good response from students globally.

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