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Manufacturer of emergency vehicle seating

emergency vehicle seating website development.

About Project

EVS LTD is an Engineering expert in making the safest and most convenient seating for every type of Ambulance. EVS LTD is a leading brand for manufacturing emergency vehicle seating in the US market. To expand their business globally, they approached us to Develop a tailored website loaded with all the necessary features. With consistent efforts and giving it all, we achieved to build a masterpiece for EVS LTD. Kudos to our developer for converting every second into an opportunity and tailoring a website for EVS LTD that fulfilled the purpose of going global.

EMT Vehicle Seating Options.


  • Blog Section
  • Image gallery Integration
  • Search bar for easy navigation
  • Separate pages for different filters of products
  • Career page, Contact pages
  • Scroll to top button
  • Site map integration for faster navigation
  • Spec sheet section for different types of seats
  • Social media integration
  • Newsletter subscription

Requirements by EVS LTD 

  • A Tailored website to showcase their large range of product 

  • Well Layered out webpages to represent their story and rewards 

  • Specification section for every product 

  • Easy navigation website features 

  • Image gallery and social media Integration 

  • Added Carrer page and Blog section 

  • Newsletter subscription option 

  • Call to action Button for easy contacting 

Challenges to overcome 

EVS LTD was a big project for us. So, it took a lot of effort, challenges, and backtesting to build a masterpiece in time. The biggest challenge for us is to blend a website design and features without compromising loading speed. To make it possible, we were required to script each code in an organized manner.  

In order to display valuable information effortlessly, it is essential to structure the website in a user-friendly manner. The website had a long list of web pages, so we had to take a different approach to navigate it faster.  

Adding CTA was easy, but making it purposeful is what our clients expect from us. Hence, we had to master plan the CTA positioning to blend it with the overall design and make it engaging and approachable. 

The website had different types of elements in it, so we had to integrate the navigation bar with dropdowns smartly. Apart from that, working in different time zones was challenging, resulting in a communication gap. To fill the interval between time, our team worked to find a way to take the situation and work without any problem. 

How Acquaint Helped EVS LTD with Advanced Solutions 

Adversity in development is what shapes us into better developers. EVS LTD was a great project to work with. Yes, the Journey of developing a website for EVS LTD had various challenges, which made it more fun to work with. Just like every project, planning and how to execute it is our priority in the first place by fulfilling the client's requirement. 

Starting with the design, our skilled team of developers opts to begin with. Our design team took their own sweet time but finally conquered to design a masterpiece using Photoshop. We already knew that website would take a lot of coding skills, so we frontline the best developers from our arsenal and used JavaScript and CSS3 to tailor the website. 

Speaking of making it easy to navigate, we figured out the way to go through every corner of the site by integrating a site map and the search Bar feature. The website had tons of information to display. Hence, we created a separate web page other than the normal one that every website uses. We added web pages like the Carrer option and About Us page with Awards, partners, and a blog section.  

To filter out all products easily, our team made two separate sections for the product. One with the product name and the other with its features so users can navigate it as per their needs. 

We included captivating and prominent Call-to-Action (CTA) elements as requested. To enhance the purposefulness of the CTA, we also incorporated a direct "call" function, enabling users to click the button to contact EVS for inquiries simply. 

We designed a product page integrated with a specification section and an image gallery to incorporate detailed information regarding every product. Last but not least, we added newsletter subscriptions and social media integration to complete the website entirely. 

Yes, EVS was one of a project that was a race against time, but with a dedicated and passionate developer, we made it to the end in time. Every section we invested in EVS was worth it. Finally, we back tested everything. We made a masterpiece out of our workplace in the form of website development EVS LTD




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