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Angler Up - Custom Fishing Charter Website Development


About Project

Beach holidays are fun when you add fishing adventure to them and that's what Angler up does for you. Acquaint built a website for Angler Up, a fishing charter business, to showcase its services and make it easy for customers to book trips. Their unique business inspired us to think differently, and we provided the best outcome for them to grow their business.



  • Secure payment gateway
  • Responsive user interface
  • Fishing trip info
  • Booking and Availability
  • Online booking calendar
  • Integrated Map
  • Active database management system to manage data

Requirements by Angler Up

  • A Website that shows detailed information about services offered by Angler up 

  • Equipped with modern design 

  • An online booking system that shows services and pricing details 

  • A secure payment gateway for online booking 

Problem and Challenges

When working on the Angler Up website, communication was smooth with anglers since they know their needs. However, our biggest challenge was to make the website stand out from the competition by adding visually appealing details. 

Another significant challenge was implementing a payment gateway that could handle payments in multiple currencies from customers internationally.

How Acquaint helped them with advanced Solution 

Anglers Up running established Fishing charter businesses. They just needed a platform to reach new customers with their new website. Acquaint helped them with the solution by creating a well-designed and optimized website. The website was to give detailed information about their services and provide booking integrated with a secure payment gateway. These allowed the customer to pre-book a fishing trip before reaching Pensacola beach, resulting in more bookings for the fishing trips. 

As per the budget and need, we give them the best solution by creating a website with the help of the technologies used. Such as WordPress, JavaScript, and Photoshop. 




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