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Corsetti’s Guide Service - A river fishing guide business to expand their business operations.


About Project

Corsetti has over 20 years of experience as a Kenai River fishing guide in Alaska. They wanted to expand their reach by creating a website. They also wanted to share their knowledge with fellow fishing enthusiasts online. In order to achieve their objectives they joined hands with Acquaint Softtech. As they live close to the Kenia River, they want to showcase the beauty of the river through the website. We helped them to create a website packed with features and helped them to share fishing knowledge beyond Alaska, resulting in more business opportunities for them.



  • Social Sharing
  • Easy online booking
  • Easy contact-us details
  • Integrated Image gallery
  • Service page with FAQ section
  • A blog page for story and knowledge sharing
  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate

Requirements by Corsetti

  • A creatively designed website that represents the Kenai River colours using images, and graphics.  

  • Blog section for easy knowledge sharing. 

  • Easy online booking by form filling, adding easy contact us page. 

  • Service page with FAQ section. 

  • Image gallery and social sharing feature.

  • Several fundamental pages and elements to share enough details about what they offer.

Challenges to Overcome

Corsetti is a known fishing guide and charters for the Kenia River, so they are connected to the place. Our biggest challenge was to design a website that not only represents the beauty of the Kenia River without overcomplicating the design. Our goal was to give an emotional touch to their website with our creative layout.  

Adding blog sections and other pages, along with features like an image gallery can slow the website. Hence we had to deal with the task of optimizing the webs.

Acquaint already worked with fishing charter business owners in the past, so the challenges we faced were nominal.

How Acquaint Helped Corsetti with Advanced Solutions 

Like any other project, our team analyzed the project requirements to start with. In the beginning, our design team started working on designing a layout and graphics element for a website using Photoshop. The design team made a custom theme representing the Kenai River with appropriate colour, graphics, and images. 

After completing the designing part of the website, the developers used technologies like WordPress and JavaScript. The reason for picking JavaScript is that it is light, fast, and within budget. As Corsetti's website consists of lots of pages and features, resulting in a slower loading speed, to overcome this, we thoroughly back-tested the website to make it fast and optimized. 

As per the requirements, the team also added a separate blog section for easy blogging, an effortless online booking page, a service page with an FAQs section, and a contact us page. Visual representation is necessary, so we integrated an image gallery without hindering the website loading speed. 

Corsetti's partnership with Acquaint to create a unique website that showcases their fishing guide and charter services. With a custom design, the website represents the essence of Corsetti's two-decades-long expertise in offering river fishing guides. It provides a platform to share their knowledge and facilities with fellow anglers beyond Alaska.




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