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Diary Of a Fit Mommy

A fitness-related platform for females

Fitness Website Development.

About Project

Being in shape is a choice. You have to make the right decision to be fit. But sometimes, it gets tough to hit the gym and exercise, especially for women. As they are working, taking care of their family. To help women to reach their fitness goals Lea Cooper took a step forward to share her knowledge to get in better shape and health. She joined hands with Acquaint to build a custom-made website. Understanding Sia Cooper's motive, we developed a website that helped her to gain more reach and helped to motivate and inspired people all around the globe.



  • Responsive design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Blog Section
  • Online store
  • Secure Payment gateway
  • Easy Contact-us details
  • Social media Sharing
  • Testimonial page

Requirements by Diary of a Fit Mommy 

  • A fitness theme custom-made website that inspires people 

  • A blog section to write helping and inspiring fitness guides 

  • Easy to navigate to buy fitness and nutrition programs 

  • Login and signup pages with a secure payment gateway 

  • Testimonial page and social media integration 

Challenges to overcome 

By understanding all requirements of lea Copper, our expert developers started working on executing the web development process. But, like every road has bumpy patches and challenges, our developers also faced minor challenges. 

Lea Copper wanted a fitness theme website, so our designers had to make one that outstands others. Also, we have to make It light and secure, as it was integrated with login pages and a payment gateway to buy nutrition programs. So, we took care of every code we wrote to craft the website.

How Acquaint Helped Diary of a fit mommy with Advanced Solutions 

Facing challenges is what makes our expert developers unique. Being in a business for years gave us a ton of experience to showcase, and it helped us to craft a tailored website for Lea Copper. Starting with the design, we needed a website with Fitness inspired theme. Using Photoshop, our design team initiated designing a website that motivates people to get fit. 

After getting the green flag for our design, we started working on developing our website by integrating all requirements given by Lea using JavaScript. We choose JavaScript as it fits the need of our client. 

As everything went according to plan, it was time to integrate all the necessary features. So, we added a secure login and signup page with a secure payment gateway. A website has to promote Fitness through blogs and nutrition programs. We also added an online store for buying different plan options according to client needs and adding to-cart options for easy buying. 

To manage user data and content like blogs, we used WordPress as our CMS to build the website. The most famous and easy-to-use CMS of all time. And finally, we added basic features like social media integration, contact us page and testimonial pages. Not to mention we developed a website with separate pages for different sections making a complete all-around website. 

By understanding our client's needs, we built a tailored website for Lea Diary of a Fit Mommy to inspire people all over the globe to be fit and take care of themselves. 




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