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Makeover for your home by a painting expert

painting contractor website development.

About Project

Want a painter who can refurbish your home? Here is a solution. Gibson contacted us to enhance their field of color. It was just a piece of cake to make such a colorful website for our developer. Our team added extra features like a blog section, a cool menu panel, and a call-to-action button to make it more attractive. We strived to make a classic web appearance for Gibson. Therefore, this website looks like eye candy.

painting contractor website development.


  • Informative website
  • Browse through services
  • Portfolio for previous projects
  • Blog
  • Testimonials
  • Exceptional UI/UX


  • Showcase the various painting services 

  • Display the testimonials from previous jobs

  • Present their previous work in a beautiful manner

  • A blog to list all their relevant blogs

Problems & Challenges 

The client had a particular preference for the website's design and wished to place a lot of information on the first page itself. Some of the features they wished to include on the page were their past work, information about their services, testimonials, and a blog section.

Our designers and developers offered their expertise however had to deal with performance issues due to slow loading time. Our expert developers went out of their way to deliver a high-performing website. 

Acquaint Softtech's Advanced Solutions 

We developed a robust, informative website with an extensive feature set that was also optimized for high performance. We developed a highly efficient website with an equally appealing interface. It took the best effort of each team's design, development, and QA to achieve this feat. This involved extensive research and brainstorming by the design team and innovative coding from the developers for the functionality. 

Our client needed a website that they could use to showcase their work and list their services beautifully. They also required several other features like a blog and testimonial section. Our expert developers accomplished this task using WordPress, JavaScript, and Photoshop.




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