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Coastal Vascular & Interventional - Complete Healthcare and Medical Website Development


About Project

Coastal VI is a team of doctors from the USA specializing in curing various vascular and interventional cardiology diseases. They needed a website to better describe the medical services they have to offer and be visible to patients all over the country. Coastal VI entrusted Acquaint Softtech to build their website, a user-friendly online platform. We developed a simple and minimalistic website with intuitive navigation to serve their purpose. We also made it easy for potential patients to contact them.



  • Responsive design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy-to-Navigate website
  • Different pages to showcase services
  • Easy online appointment booking page
  • Booking System
  • Active database management system to manage data
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Easy Contact-us details
  • Integrated Map

Requirements by Coastal VI

  • Minimalistic and user-friendly design.

  • A website that shows their services.

  • A seamless online appointment booking page.

  • Active database management system to manage data.

  • Newsletter subscription, map integration, and social sharing.

Challenges to overcome

  • The biggest challenge was to make it as minimalistic as possible and use colours that gave a safe and secure vibe. 

  • Coastal VI wanted to showcase their services in a way that makes it easy to understand. 

  • Another of our challenges was to make the appointment booking as easy as possible, for patients to book an appointment slot as per their schedule.

  • Managing patient's data in a secure and organized method was also crucial for project success. 

How Acquaint Helped Coastal VI with Custom Healthcare Website Development Solutions

Coastal VI didn't need a complicated design. So, our design team took a minimalistic approach to making Coastal VI. Our team used technologies like Photoshop to design the website layout and JavaScript to give life to the website. Utilizing the right colours and a suitable method, we made a website more welcoming for patients in need. 

The website's main purpose was to showcase what they do and its services. Our developers built several pages that showcase all the medical services of Coastal VI. We also integrated an appointment booking page that serves the purpose well on all devices and platforms.

We also added other key features like a newsletter subscription to get the latest updates, map integration to get easy access to the location of doctors for future appointments. 

Making a website for Coastal VI was a challenge for our design team. Our developers too had several hurdles to overcome and did so with flying colours.  We developed a website for Coastal VI to showcase their services and increase their reach.






Florida, USA





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