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Hidden Gem

A prospective way to convert your life insurance policies into cash

Insurance Website Development.

About Project

We developed well-researched websites for people looking for an easy way to dispose of their insurance policies in exchange for cash. The main aim of our client was to allow visitors a free quotation for their policies. This includes policies like term, live, etc. They were targeting people who would like to lower their costs, have changed circumstances or need cash immediately for medical expenses or something else. Our expert developers created a feature-rich website with an innovative interface, especially targeting such users.

Insurance Website Development.


  • Free quote
  • Selling an insurance policy
  • Blog
  • Informative website
  • Showcase policy services
  • Get An Estimate


  • Form to get a free quotation for selling a life insurance policy

  • A blog for relevant articles

  • Informative website to showcase the services

Problems & Challenges 

We have a dedicated team of WordPress developers who developed a next-generation solution for Hidden Gem. The only hurdle with this project was the basic design. It took us longer than expected to finalise the design and several interface elements. However, our extensive research, brainstorming sessions, client discussions and expertise came in handy in overcoming it. 

Acquaint Softtech's Advanced Solutions 

We developed a feature-rich website exclusively for people willing to sell their insurance policies. Our design team went out of their way to create an attractive design that the relevant demographic would find appealing. 

Our development team also did their research and incorporated several innovative features, including a special form that is highly interactive and ensures visitors to the website get an accurate quote for their policies by providing all the relevant information. 

We chose WordPress for this project and also took advantage of JavaScript to optimise the performance. Some of the other features include a blog to provide essential reading resources to visitors in the form of articles.




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