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The Mercantile Hotel

Book a luxurious room to discover New Orleans

Hotel booking website development.

About Project

New Orleans, a vibrant Louisiana city near the Gulf of Mexico, offers a haven of relaxation and a vibrant nightlife for party lovers. The Mercantile Hotel is the premier choice for accommodation in this captivating destination. As the demand for their services soared, the hotel sought a seamless solution for clients to book and explore their accommodations effortlessly. With their requirements in hand, Mercantile approached our team, Acquaint, for a top-quality service that would deliver exceptional results. We rose to the occasion, constructing a beautifully designed, feature-rich website perfectly aligned with their vision.

hotel business website development.


  • Classy and welcoming design
  • Image gallery
  • Online booking functionality with multiple options
  • Availability and rate display
  • Secure payment options
  • Integrated High-quality images gallery
  • Detailed hotel information and amenities
  • Special offers and promotions
  • Easy sign-up option
  • Booking option on home page
  • Mail subscription option for offer details
  • Social media integration

Requirements by The Mercantile Hotel 

  • Classy, Welcoming and feature-rich website  

  • Easy to navigate for clients so that they can book and explore their accommodations 

  • Online booking functionality with multiple options 

  • Multiple option showcase for different suites with amenities 

  • Packed with lots of images to reflect their services  

  • Seamless online booking integration with Availability and rate display 

  • Secure payment option and an easy to contact details  

  • Social media integration to showcase their services online too 

Challenges to overcome 

Fulfilling the given requirements poses several challenges. First and foremost is the design. Creating a classy and welcoming website while ensuring easy navigation for clients to book and explore accommodations requires a careful balance between aesthetics and functionality. 

Secondly, taking care of making secure payment options with multiple options of accommodation was complex. Showcasing different suites with amenities and integrating high-quality images demand seamless integration and optimization techniques to maintain website performance. 

Additionally, seamlessly integrating online booking with availability and rate display requires careful integration with external systems or APIs. It involves real-time synchronization of data and ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for users. 

How Acquaint Helped Mercantile Hotel with Advanced Solutions 

Mercantile stands out as a stunning masterpiece that captivates everyone's attention. The journey of Project Mercantile commenced with the creation of its website, focusing on achieving a classy and elegant appearance to pique the curiosity of viewers. The other key thing we had to consider was integrating beautifully clicked images from Mercantile, ensuring they harmonize with the overall design. Using Photoshop, Leveraging the power of Photoshop, our skilled designers produced exceptional results and crafted a classy design. 

Moving forward, our developers started scripting the website to integrate all the essential requirements. We fulfilled all the client's requirements utilizing technologies such as Javascript for coding and WordPress for CMS. 

We delivered a functional, user-friendly booking page with multiple options for clients to book and explore desired accommodations based on their preferences. Additionally, integrating a secure payment option is a breeze as we have developed this functionality multiple times for various clients. 

We integrated all crucial web pages and completed the website by adding features as we moved forward. These included seamless social media integration, a convenient contact form, a subscription option for receiving future deals via email, an appealing image gallery integration, and a user-friendly signup page. 

Overall, we achieved what we planned and desired by targeting all the key points that our client needed. A classy website loaded with tons of crucial features which make online booking seamless. We delivered the Mercantile hotel a website that they are proud of it. of it. 




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