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Cum Laude - Hotel and Restaurant Website Development


About Project

Food has some natural power to make anyone happy, and the Faculty Club is best known for making delightful cuisine. The Faculty Club is a team of chefs known for making gastronomical food. They are from Belgium, where there is always a lot of tourist rush, resulting in high demand for reservations. This often results in a very disorganized guest list making it hard to manage as well. Acquaint offered the perfect solution by helping them in the development of an online platform that would assist users in reserving seats online. The website offers a menu, table reservation, and place selection to make users plan in just a few minutes. Joining hands with Acquaint helped Factory Club to develop a creative and attention-to-detail website packed with all practical features.



  • Responsive Design
  • Multi Menu Options
  • Easy Contact us Details
  • Social Media Integration
  • Multi-Language support
  • Integrated Map and Image Gallery
  • Online Booking And Availability Calendar
  • Minimalistic And Easy-to-navigate Website
  • Table Reservation Feature With Different Options

Requirements by Cum Laude by Factory Club

  • A creative, minimalistic, and responsive website design.

  • Easy table reservation system with different types of options for menus and timings.

  • Online booking integration with the availability calendar.

  • Easy contact us details with form filling and social media integration.

  • Integrated maps and an image gallery.

  • Multi-language support and scroll to top feature.

Challenges to overcome

Factory Club is a well-known and popular cuisine star from Belgium, so we had to design a website that suits their style. As the website also had some complex features like an image gallery, online booking with availability calendar, map integration, and more, we had to choose a programming language that fits beauty and functionality at the same time. 

How Acquaint Helped Cum Laude with Advanced Solutions

Before starting any project, our team deeply analyzes the project and starts working on it. Our team always starts working by designing the website layout using Photoshop. After completing the layout design, we ought to choose the language to make the design alive. 

As this website has complex features, we have to pick the programming language that helps to make it beautiful and minimalistic without compromising on functionality. Our developer team preferred Bootstrap and JavaScript for developing a minimalist design. Bootstrap and JavaScript helped us to incorporate lots of heavy features without compromising on speed. 

Integrating online booking is easy for our developers as we have worked on a project like this several times. Our team of developers easily integrated an effortless online booking system.

As per the requirements, we also had to add multi-language support to the website with up to 3 languages. Adding multi-language can be a daunting task. We consider issues like text expansion or contraction with different types of languages. So, our developer took the challenge and created a well-structured layout that does not get affected by any content. 

After closing up the substantial task, our team added all extra features that enhance the user experience. That includes an easy contact us detail page, social media integration, map integration, image gallery, and small but helpful features like scrolling to the top for easy navigation. 

Factory Club was able to expand the business and reach more customers by partnering with Acquaint. Acquaint provided them with an online platform to take their business online, which resulted in more customers.




Hotel & Restaurant

Belgium, Europe