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The Anchor Clinic

Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Clinicians hospitality

Medical Website Development.

About Project

The Anchor Clinic asked us to create a platform that offers psychiatrists, psychologists, and clinicians hospitality under one roof. Our developers had much to do in this project. And by the striving efforts of our programmers, the website looked like a masterpiece. As requested, Acquaint Softtech team picked the best design to develop this website.

Website Development for Medical Services.


  • New patient form
  • Payment portal for bill pay.
  • Present Medical services on offer.
  • nformative website with details on medical treatments and more.
  • Interactive website with exceptional UI/UX.

Requirements by The Anchor Clinic

  • Intuitive interface.

  • Informative website for services, treatments and more.

  • Patient portal for bill pay.

  • New patient form.

  • Simple Contact form.

Problem & Challenges 

We always deliver our projects in a timely manner, and there were no issues doing so this time. Our team of expert WordPress developers delivered their best, and the client instantly accepted it. However, we did have several hiccups during the design stage while attempting to create an interactive interface with exceptional user experience. Our team of designers came through by organizing multiple brainstorming sessions. 

Acquaint Softtech's Advanced Solutions 

The Anchor Clinic needed a website to list its medical services in an innovative manner. They also had the need to provide details about the treatments on offer, medical services, research and various studies. The aim was to design a website that would be intuitive for their patients to ensure they would find what they were looking for with ease. 

We did just that. Our developers delivered a stunning website using several popular technologies like WordPress and JavaScript. We developed a content management system with a custom-designed template to showcase their medical services and more. We also included several other features as per their requirements, like a downloadable form and payment portal. 

Our timely delivery ensured success as well.











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