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Defiance Metal

Manufacturer of Metal Fabrication, Military Vehicle, Off-road Equipment

metal industry website development.

About Project

Bending metal and making something purposeful is what DMP Metal Manufacturing has been doing for several years. A Known Metal manufacturing brand is a master of metal fabrication, stamper, and coaters. As they already had an outstanding market presence, they lacked that appealing online presence, which drives big brands to them. Acquaint helped them to build a purposeful website and assisted them in showcasing their expertise to the world, we made a perfect website that fulfilled all requirements of DMP.

metal industry website development.


  • Responsive and appealing design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Detailed About us page
  • Easy Contact-us page
  • Separate Carrier page
  • Image gallery integration
  • Search tab for easy website navigation

Requirements by Defiance Metal 

  • User-friendly and responsive design which Is easy to navigate 

  • Different pages to separate every type of information  

  • About Us page that covers all aspects of what they do 

  • A separate page so shows the location of their facilities 

  • Contact Us page and Search tab for easy navigation 

  • Image gallery integration 

Challenges to overcome 

What made it challenging for us to make a DMP website was that we had to make it appealing yet light, as Metal manufacturing firm has many things to showcase to explain their work with images. Our main priority was to use every code efficiently without compromising on quality. We also have to add separate pages for a website with a different design approach that tells the story of the DMP.

How Acquaint Helped DMP with Advanced Solutions 

Before starting any project, our team discuss the planning to execute the web development process in a systematic way to get the required result. A website needed an appealing and purposeful design, so our expert designer's team started working on it using Photoshop to make a web layout to achieve a remarkable outcome. 

We used JavaScript with WordPress as a CMS to make the website light and faster. Resulting in a website that runs smooth and quick without breaking a sweat on loading speed. Another good reason to use JavaScript is that it fits the budget and helps make the web development process faster. 

We also separated DMP's tons of information into separate web pages with image integration so that users can understand everything easily and digest every bit of information effortlessly. 

Finally, as required, we added a separate career page with a Contact Us page and integrated features like a search bar to readily get information. Every website is a new opportunity to showcase our efforts to our clients. DMP got what they dream of, a purposeful website that helped them to showcase their quality work. 




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