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Music Launch Pad

An impressive launchpad to launch your music career

Music Launch Pad.

About Project

We developed a multipurpose website dedicated to musicians and businesses serving artists like producers, managers, videographers, photographers and more. The main aim of our client was to build a website to provide musicians with a portal to gain essential training and build a network. They also required several other features like providing access to tools and opportunities to launch their work like performance, writing, score and more. We developed a content management system using WordPress to fulfil our client's requirements. This involved building a feature-rich website with an appealing interface using other technologies like core PHP, HTML5 and CSS3.



  • Browse courses
  • Robust search
  • Login/Register
  • Tools and resources for musicians
  • Networking building tools
  • Launchpad for work & performances.
  • Testimonials

Requirements by Music Launch Pad 

  • List the broad range of courses for musicians.

  • Essential tools and resources for musicians.

  • Resources to build a network and achieve personal goals.

  • Build a launch pad for musicians to launch their performance or work. 

  • Testimonials

  • Robust search

  • Login/Registration for musicians and businesses serving various artists

Problem & Challenges

Our designer, developers and QA team delivered a flawless solution fulfilling the desired features of the client. One of the main issues was integrating the authentication system since the client has the special requirement to design an authentication system for two different types of users, musicians and businesses representing artists like producers, engineers, studio musicians, promoters, managers, videophones, photographers and more. The main issue was providing both types of users access to the same resources with different parameters. 

How Acquaint Helped UFW with Advanced Solutions 

Our client develops a proprietary database of unique educational courses for various artists. This includes training from beginner to advanced level along with career opportunities. The interactive web portal we designed served the purpose of allowing musicians and businesses to build their network and access relevant resources as well. 










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