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Step Tracker – Pedometer

Let Count Daily Steps And Maintain Whole Fitness

Step Tracker App Development.

About Project

We developed an Android app for our client who wanted a special pedometer app. The app we developed was much more than a simple step counter; we included several other features per the client's request. These were features like additional audio and videos to help with fitness activities and much more.

Android Fitness App Development.


  • Daily steps counter
  • Social media sharing
  • Audio & Video Library
  • Weekly and monthly step count analysis
  • History
  • Calorie counter
  • Time & distance record
  • Fitness achievements
  • Notifications


  • Daily steps counter

  • Social media connection

  • Audio & video library

  • Analysis of steps

  • Fitness achievements 

Problem & Challenges 

There are many pedometer apps out there; hence we took up the challenge to design and develop a pedometer app that stands out from the rest. Creating the perfect feature set took plenty of brainstorming sessions, research, and discussion with our client. 

Our development team gave their best and was able to achieve the short deadlines to deliver the project in a timely manner. Our dedicated QA team supported them to ensure the app was without bugs or errors. 

Acquaint Softtech's Advanced Solutions 

Our client approached us with the requirement of a fitness app where the main feature was a pedometer. Their aim was to launch a pedometer app that included several other features like step analysis, calorie counter, social share, as well as an audio and video library. We spent a great deal of time analyzing the requirements and brainstorming to develop a set of unique features for those who love fitness activities. 

Our mobile development team took advantage of the full feature set of Kotlin to develop a next-generation Android app. They took special care to design an interactive interface and ensure users have a good experience.








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