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University of West Florida

A web portal of West Florida-based university

University of West Florida.

About Project

Education is invaluable; those running an educational campus understand this better than anyone. University of West Florida (UWF) was a well-known campus for its education system and for nurturing the future mind. To reach more students worldwide, they needed a fine-crafted scalable website with many useful features. To turn this vision into reality, team Acquaint moved forward and took this challenge as an opportunity to make a tailored website for UWF. The website demanded many features, so our creative developers delivered more than expected. We made an impactful and welcoming website that captured the attention of countless aspiring individuals.

University Website Development.


  • Secure and easy navigation website
  • NAV bar linked with most useful pages
  • Quick link section for easy navigation approach
  • Search bar for easy navigation
  • Account creation page with easy resister and login page
  • Strategically placed CTAs
  • CMS development
  • Image and video gallery
  • Integrated online maps

Requirements by UFW 

  • Welcoming, well-structured, and scalable website development approach 

  • Smartly categorized each section for every type of individuals 

  • Navigation bar linked with most useful pages 

  • Quick link dropdown with commonly used links 

  • Using different designs, images, and video elements for better user engagement 

  • Easy form filling, registering, and login page 

  • Image and video gallery 

  • Virtual campus tour with integrated map 

  • Smartly build CMS to manage all types of data 

  • Strategically used CTA button for more engagement 

  • The website should be fast and secure 

  • Equipped with all necessary features for easy navigation and better engagement 

Challenges to overcome 

Every project has its challenges, and so does this one too. We already knew that this website would take a lot of time, so we had to preplan everything on what to do and how. The biggest challenge was to preplan and make a well-structured, scalable, and easy-to-navigate website. 

The challenge is to use the appropriate coding language, which is also compatible with CMS. We also had to code it efficiently so that it would stay up, fast, and secure by maintaining the standard. Additionally, placing the CTA strategically for more engagement also takes attention. It took more than just our accumulated development experience to choose the right place for CTA to make it work effectively. 

As UWF is from a different land, effective communication was crucial. The problem is the time zone difference between us and UWF. We deliberately synchronize our time to work efficiently with quality communication to take them through this long website development journey. 

How Acquaint Helped UFW with Advanced Solutions 

Acquaint always believes in offering more than just needed to our respected clients. From the beginning, we knew that project UFW would take more than just our skills and experience, so we started with the plan. The website needed different web pages, so we planned the website structure by communicating with UFW. Understanding the needs, we made a perfect structure for the website, and now it's time to start the design process. 

Project UFW was a university website, so we had to make it a welcoming and scalable approach. Our design team started with the design of the website with Photoshop. Our design team used their experience and expertise in Photoshop to make a perfect design that UFW approved. The designer team also strategically placed the CTA button on the website to make it more purposeful. 

After approving the website design, our developer team started coding. We used Bootstrap to make the design more purposeful and welcoming and JavaScript to make it more engaging. Using images, videos, and graphical elements and blending both technologies, we developed a website that looks amazing and is eye candy to the user. 

The website also needed a content management system for managing all necessary details from the backend. Using PHP, we also tweaked WordPress to make it work exactly how our client wanted. 

Meanwhile, our developers also take care of coding efficiently so that it runs fast and smoothly. As per the requirements, we integrated all the necessary features that make the website more engaging. 

We added features like social media integration, online Map integration for virtual campus touring, an Image and Video Gallery, a mail subscription to get the latest updates, an Easy register and login page, a search bar, a quick link dropdown, and all other necessary features that made this website a masterpiece. 

By joining hands with Acquaint, we took UWF on the remarkable journey of Campus website development. Made them a welcoming and purposeful website. 




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