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Time Clock Wizard

A Time Management App To organize Daily Routine Business Tasks

Workforce management software development.

About Project

Marshall trusted us with his project workforce management project, “Time Clock Wizard.” The idea is to develop a website and mobile app that allows businesses to manage employee tasks like scheduling, time tracking, task management, and payroll reporting. Team Acquaint developed an impeccable workforce management solution for the time clock wizard to fulfil the requirements. This was also received well by our client, and they have received a good response from many customers.


  • Employee Scheduling
  • Time Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Multiple pricing structures
  • Secure and easy-to-navigate payment gateway
  • Free trial option
  • Track late clock-ins
  • Pay rates
  • User Verification
  • Reimbursement details
  • Complained with tax laws
  • Automatic payrolls, Timesheet reports, PTO reports,
  • Easy signup and login page
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Assign & organize To-Do lists
  • Informative dashboard
  • High level of security


  • Clean and minimalistic designed website

  • An advanced employee scheduling system that tracks employee work hours and attendance.

  • The smartly built payroll reporting system automates the task payrolls, timesheet reports, and PTO reports.

  • Highly customizable design for clients.

  • CMS development to easily handle the data.

  • Secure and easy payment gateway option.

  • Pricing page with different options with pricing table and features comparison.

  • An intuitive design to register and login pages.

  • Compliant with tax laws.

  • Blog section and FAQs section

Challenges to overcome

The website demanded two core features, an employee scheduling system and a payroll reporting system. Executing both features is an effortless process. However, the challenge was to implement it in a limited time. Another challenge was to make it secure, which included a great deal of brainstorming, development and testing. 

Some of the other hurdles we faced during the design and development phase were incorporating the tax laws and various pricing structures and showcasing the options to the users. 

However, our developers overcame the challenge and completed the project on time.

How Acquaint Helped With Advanced Solutions

We started with the website design using Photoshop after our brainstorming session. We then executed the framework with JavaScript, CCS, and HTML5.

We were bound by a short deadline; hence we also started working on the backend development simultaneously. Our developers went out of their way to build a secure and advanced solution. 

Our solution involved developing mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices and the development of a website as well. The technology chosen for the website was WordPress to create a CMS for data management. We went out of our way to include a secure payment gateway as well. 

Our efforts allowed us to deliver the project per schedule with the complete feature set.




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