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How To Develop Field Services Management Software?

March 2nd, 2023


A field service business solution applies to various types of businesses for multiple products and services. It can mean dispatching technicians to remote locations to install, repair, or maintain a system. This type of business requires a great deal of coordination and planning, where all the minor factors must be considered. There are many ways a company can get its work done; however, the larger the business gets, the harder it becomes to manage.

A smart system or purpose-built field service management software will allow users to perform analysis, generate reports, and manage tasks. This article provides valuable insight into developing field services management software

What is Field Services Management Software?

It is highly time-consuming for field services management to log or track this manually. This is also harder to do and more expensive since it means losing valuable time, which can be better utilized for other, more productive activities. It also fails when one requires real-time data and needs to make quick decisions. Introducing automation can work wonders for your business. Maintaining a simple book or using a simple spreadsheet will not work in this increasingly competitive age where everyone is implementing advanced technologies.

Field services management software is a type of enterprise solution that helps businesses increase their productivity by speeding up their tasks and automating them. It also implements new technologies and introduces automation to improve the level of service further. Some everyday tasks software like this can handle better include allocating and scheduling work orders, assigning personal tasks, and dispatching them. It is also ideal for several other tasks like controlling inventory levels, connecting with the field workers, and gathering vital data.

Significance of a Field Service Management Software

A field services management business already has plenty to worry about without having the added burden of using manual or primitive systems for basic tasks. The larger the company, the more challenging and expensive it is to track and log tasks. There are many reasons why this type of software is crucial for every business offering this service; some of the reasons are listed here:

Managing a large workforce and assigning various tasks can become an operational nightmare without software.

  • Juggling tasks, like checking inventory levels, monitoring tasks at hand, and manually checking performance, is not the most efficient way to manage your business. Implementing software can help improve performance.

  • The work can be more streamlined by setting up preconfigured workflows and flowing them efficiently.

  • It helps increase collaboration, especially with the people dispatched to the field.

  • Accessing information in real-time and performing analysis to get instant results is only possible with custom software. 

Several statistics suggest the same:

Does a field service management software seem fit for your business? Request for more information!

Common Features of Field Management Software

A field service management software effectively integrates several common tasks into a single software to allow you to manage your business better. It is prevalent for people to use various methods to log entries, analyze data and manage their operations like simple pen & paper, spreadsheet, whiteboard, calendar, etc. However, a system like this can help replace everything. Some of the main features of an app like this include the following:

  • Client Management: Monitor job requests, manage sales & provide estimates. 

  • Project Management: Prioritize all the job requests and keep track of them with intelligent reminders and notifications to ensure all are noticed.

  • Resource Management: Manage all your resources like tools, equipment, and the working staff using an intelligent dispatch system with real-time status.

  • Planning & Scheduling: Plan the business operations and schedule the resources to optimize them.

  • Communication Management: Simplifies the communication process by automating several tasks for notifications and scheduling and saves time for doing it manually. 

  • Workforce and User Management: Track time spent per task to update the job and simplify the payroll system. 

  • Automation & Integration: Integrate external tools and software to streamline your business process with automation.

  • Reporting: Generate reports to help you review various aspects of your business with the ability to do so in real time. 

  • Revenue Management: Automate the revenue process with smart time logging features and project or client management features.

  • Remote access to tasks: Gain access to details about the jobs as well as the tasks remotely to complete them efficiently and maintain security.

  • Preconfigure workflow: Preconfigure the workflow to reduce the onboarding time and ensure consistency. 

  • Optimize route: Integrate GPS, Maps, etc. and provide real-time traffic updates to dynamically find the best route and reduce delays.

  • Real-time alerts: Get real-time notifications to ensure the process is carried out smoothly and without any hitch.

  • Invoicing & Accounting: Manage common tasks like involving & accounting remotely instead of making multiple trips to complete the job. This helps save time, money, and effort. 

  • CRM: Take advantage of the CRM to manage the contacts, their preferences, and invoices and provide them with more personalized service. 

  • Inventory Management: Manage your warehouse better by opting for the inventory management feature, optimizing storage, delivery, stocking, and providing a better service.

  • Better customer experience: Offer customers better consumer service using various tools, including Chatbots and more.

Tips To Develop a Field Services Management Software

A field service business is already tough to manage; hence, a simple system could be more efficient. It also means that to ensure optimal coordination, planning, and effective management of the resources; one needs to build a decent software solution for it to be effective. Hence, developing such a solution is likely to be expensive, time-consuming, and require the expertise of a professional software development company. Here are a few intelligent tips for building effective software for your business:

  • There are several options to develop such software, like hiring a freelancer, setting up an in-house software development team, hire remote developers or hireing a professional software development company

  • Freelancers tend to be unreliable, while the setup of an in-house team means having to devote additional resources, which can cost very high. 

  • A software development company has the necessary resources and a skilled team to develop a state-of-the-art solution. 

  • It is essential first to define your goal for developing such software and its primary purpose. 

  • Perform an in-depth market analysis to develop a more effective solution, gain information about competitors, and create the optimal strategy.

  • The design stage involves preparing wireframes to record the initial ideas. It is important to work closely with the design team at this stage which also involves brainstorming to ensure you end up with good quality software that includes all the vital features.

  • An MVP solution is both low risk and also costs low. It allows a business to verify feasibility, launch the software quicker, gather vital feedback, and develop an optimized solution that is highly efficient and cost-effective. Opting for an MVP development solution can work out a good business strategy for you.

  • It is vital you hire the best software development company, one that has highly skilled professionals and delivers timely solutions. It is also vital they have a good development process and have a dedicated QA team to deliver flawless solutions. Acquaint Softtech is one such field services software development company.

Acquaint Softtech offers field services management app development services. We have successfully helped several startups with their new business ideas around the world. With over 5000 next-generation custom software launches, we have also played a big role in the growth of several large-scale businesses.

Mistakes To Avoid When Developing This Software

Several businesses use field services management software to simplify their business operations. However, every company has a different set of requirements. It is also vital to consider your industry; there is likely to be a big difference between the software used for a real estate business, insurance, financial services, and a travel or construction business. Avoid picking a similar solution to other businesses since it might not be optimal for yours. Here are some of the common mistakes businesses make:

  • Failure to account for the minimum set of features required for an app like this.

  • Preparing a set of requirements without consulting the other members of the team and ending up with software that lacks several features.

  • Choosing to hire the least expensive software development firm instead of checking for quality or reviewing past projects.

  • Selecting an agency blindly, exclusively on recommendations, or without verifying their abilities.

  • Failing to decide on the method of communication and frequency of updates.  

  • Unaware of the complex operations of new technologies like AI/ML, automation, etc. 

  • Developing software that is not in keeping with the trends.

Searching for a field services development company?

How Is It Beneficial for My Business?

  • It allows one to better serve their customers and ensure a good experience. 

  • Handling tasks like scheduling resources is efficient and prone to mistakes, a well-designed custom software can automate it for you. It also simplifies the process of dispatching.

  • This is one of the best methods to increase productivity and save time spent on routine tasks. 

  • It is simpler to generate highly detailed and relevant reports to optimize operations; it is also possible to create real-time reports to get accurate information and make fast & accurate business decisions.

  • The billing system can be integrated within such a system and take advantage of automation for a higher degree of accuracy. It also helps eliminate human error.

  • Data management tasks are easier.

  • It helps improve the business's response time and job completion time.

  • Has a positive impact on several processes like inventory management, business operation, communication, and customer satisfaction. 

Why Hire Professionals From Acquaint Softtech?

Acquaint Softtech has been offering technologically advanced solutions for over 15 years to various industries. We are a leading software development company that develops custom field service management solutions. The software solutions we create are to high industry standards which also provide support and maintenance. 

At Acquaint, we have highly talented developers with skills in a wide range of technologies. We also stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and offer a flexible & reliable service. We also offer flexibility in terms of the hiring process. We have dedicated teams, including for QA, to ensure the software we deliver is free from bugs or errors. Leverage our extensive experience developing stunning field service software to create robust solutions.


There are several methods of managing a field services business. It doesn't cost too much to invest in a notebook or set up a spreadsheet to keep tabs on your business and schedule the tasks. However, this is not the type of system you can depend on once you grow further and have many more people, products, or services to manage.

Developing a custom field services software will work out less expensive in the longer run, since one can effectively manage their business operations, optimizing the scheduling process, dispatch the relevant personnel and manage the resources more effectively. Acquaint Softtech is a well-established software development company with the appropriate resources and skilled developers to build solutions that will give your business the upper edge.

Ready to develop a custom software solution


What is field service software?

It is software that allows one to track, log and manage their employees, products, and services. It simplifies the processes of scheduling services, dispatching people, accessing critical information remotely, and serving customers better.

Why develop a custom field service software for my business?

This software helps one improve customer service and ensures customers get a better experience. It has several custom features depending on the unique elements of your business to help you optimize your business operations. Developing software like this will increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

What is the cost to build Field Service Software Development?

The cost to develop such software depends significantly on the type of features included, the level of customization, the development company you select, as well as the location of the company. Contact the experts at Acquaint with your requirements, and we will promptly reply with a quote.


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