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From Bean to Screen: How to Make a Coffee Shop Website?

July 19th, 2023
How to Make a Coffee Shop Website?.


Caffeine and screens have become indispensable companions in our daily lives. And when it comes to caffeine, no doubt coffee comes first. That's why coffee shop businesses are getting saturated, and a captivating website becomes essential for coffee business owners to outrun the competition. In this blog, we'll explore how to create your own perfectly brewed coffee shop website.

We will also discuss a small case study with the feature list you need to add to a coffee shop website. Whether you are hiring someone for website development solutions or doing it on your own, this guide will cover all the basic things you need to know before making a website. So, let's brew an unforgettable online presence, attracting coffee loving souls and boosting sales.

Why Do You Need a Coffee Shop Website?

A website for a business is so crucial that everyone knows that they still need clarification and don’t make their online presence, resulting in mediocrity. A coffee shop website is an excellent way to build your brand, advertise your products and establish your online presence.

A website can help you increase footfall at the coffee shop by showcasing your services and items. With a website, you can also build a robust presence, which makes you unique from your competition.

A well-built website also helps customers get in touch with you easily so they can ask questions or give feedback about their experience at the cafe. It allows customers to know more about you and your business, which builds trust among them for long-term relationships with businesses like yours.

Do you know: According to Statistica, the US coffee market reached $88.35bn in 2023 and is anticipated to grow annually by 4.61% till 2028. The data shows the power of the coffee industry and the potential it has.

How to Make a Coffee Shop Website?

A coffee shop website is more than just about the product. It's about the experience, the brand, and telling your story in a way that makes people want to come back for more.

The first step is to decide what kind of website you want to create?

Do you want an online store where customers can buy their favourite beverages? Or do you want a microsite where potential customers can learn more about your business and discover how you evolved? For both you have to go through the process I discussed in the blog further. So, let's get started.

1. Analyzing the competition

Analyzing the competition.

The first step in creating your website is to analyze your competitor’s actions. This will create a baseline for what you need to offer and give you an idea of which tools and features they use on their websites. 

If you need help figuring out where to start, look up some local coffee shops with websites and see what they have done right or wrong for that matter. 

This will give you a good idea of what your website needs to accomplish and show you the essential features of coffee shops. For example, some coffee shops offer online ordering and delivery services. 

Others focus on providing information about their coffee, including the origin of the coffee bean. The exact features you need will vary depending on your business model, but starting with a clear idea of what you want your website to do is important. After you complete your research, you must decide on a budget for your website.

2. Establishing a Budget for Your Website

Establishing a Budget for Your Website.

Before you start building your coffee shop website, it is important to establish a budget for the project. This will let you know how much money you can spend developing and marketing the website. A good way of working out what kind of budget is required for this type of project is by analyzing similar websites in your industry. That I've already discussed in the first step. By doing so, we can get an idea of how much other businesses have invested in their online presence and determine whether our site needs more work done before launch.

3. Executing your website

develop a coffee shop website.

There are two ways of creating your website. Use the easy ready-made templates or hire remote developers to make it for you. Let's discuss both options in more detail.

Using a ready-made template is the easiest option, but there are also some downsides. Suppose you're not careful when choosing a template. In that case, your site may look like thousands of others on the web, and no one will be interested in visiting yours because they won't see anything unique about it.

Hiring remote developers can be more expensive than using readymade templates. Still, it gives more control over how everything looks on screen and creates more creativity when designing elements such as images or text fonts/styles.

If you want a unique-looking website that will stand out from the crowd, then it's better to hire remote developers. They can also make changes if you decide later that you want something done differently or add new features.

Want to hire an expert developer?

Launch your website quickly with our expert team of developers. Hire, plan and execute and utilize the full potential of developers to grow your business. Reserve your complimentary 30-minute call and start your seamless website development journey today.

4. Choosing the Right Platform for Your Website

You might wonder, "What is the best platform for building my website?" The answer to this question depends on your business needs and goals. If you're just looking to create a simple site that showcases your brand and facilitates communication with customers, WordPress is an excellent option because it's easy to use and has plenty of plugins. Other options are available in the market, but WordPress's popularity and ease of use would be an excellent option for any novice user.

You can still opt for CMS development if you plan to build a bigger platform with extra functionalities and features.

Read more about CMS Development: 4 Content Management Systems That You Should Try Out

5. Types of Web Pages That Should be Included in Any Coffee Shop Website

Types of Web Pages That Should be Included.

A coffee shop website should provide relevant and engaging content for its visitors. Here are some essential types of web pages that should be included. You can also filter out only the pages you need on your website.

  • Homepage: A main page introducing the coffee shop's brand and mission.

  • Menu: To display the coffee shop's offerings.

  • About Us: Share the coffee shop's history, story and mission.

  • Location and Contact: Provide address, contact info, and map.

  • Gallery: Showcase images of the coffee shop and products.

  • Online Ordering/Reservations: Enable easy online ordering and reservations.

  • Blog/News: Share updates, events, and articles.

  • Testimonials: Highlight positive customer experiences.

  • FAQ: Answer common customer questions.

  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Service: Outline data usage and website terms.

  • Special Offers/Coupons: Display promotions and loyalty programs.

Ensure the website is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. Regularly updating the content and keeping the information accurate will help maintain a positive online presence and attract more customers to the coffee shop.

Case Study for the Coffee Shop Website

Now you have a general idea of how to make a coffee shop website. It would be a great idea to share a short case study to understand what types of things a website for the coffee business needs. 

Coffee Shop Website case study.

We are an experienced team of developers and Laravel experts with a proud batch of Official Laravel Partners. And recently, we helped vibe coffee with advanced solutions that allowed them to take their business from bean to screen.

Vibe Coffee is a well-known coffee maker known for making fine roasted coffee beans and has dozens of Coffee outlets in New Zealand. They needed a website to grow their business, and that is how they met us for website development for the coffee industry.

How Acquaint Helped Vibe Coffee With Advanced Solutions

By understanding all their requirements, we built them a masterpiece in the form of a website. We completed a front-end design using modern technologies like Photoshop and Javascript. We later used WordPress for CMS development. By tackling all challenges, we integrated all crucial features that the website needed (we will give you a list of features we integrated to give you with a better understanding) 

With the help of our expert team of developers, we overcame all challenges and made a masterpiece with Vibe coffee.

4.2 Requirements We Fulfilled And Features We Added

  • Aesthetic design that drives coffee lovers.

  • Online coffee store.

  • Every section of a page tells a different story.

  • Strategically added CTA buttons.

  • Easy enquiry page.

  • Register and sign on the page.

  • Blog section.

  • Sign up feature to get fresh updates.

  • Social media and online map integration.

  • Secure payment gateway with different options.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Coffee Shop Website?

The cost of creating a coffee shop website can also vary based on several factors. Here's a general estimate for developing a coffee shop website:

  • Basic website with essential features: $2,000 to $5,000 

  • An intermediate website with additional functionality: $5,000 to $8,000 

  • An advanced website with e-commerce and custom features: $8,000 to $15,000 or more, depending on the complexity and client's requirements. 

It's important to note that these estimates are rough ranges, and the actual cost can be influenced by factors like the web development agency's rates, the number of pages and features, design complexity, e-commerce integration, and any custom functionalities required for the specific coffee shop website.

However, if you are looking for a website development solution or a Laravel development solution, you can depend on us to redesign your website. We provide development solutions at competitive prices, starting at only $15/hr or 2640/month, and vary as per your requirements. Contact us to know more.


Website development is crucial, but insufficient knowledge can make it hard for businesses to develop one. Using this guide that covers different aspects of website development, you can make a perfect website for your business. We also shared a small case study that helped you to gain experience with what you can add to your website. A completed beginner guide will allow you to take control of your future website.

If you plan to build your website from scratch, please get in touch with us. We are here to provide the best development solutions. Contact us now to know more.


Why do I need a coffee shop website?

A coffee shop website is an excellent way to build your brand, advertise your products and establish your online presence.

A website can help you increase footfall at the coffee shop by showcasing your services and items. With a website, you can also build a robust presence, which makes you unique from your competition.

Types of features to add to a coffee shop website?

The main features of a coffee shop website are as follows:

  • Menu Display

  • Online Ordering

  • Table Reservations

  • Image Gallery

  • Social Media Integration

  • Newsletter Subscription

  • Mobile-Friendly Design

  • E-commerce Integration (if selling coffee beans, merchandise, etc.)

  • Responsive Layout

Types of web pages to add in your website

The main pages any coffee website will require are:

  • Homepage

  • Menu

  • About Us

  • Location and Contact

  • Gallery

  • Online Ordering/Reservations

  • Blog/News

  • Testimonials

  • FAQs

  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

  • Special Offers/Coupons

How much time does it take to make a coffee shop website?

The timeline for creating a coffee shop website varies based on complexity. But to provide a general idea, a basic website with all essential features might take 2-6 weeks, while a more customized one with features like online ordering or more complex features like CMS development could need 2-4 months or more, depending on what types of features clients want.


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