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Khamma Ghani ‘Jaisalmer’ – A trip to remember!

April 5th, 2018

Wrapping up our pre-Christmas holiday workload, we were eagerly looking forward to the Christmas holidays. We were thinking that this mini-vacation would pass just like other holidays. But our enthusiastic CEO, Mukesh (Max), and our encouraging HR, Madhuri, surprised us with the announcement. “Pack your bags. We are going to Jaisalmer.” Since everyone in the Acquaint family needed a break, the trip announcement hit an adrenaline rush of adventure and exploration.

With excitement rising every passing day, whispers of what to carry, what to visit, who would bring the camera, what to wear, became louder. Finally, the most-awaited day arrived. On the eve of December 22, we all were geared up to explore the Golden City of Rajasthan – Jaisalmer.


Excited Team Acquaint gathered at the decided spot on time, and our road trip commenced with loud applause. Since the night was still young and so were we, the combined energy of everyone soon was flowing out in the form of music rivalry, Antakshari. Snacks popped open, and soon everyone was munching and exchanging food, pulling each other’s legs, and cracking jokes. At last, when our eyes started drowsing, we decided to get some sleep to enjoy to the fullest our morning at Jaisalmer.

We opened our eyes to the majestic golden hues of the sand. The sky began to explode with blended tones of rosy pinks and sandy yellows. The chilly breeze washed away all our weariness within a moment. Nothing can soothe your soul in such a scenario than a piping hot cup of tea. Since we are ardent chai lovers, we began our Jaisalmer adventure with a small tea party. We reached our rooms, rested a bit, and soon all gathered for breakfast as no one was in a mood to stay indoors.

After treating our tummies, our Day 1 was ‘Mission – Desert National Park.’ The runway between Jaisalmer city and the desert park was so beautiful that it gave us goosebumps imagining what lies ahead? It was almost noon, and nature’s delight was so magnetic that we couldn’t resist. So we stopped our cars in between and decided to take the lunch - Thepla and Sukhi Bhaji. Our HR Madhuri had packed it for all of us.


Finally, we reached our destination. Without wasting a single moment, we checked in into our tents and played on-ground games and activities. At 4:30 PM, we buckled up for the most exciting journey, the ‘Camel Safari.’ The train of Camels was already present there, and each of us rode it with utmost enjoyment. Many of us clicked pictures for our next profile image as well.

When the glimpse of the beautiful desert sunset began to appear, it was then, we realized the track of time. We returned to our tents only to be greeted our another surprise, ‘Rajasthani Cultural Show.’ It was a riot of colors as the locals adorned in their ethnic attires, danced, and sang their traditional songs. The entire atmosphere was full of mellow vibes. We also joined them and requested to play our Garba song, to which they readily agreed. And in no time, we all were totally immersed in the fun and frolic atmosphere. We came to our senses only when the aroma of the traditional Rajasthani cuisine struck our noses. Soon, we all were feasting on varieties of food. Though it was an all-day-long journey, no one was in a mood to sleep. So we flagged off the night party, which consisted of chitter-chatters, songs, dance, stories, games, etc. But, among all, the most memorable part was when our beloved CTO Ahmed Ginani shook a leg. And thus, our first day ended with a sound sleep.


Day 2 was ‘Mission – Jeep Safari and Jaisalmer Fort.’ The adventurous open-jeep safari made everyone scream with joy. The ladies gang, Heena, Riddhi, and Madhuri, posed for cameras. While Vaibhav, Sanjeet, Chetan, Dilip all too joined them, spreading the laughter all around. Next, we gathered for Gypsy riding. Mayur, Bhavyesh, and all of us tried this adventure one-by-one pulling all those who resisted at first. It was an incredible experience and is a must-try while at Jaisalmer.


Since it was the last day, we headed fast to the Jaisalmer Fort, known as Sonar Quila (Golden Fort). The royal enormous yellow fort glows beautifully during the morning. Evening sunlight appears to be one with the golden hues of the sand. It was a proud moment to visit one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.


Next, we visited ‘Vyas Chhatri,’ one of the most beautiful examples of Rajasthani architecture. The bird’s eye view of Jaisalmer Fort and its adjoining areas from there was indeed a captivating moment. And thus, our journey ended munching on delicious ‘Bhel’ prepared by our little Gautam.

The journey back was all about the trip only. For Manish and Bhupat, the 40KM ride from Jaisalmer to Sam Sand Dune city was the best experience. For Minal, Mehul, and Alpesh, the early morning walk on soft and cold sand was the most blissful moment. In short, for Jaydeep, Tarang, and each one of us, the time spent with the AGC family had turned into a cherished and most memorable moment to remember for a lifetime. Though it was a painful moment to head back home, Pravin (our tiger as we all named him) kept us all entertained the way back home, giving a fun-filled finale to the fabulous trip.

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Mukesh Ram

Founder and CEO, Acquaint Softtech

I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.

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