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Why Outsourcing is A Smart Business Decision?

December 22nd, 2023
why outsource software development smart choice.


Outsourcing software development is a wise business decision that can help businesses achieve their strategic goals, improve their performance, and gain a competitive edge in the global market. Hence, it is a smart business decision for various reasons. It provides multiple benefits that contribute to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall growth. 

All businesses have several options when it comes to developing their software. They can either do it in-house, hire freelancers, or search for a professional offshore software development agency. This article provides more information on why it is a smart decision.

Benefits To Outsource Software Development

Outsourcing is the practice of hiring external software development agencies to perform specific tasks or functions that are not part of the core business. 

Benefits To Outsource Software Development.

Outsourcing software development offers numerous benefits, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to optimize costs, access specialized skills, and expedite project timelines:

  • Cost savings:  Outsourcing can reduce the overhead costs of hiring, training, and managing in-house developers, as well as the costs of hardware, software, and infrastructure. It is easier to manage your budget and is especially beneficial for firms working with low budgets. It helps reduce labor costs, overhead expenses, and capital investments. Save time and money often spent on lengthy recruitment processes by hiring the experts. Hiring a software development firm in India for your requirements can help you save even more. 

  • Quality Assurance: When you hire remote developers, you are leveraging the expertise, experience, technology, and resources of the professional software development agency. This equates to greater customer satisfaction by delivering faster, with high quality, more reliable, and more customized solutions.

  • Higher level of innovation: Gaining access to new markets and skills can lead to more innovative solutions. You also gain access to new ideas and unique perspectives that help inspire a higher level of creativity. This also ensures your software is as per the latest standards and implements cutting-edge tech stack. 

  • Focus on core competencies: With the majority of the work on your project being taken care of by the remote developers, you gain more time to focus on core business activities. This is ideal for developing better business strategies to achieve your goals. 

  • Greater flexibility:  Businesses can adapt to changing customer needs, market conditions, and competitive pressures. The higher level of flexibility allows one to manage their business better and dynamically.

  • Risk management:  Outsourcing can mitigate risks by transferring some of the responsibilities and liabilities to the service providers. It can also reduce the exposure to operational, legal, regulatory, and reputation risks. The remote software development agency will have the ability to manage risks better; they do so with the help of extensive analysis & research. 

  • Access to a larger pool of talent and resources: Remote teams have the entire resources of their software development firm at their disposal. This is beneficial for businesses in multiple ways, including gaining access to developers with a wide range of skills. 

  • High Scalability: The ability to dynamically scale up or down without much effort is one of the most significant advantages of outsourcing. This is also ideal for staff augmentation to expand your internal team in the case of heavy workload or tight deadlines. 

  • Faster Time-to-Market: With plenty of resources and talented professionals, outsourcing to a  software development agency is the optimal choice when it comes to the need to develop a website or mobile app quickly and launch fast. Remote developers can deliver flawless solutions to ensure fast time-to-market. 

  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation: Outsourcing software development can be a smart move for businesses that want to gain a competitive edge in the market, improve their efficiency and productivity, and enhance their customer satisfaction. Outsourcing can help companies achieve more with less while benefiting from the expertise and experience of global developers. It also means constant support when required and access to easy updates. 

Here are a few important statistics and facts on outsourcing:

  • IT outsourcing in 2022 was approximately worth $395 Billion. 

  • Gain expert domain knowledge.

  • Over 75% of businesses are currently outsourcing. 

  • Global outsourcing is expected to rise to $971.2 Billion by the end of 2023. 

  • Gain access to world-class talent.

  • Perfect solution for the purpose of staff augmentation.

  • 78% of businesses worldwide have a positive response about their outsourcing partner.

SuperFi's Smart Decision To Outsource

SuperFi's Smart Decision To Outsource.

SuperFi project:

SuperFi Finance project concept was to solve the common problem of credit card debt. Their research and analysis on the UK market, along with several surveys online, revealed the average credit card debt per household in the UK is over 2000 pounds. Hence, their concept was to help such users with their credit card debt and other financial-related problems with the help of an interactive website and mobile app. Some of the other features of this project were allowing users to manage their credit cards, use a tool to calculate time to being debt free and be rewarded for timely payment, debt calculation, rewards, and cashback, guidelines and advice to prevent debt, and much more. 

Acquaint Softtech contribution:

At Acquaint Softtech, we developed a next-generation solution for SuperFi. There was an incredible concept, but we were not sure how to go about developing a solution. We gave them expert guidance on the benefits of outsourcing to a software development firm like us. We opted to develop an MVP since they aimed to launch fast. Instead of spending a lot of time researching for the right team, they chose to hire remote developers from us. This decision has saved them a lot of time and effort since we delivered a top-notch solution. This was accepted well by the client as well as their customers. 

How SuperFi Benefited:

SuperFi gained access to specialized skills by outsourcing to Acquaint Softtech. They took advantage of the highly experienced developers and flexibility. We provided them with cost-effective development in quick time. Our excellent project management and communications skills also give us an edge. The main reason SuperFi Finance outsourced their project development to us was our good track record and the fact that we are reliable and provide affordable solutions. 

This excellent business decision gave SuperFi the advantage where they saved over $60K on annual hiring costs. The main reason is they saved having to invest in infrastructure, equipment, salary, and more. Besides this, they found a reliable developer providing flawless solutions. Some of the other benefits of their smart decision were less effort to find exceptional talent, more flexibility and scalability, an increase in productivity, a broader talent pool, and a more diverse perspective. These factors also resulted in more financial gain.

Common Risks & Solution

While outsourcing poses risks, businesses can mitigate these challenges through strategic risk management practices, including comprehensive due diligence, robust contractual agreements, regular communication, and establishing clear expectations and guidelines. 

The key to handling the risks of outsourcing and reaping the benefits is establishing a risk mitigation strategy. This will help your business maximize the software outsourcing benefits with no risk to your business. 

Outsourcing Common Risks & Solution.

That said, some of the common risks include:

  • Quality control 

  • Managing project timeline

  • Language barrier

  • Cultural differences

  • Legal & compliance issues

  • Contractual disputes

  • Loss of control

  • Security and privacy breaches

  • Dependency and lock-in

Proactive planning, clear communication, strategic oversight, and a collaborative approach will help overcome the majority of the issues often faced during outsourcing. By implementing these strategies and maintaining a vigilant approach, businesses can navigate outsourcing risks and optimize the benefits of external partnerships. 

It is also important you choose an outsourcing partner. Do your research and find a reliable and reputable provider that has experience and expertise in your industry and domain. Check their portfolio, reviews, references, and certifications. Make sure they have the resources, technology, and processes to deliver on your expectations and requirements.

For example, Acquaint Softtech is the perfect example of a good software development firm to outsource to. We have already helped several firms with their website and mobile app development requirements. In fact, we have developed over 5000 next-generation solutions for clients worldwide.

Experience the Power of Outsourcing!

Seeking efficient, innovative solutions for software development? Outsourcing holds the key to unlocking unparalleled advantages!

There are several factors shaping the future of outsourcing, which is evolving as per the advancements in technology, changing work dynamics, and shifts in global economics. 

The future of outsourcing looks like:

  • AI & Machine learning

  • Robotic process automation (RPA)

  • Rise in popularity of remote working concept

  • Staff augmentation by outsourcing for distributed teams

  • Strategic partnerships

Technology can enable more efficient and effective outsourcing processes, as well as create new opportunities for innovation and collaboration. Globalization can increase the demand for outsourcing services, as well as the supply of skilled and diverse talent.

Take Advantage of Professional Development Company

advantages of professional outsource development company.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient way to create software solutions for your business, you might want to consider hiring a professional offshore software development company like Acquaint Softtech.

Acquaint Softtech offers a wide range of services and has dedicated teams with expertise in a wide range of technologies. We have been doing so for over 10 years and have gained exposure to several industries worldwide. 

SuperFi benefited from the cutting-edge solution we developed for them, as explained in detail in this article. You too, can take advantage of our team of developers with exceptional skills. Here is how you will benefit when you hire us: 

  • You get access to a team of experts with diverse skills and experience. 

  • We can provide you with a team of qualified developers, designers, testers, project managers, and other specialists who have the knowledge and expertise to handle any software project. 

  • You can leverage our skills and experience to create high-quality software solutions that meet your specific needs and expectations.

  • You will save time and money with our high-quality, cost-effective development.

  • We deliver customized and scalable solutions. 

  • Your business will reap the benefits of continuous support and maintenance.

These are some of the software outsourcing benefits and benefits of hiring a professional software development agency to fulfill your software requirements. We are a leading software development agency that offers a range of services and solutions for various domains and platforms. Get in touch to learn more about our extensive list of services. There is no time like the present to outsource your project and gain the upper edge over your competitors.

Discover Outsourcing Solution.

Tap into a global pool of skilled professionals, specialized expertise and Cost-Effective Solutions. We have the expertise to help you with your project.


Why is outsourcing beneficial for businesses?

Outsourcing offers numerous benefits, such as cost savings, access to specialized skills, and increased operational efficiency. It allows companies to focus on core competencies while delegating non-core tasks to external experts.

How does outsourcing contribute to scalability?

Outsourcing provides flexibility, allowing companies to scale operations up or down quickly in response to changing business needs without the overheads of hiring or downsizing internally.

Is outsourcing solely about cost savings?

While cost savings are a major advantage, outsourcing also facilitates access to advanced technologies, accelerates time-to-market, and mitigates risks by sharing certain responsibilities with external partners.

How can businesses ensure successful outsourcing?

Successful outsourcing involves thorough vendor evaluation, clear communication, robust contracts, and ongoing oversight to ensure alignment with business goals and quality standards.


Mukesh Ram

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I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.

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