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What is Composer and how do I use it to install Laravel?


laravel composer installation.

Installing Laravel takes simple steps when we use Composer. It's a useful tool that plays a crucial role while installing Laravel. Let's understand everything about Composer and see how to install Laravel using Composer. Installing Laravel is the first step to becoming a Laravel developer and starting to learn Laravel to offer Laravel development services, so it's crucial to understand everything. So let's start with understanding what Composer is. 

What is Composer? 

Composer is a dependency manager, a powerful tool that allows users to install Laravel effortlessly. Usually, developers and Laravel development companies use composer, it helps to handle dependency management, autoloading, version compatibility, updates, and integration with the broader PHP package ecosystem. It simplifies the process of resolving and downloading dependencies, ensuring that all required components are available and compatible with each other.  

Let's see how composer help users with installation. 

Benefits of using composer for Laravel installation 

Benefits of using composer for Laravel.
  1. Dependency Management 

With Composer, the process of managing dependencies gets easy. It helps to simplify libraries and packages required for your Laravel project in the composer.Json file. Not only it resolves and install dependencies, but it also ensures that all needed components are available and compatible with each other. Simplifying the complex task of downloading the correct packages and their dependencies makes the installation smooth and effortless. 

  1. Autoloading 

The composer's autoloading feature eliminates the need to integrate classes and files from the installed packages manually. It generates an optimized autoloader file that automatically loads the necessary files when needed, saving you from the tedious task of manually including them in your code. By simplifying accessing classes and functions from the installed packages within your Laravel application, autoloading is a useful feature in the composer. 

  1. Version Compatibility 

Composer allows you to specify version constraints for each package in your project's composer.json file. This ensures that the installed packages are compatible and helps avoid conflicts. The composer resolves the dependencies and determines the correct versions of each package, considering the specified version constraints. All this results in a smooth integration of various packages within your Laravel project. 

  1. Updates and Maintenance 

Composer provides a straightforward way to update your project's dependencies. By running the composer update command, Composer checks for newer versions of the installed packages, respecting the version constraints defined in the composer.json file. This lets you easily keep your project up-to-date with the latest bug fixes, security patches, and feature enhancements. 

  1. Integration with PHP Package Ecosystem 

Composer integrates seamlessly with the wider PHP package ecosystem. It leverages the Packagist repository, the primary package repository for PHP, to discover and fetch packages for your Laravel projects. It hosts a vast collection of open-source PHP packages contributed by the community, offering a wide range of functionalities that can be easily incorporated into your Laravel applications. 

Thanks to the features Composer provides, it makes it easy for Laravel development companies to setup Laravel for new developers. 

How to install Laravel With using composer 

Installing Laravel is simple. Follow the given steps to install Laravel effortlessly. But before installation, ensure your PC has the required software composer and PHP installed. If you haven’t installed it, follow the link, download, and install the PHP and composer on your computer. 

If you are confused with installation of PHP, then click here (Link the given Answer blog with It) for easy guide on installing PHP. 

Step: 1 

install Laravel With using composer step 1.

After installing Composer, open your command prompt and navigate to the directory where you want to create your first Laravel project. 

Step: 2 

install Laravel With using composer step 2.

In terminal start writing the given code to create your Laravel project.  


composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel project-name 

Replace "project-name" with the desired name for your project. This command will download and install the latest version of Laravel and dependencies into a new directory named "project-name." 

After running the given command wait for some few minutes, the composer downloads and installs all necessary files and dependencies for Laravel. 

Step: 3 

install Laravel With using composer step 3.

Once the installation is complete, it’s a good practice to configure your environment to start with Laravel. By navigating to the project directory use the cd command. 


cd project-name 

Inside the project directory, you'll find a file named .env.example. Rename this file to .env. This file contains the environment configuration for your Laravel project. 

Step: 4 

install Laravel With using composer step 4.

In this step we will generate an API key. The purpose of generating Application key is to the secure your application's encrypted data to kept it confidential. Laravel will automatically set the generated key in the .env file, just run the given command.  


php artisan key:generate 

Step: 5  

install Laravel With using composer step 5.

Finally, you can start the Laravel development server by running the following command: 


php artisan serve 

After running the command, you should see an output like "Laravel development server started." This message indicates that your development server deployed successfully. Now you can access your Laravel application by visiting http://localhost:8000 in your web browser. 

And that’s how you can install Laravel successfully on your Local computer using Composer. Following these easy steps, and you can install Laravel in no time. 

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