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What are Some Examples of Popular Websites Built with Laravel?


Popular Websites Built with Laravel.

Developers widely favour PHP frameworks due to their rich features and reliability. Among these PHP frameworks, Laravel stands out as one of the best. Over time, Laravel has gained significant recognition, leading to an increased demand for Laravel development services.

Due to its increase in popularity, Laravel created a significant impact on the development business, resulting in lots of developers starting to adopt Laravel. Several big brands also recognized the power of the framework and have begun adopting it to use it for their websites.

In this article, we'll explore fascinating examples of popular websites built with Laravel. These websites showcase the versatility and power of the framework in real-world applications. From eCommerce platforms to social networking sites, Laravel makes its presence felt in various web projects.

Overview on Laravel

Laravel is a popular PHP framework, built to provide security and robustness to modern websites. Taylor Otwell, a software developer from the US, developed Laravel to make it more elegant and efficient while offering robust features and modern development practices. 

Since its initial release in June 2011, Laravel has gained significant popularity within the PHP community. It continues to evolve and improve, with the latest update, Laravel 10, released on February 14, 2023.

Some key advantages of Laravel

key advantages of Laravel.
  • Expressive syntax and clean code structure for an efficient development process. 

  • Simplified routing system for creating user-friendly and maintainable URL structures. 

  • Authentication and authorization mechanisms for improved website security. 

  • Eloquent ORM for efficient database management and seamless integration with database records. 

  • Extensive ecosystem of third-party packages for leveraging existing solutions and integrating with popular tools and services. 

  • Blade templating engine for creating reusable and dynamic UI components.

  • Effective caching system for optimizing website performance.

  • Robust testing support for ensuring website reliability and quality.

  • Integration with queues and job scheduling to handle background tasks and enhance website responsiveness.

  • An active community providing resources, documentation, and community-driven contributions for continuous learning and support.

Due to its long list of features, it’s the best choice for developing any website development process. If you want to build a robust and secure website, Laravel is a great choice, as it is also easy to maintain. If you are planning to build a custom website, consider hiring Laravel developer. Hiring a remote developer gives you freedom to work with expert developers around the world.

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Top 15 websites built with Laravel


  2. Invoice Ninja



  5. Barchart

  6. Bagisto


  8. World Walking

  9. Check people

  10. Asgard CMS

  11.  Larasocial

  12. Cachet

  13. MY Rank

  14.  October CMS

  15. Usetably


Alison., the largest free e-learning platform, is a unique website built with Laravel. With a vision to provide free education to everyone, offers a vast range of online courses across various disciplines. Powered by Laravel, this platform delivers a seamless user experience and a robust learning environment. stands out for its user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and extensive course catalog. Learners worldwide can access high-quality educational resources, all made possible by Laravel's powerful features.

By leveraging the capabilities of Laravel, demonstrates the framework's potential in building a scalable and inclusive e-learning platform that empowers individuals to enhance their knowledge and skills, breaking down barriers to education for a global audience.

Web Link:

2. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja.

InvoiceNinja is a feature-rich website built with Laravel, offering an open-source invoicing program. It provides a user-friendly platform for creating, managing, and sending invoices. With its SaaS model, InvoiceNinja offers the flexibility for users to utilize either their infrastructure or the public cloud. 

The website's intuitive interface and robust functionality make it effortless for businesses of all sizes to streamline their invoicing processes.

Web link: InvoiceNinja

3. AlphaCoders


Alphacoders is a dynamic and open-source platform that bridges the gap between content creators and their passionate fans! Built with Laravel using a blade template engine. Alphacoders offers an extensive collection of high-quality wallpapers for users to discover, download, and personalize their devices. From breathtaking landscapes to stunning artwork, Alphacoders curates many wallpapers to cater to diverse tastes. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Alphacoders has gained popularity worldwide, and it's still growing.

Web link: Alphacoders


Laracasts., a renowned Laravel development company and a prominent website built with Laravel, is a comprehensive learning platform for web developers. With a clean and intuitive user interface, Laracasts offers a vast library of high-quality video tutorials, screencasts, and courses focused on Laravel and modern web development practices.

Laracasts covers many topics, including Laravel framework intricacies, front-end technologies, testing methodologies, etc. The tutorials are delivered by industry experts, ensuring top-notch educational content.

Laracasts demonstrates how Laravel can empower the creation of an engaging and dynamic educational platform, fostering the growth and proficiency of developers worldwide.

Web Link:

5. Barchart


Barchart is a dynamic financial website built with Laravel, catering to investors, traders, and financial professionals. This feature-rich platform offers real-time market data, charts, and analytics for various financial instruments, including stocks, futures, options, and currencies. Users can access comprehensive research tools, customizable dashboards, and personalized watchlists to track their investments effectively.

The website leverages Laravel's robust routing system and caching capabilities for optimal performance. With its responsive design and integration with external APIs, Barchart delivers up-to-date financial information, making it a go-to resource for individuals seeking reliable and actionable market insights.

Web link: Barchart

6. Bagisto


Bagisto is a dynamic eCommerce platform built with Laravel, designed to provide a seamless online shopping experience. With its sleek and user-friendly interface, Bagisto offers a wide range of features for both customers and store owners. Bagisto, powered by Laravel, combines elegance and functionality, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to establish a compelling online presence.

Web Link: Bagisto

7. is a vibrant and dynamic community-driven website built with the Laravel framework. It is a central hub for Laravel developers, offering resources, discussions, and insights. It's the biggest Laravel community platform built with Laravel. It also includes a vast collection of tutorials, articles, and documentation, making it a go-to destination for learning. helps Laravel development companies and developers to stay updated with the latest Laravel development. 

Web link: Laravel.Io

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8. World Walking

World Walking.

World Walking is an excellent website built with Laravel, showcasing the best of Laravel-based applications. With its unique mission, World Walking aims to motivate individuals to engage in more walking activities. Powered by Laravel's robust features, World Walking provides a seamless platform that blends technology, health, and exploration, making walking an enjoyable and rewarding experience for users of all ages.

Web link: World walking

9. Check People

Check People.

Check People, a website built to search for the personal records of people. A sophisticated website built with the powerful Laravel framework. This platform provides a comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses to conduct background checks on people. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, Check People allows users to easily search for public records, criminal histories, employment details, and more. 

Experience the power and reliability of Laravel in action on Check People, where ease of use meets comprehensive background-checking services.

Web Link: Checkpeople

 10. Asgard CMS

Asgard CMS.

Asgard CMS is a cutting-edge modular multilingual CMS that harnesses the power of the Laravel framework. This robust website platform offers comprehensive features to manage content and create dynamic web experiences effortlessly. Asgard CMS, backed by Laravel's reliability and flexibility, empowers businesses and individuals to easily build highly scalable and customizable websites.

Web link: Asgard CMS

11. Larasocial


LarasSocial is a media networking website made using the Laravel framework. What makes it unique is that it's an open-source lightweight social media platform built to foster valuable connections worldwide. A dynamic platform offers users to connect and thrive with a digital team. It helps remote developers connect with other developers or Laravel development companies to build connections.

web link: Larasocial

 12. Cachet


It would be troublesome when your website gets slow. And that’s where Cachet comes into action. Cachet is a unique website built with Laravel. An open-source status page system assists users in simplifying and enhancing communication during service outages and incidents.

With its responsive design and customizable components, Cachet offers a user-friendly experience, making it an indispensable tool for businesses to maintain transparency and effectively manage service disruptions.

Web Link: Cachet

 13. My Rank

My Rank.

My Rank is a smooth and user-friendly online educational platform built with Laravel. What makes this website unique is utilizing the power of Laravel by making everything look great and satisfying without compromising usability. My Rank is an exceptional website built with Laravel, making online learning for students.

Web Link: My Rank

 14. October CMS

October CMS.

October CMS is a popular website built with Laravel, offering a user-friendly content management system (CMS) that combines simplicity and flexibility. Designed by the developer for developers to provide a seamless experience for managing website content. It's easy to learn and saves time with easy reusable code.

By leveraging Laravel's robustness and extensive ecosystem, October CMS stands out as a reliable and scalable solution for building dynamic and engaging websites without compromising ease of use.

Web link: October CMS

15. Usetably


Usetably is a unique restaurant website built with Laravel. Usetably simplifies the entire reservation process and enhances customer service for restaurants. With its intuitive interface, managing bookings becomes a breeze, allowing restaurants to handle table reservations and allocate resources efficiently and effortlessly. By using Laravel, Usetably achieved to build a website that’s secure and easy to use.

Web Link: Usetably

Final words

Undoubtedly, Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks, and developers utilize its power to its full potential. Laravel has an edge over other frameworks. It is ideal to build websites that are scalable, lightweight, and secure. So, if you are planning to start your development journey, consider hiring a remote developer who can help your business with a custom  website by harnessing the power of Laravel.