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Remote Leadership: Footstep for remote project management

March 5th, 2024
Footstep for remote project management.

Opening Notes

Building remote team collaborations & ensuring effective communication can be a challenging task. However, these elements are vital for the success & well-being of remote teams. Additionally, remote leaders need to have thoughtful considerations to achieve a successful project collaboration. This article will outline effective considerations for remote project management.

Firstly, let's understand the challenges of remote leadership

Introduction to Remote Leadership Challenges

Remote Leadership Challenges.

A recent shift towards work-from-home culture has changed the team dynamics of teams working remotely. Moreover, remote leaders need to build a cooperative work environment without the physical presence of the team. Additionally, this shift has led team leaders to reevaluate the traditional leadership approach to build a modern management approach.

Now, let's understand the process & steps a project manager should use while managing distributed teams.

Let's begin with building connections & mutual collaborations in managing remote teams.

Building connections & collaborations

Building a sense of belongingness amongst remote team members is essential. Below, we have mentioned several strategies a project manager can use to streamline the development process.

Regular Team-building activities

Remote team leaders should ensure they conduct remote team-building activities to achieve seamless integration between teams. Conducting activities like virtual coffee meetings, online games, etc. can help in encouraging a friendly company culture. Moreover, these activities help break down barriers and build personal connections.

Celebrating Milestones & achievements

As an organization, companies should celebrate the success & accomplishments of their in-house & remote team members. By celebrating milestones, work anniversaries & personal achievements a project leader should ensure his team feels valued.

Creating Spaces for Casual Interactions

A remote project leader should encourage their team to use digital platforms for casual conversations. This is instead of having water cooler chats in physical offices. This can include dedicated chat channels for non-work topics.

Now, let's understand how using the right communication measures can help organizations streamline project management.

What is the role of effective communication in project management?

role of communication in project management.

Project management will become successful only when the organizations use the right communication skills. Indeed, building effective communication is essential to ensure project success. While building remote teams should make sure they build a proper communication plan that ensures clarity & alignment.

Moreover, leaders should be intentional in their approach to communication by emphasizing on:

Clear & concise Communication

Clear and concise written and verbal communication is crucial for organizations in remote teams. This is because there is limited face-to-face interaction.

Regular Updates & Check-ins

In any work setup where employees work remotely, implementing frequent team meetings becomes essential. Additionally, the companies should conduct one-on-one check-ins to ensure each team member is aware of their goals.

Open Communication Channels

Remote leaders must create a culture that encourages all team members to share their ideas. However, to achieve this the companies should conduct regular feedback & encourage open communication during scheduled meetings.

How can leaders Build Trust & Accountability

How can leaders Build Trust & Accountability.

Trust & accountability are important in managing remote teams, but it can be difficult to gain trust & accountability. However, a project leader can embrace these aspects by using below strategies:

Empowering team members

As a leader, a project manager should significantly focus on empowering his team. To gain trust the leaders should give team members ownership of their tasks & projects. Empowerment boosts confidence, builds accountability & enhances job satisfaction.

Transparent Leadership

As a remote team leader, the project manager should be explicit about the challenges of the business. Moreover, being transparent can encourage trust & openness within the teams.

Defining clear expectations

A project manager must clearly define team members' roles and responsibilities to achieve successful project delivery. Furthermore, the project leader should also provide all the necessary tools & support team members in achieving their goals.

Performance Tracking & Feedback

A project leader should implement systems for tracking progress &outcomes. Further, they should provide constructive feedback to help the team members maintain accountability to attain personal & professional growth.

How can a company achieve team engagement & productivity

An engaged team member is going to be more responsible towards his or her work. Remote team members will duly perform their tasks even if the project manager isn't present for supervision. 

The organizations should make sure their team members are fully involved in the project to achieve success. There are three ways to achieve complete employee engagement. Let us understand all of them one by one.

Flexible work arrangements

While managing remote teams it is essential to allow flexible working whenever possible. By offering flexibility in work companies ensure a boost in productivity of their employees.

Investing in Technology & tools

Ensure the team has access to the necessary technology & tools to communicate effectively. Doing this will significantly boost productivity & employee will perform their tasks efficiently. This includes project management software, communication platforms, and access to online resources for skill development.

Encouraging Self-care and Work-Life Balance

Promote a culture that values mental health and work-life balance. By, encouraging team members to take breaks, and disconnect after work hours to attain a proper work-life balance.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

A staff augmentation method enables organizations to hire remote developers to meet the skill shortages. Remote team collaboration allows organizations to ensure continuous project development by including members from different time zones.

Now, let's understand the advantages of IT Staff Augmentation

What are the Pros of Staff Augmentation

There are several advantages an organization gets by hiring remote developers. Some, of the pros of staff augmentation services are as under:

  • It minimizes the extra cost borne on the hiring process.

  • A staff-augmented team can easily integrate with an in-house team.

  • Organizations get access to a wide pool of talented IT professionals.

  • Saves overhead costs incurred towards purchasing a physical office space.

Now, let’s understand the drawbacks of IT Staff Augmentation.

What are the drawbacks of Staff Augmentation?

There are a few drawbacks or challenges organizations face while using Staff Augmentation. Let's understand all of them one by one:

  • As remote teams are working in different time zones maintaining smooth communication & collaboration would be difficult.

  • The internal team also faces the challenges of security maintenance by building remote teams.

  • Software engineering requires proper planning & with remote teams working from different locations smooth project management would be difficult.

Now, let's quickly understand the types of IT Staff Augmentation

What are the different types of IT Staff Augmentation Services

What are the different types of IT Staff Augmentation Services.

Project-based augmentation

This method lets organizations hire software developers with expertise in software development. The team of remote developers hired through this method will work on a specific project.

Skill-based augmentation

Companies hire external augmented staff to bridge the skill gaps present in their team. Moreover, hiring remote developers helps organizations enhance the skill gaps.

Time-based Augmentation

Organizations hire temporarily to increase their team size until a specific project is finished. However, after the project deliverable is achieved organizations will dismantle these teams.

Hybrid staff augmentation

A hybrid staff augmentation model is a combination of any two or more of the above augmentation models.

Onshore Augmentation of IT team members

Building a remote team by hiring developers from the same country is known as onshore IT augmentation. Moreover, hiring an onshore remote team minimizes the technical skill gaps.

Nearshore Augmentation of IT professionals

Building an external team of remote developers from a nearby country is known as Nearshore Staff Augmentation. Usually, nearshore augmented teams work in the same time zone as the organization. Moreover, hiring nearshore development organizations aim to achieve a smooth development process.

Offshore staff augmentation

Offshore staff augmentation is when a team is hired from a different location. An offshore team will work in a different time zone to ensure continuous development without any interruptions.

Dedicated teams

When you want to outsource IT professionals for a dedicated project requirement, you should opt for dedicated teams. Moreover, dedicated teams will bring a high set of skills & expertise to the development project. Based on the requirements of the project, organizations can choose the best fit for fulfilling their needs.

Now, let's understand what the future holds for IT Staff Augmentation when we talk about hiring dedicated teams.

Staff Augmentation for Distributed Teams: How does the future hold

Distributed teams or staff-augmented teams have a very bright future from an IT point of view. In the light of technology advancement companies are seen adopting remote work models by hiring remote developers.

One report by Grand View Research states that the staff augmentation market will be worth $147.2 million by the year 2028. Moreover, the increased adoption of cloud computing technology is having more of an impact on the use of augmentation services.

The adoption of augmentation services increased more, particularly after the effects of COVID-19, with the rise of remote work.

Read more Steps to manage IT Staff, IT-augmented teams

Wrapping Up!

Leadership in a remote work environment requires adaptability, empathy & a proactive approach to building connections, communication, trust & accountability. Leaders can create a healthy work culture to boost productivity and support the well-being of all.

The success of remote teams will be defined by their ability to tackle the challenges mentioned in the article. Using, the staff augmentation model will help hire remote developers that meet your project needs. Moreover, the hired team of developers would possess effective communication & collaboration skills to work effectively.

Using a distributed team helps organizations save money and focus on other important tasks, despite the challenges. Despite its challenges, building distributed teams can be beneficial if it is done thoughtfully.


Mukesh Ram

Founder and CEO, Acquaint Softtech

I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.

Table of Content
  • Introduction to Remote Leadership Challenges

  • Building connections & collaborations

  • What is the role of effective communication in project management?

  • How can leaders Build Trust & Accountability

  • How can a company achieve team engagement & productivity

  • What is IT Staff Augmentation?

  • What are the Pros of Staff Augmentation

  • What are the drawbacks of Staff Augmentation?

  • What are the different types of IT Staff Augmentation Services

  • Staff Augmentation for Distributed Teams: How does the future hold

  • Wrapping Up!

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