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A Comprehensive Guide to Music Streaming App Development

August 16th, 2023
Music Streaming App Development.


The music streaming industry has seen tremendous change over the past few years. While it's still dominated by major players like Apple Music and Spotify, it's also home to many smaller companies offering something different. This guide will help you understand what makes an app successful and how to build one that turns users into subscribers and keeps them returning for more.

The article is a comprehensive guide to building a music streaming app. It discusses the key steps before the music app development process and the features to add to your application. So, before jumping into the topic, let's understand what a music streaming app is. How to create a music app by hiring a remote developer?

Why Choose a Music Streaming Platform?

Why Choose a Music Streaming Platform.

A music streaming platform is a website or app that allows users to listen to music online. Music streaming platforms are very popular because they offer a wide variety of music and can be used on any device.

Music streaming apps are more popular than music streaming websites. Why should you choose a music streaming application? Well, it's simple! If you want your business or service to succeed online, an app will give it an edge over your competitors. The surveys and statistics suggest that people tend to spend more time using apps on their mobile devices than browsing the Internet using the browser. 

Music Streaming Apps in the Market

The music streaming industry is one of the most competitive in the tech world, with many companies vying for market share. Spotify and Apple Music are probably the most well-known apps, but other options exist, such as Google Play Music (owned by Google) and Amazon Music Unlimited. You can even find smaller niche apps like Tidal or Pandora if you want something specific.

The competition between these apps isn't just limited to their features; each has its unique approach regarding pricing models and business strategies! For example, Spotify offers free and paid plans where users can choose whether they want ad-supported access; meanwhile, Apple Music only offers one type of monthly subscription plan.

The music streaming industry is still relatively new, but the companies involved will be around for quite some time. Spotify has existed since 2008, while Apple Music launched in 2015. The two apps don't compete directly with each other (they're both more focused on providing quality content and an enjoyable listening experience). Still, they do have different approaches when it comes down to pricing models and business strategies as well.

There is a reason why mobile app development is more popular for music streaming services. Streaming music online is very popular; hence there are plenty of opportunities for more companies to develop their online music brand. Here are some of the popular mobile streaming apps.

Do you know: According to Statista, in 2022, global streaming revenues soared to a record $17.5 billion, surpassing 2015's figure by over six times, highlighting the immense growth of music streaming's popularity and profitability.

Want to Build a Music streaming app?

Take your music streaming experience to the next level with our personalized app development services. We've got everything covered, from user-friendly interfaces to top-notch audio quality. Reserve your free 30-minute consultation now and bring your musical vision to life.

Key Steps To Take For The Mobile App Development Journey

Now that you have a clear idea of what kind of app you want to build, it's time to take key steps towards your development journey. Here are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind before starting work on your music-streaming app development:

Understanding the market

app market understanding.

Understanding the market for mobile app development is crucial before embarking on the journey of creating an app. First and foremost, analyzing the market size and value helps identify the potential user base and revenue opportunities. The information aids in setting a realistic approach to your future goals and expectations.

Moreover, comprehending the market landscape provides insights into competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. By understanding the competition, you can strategize and differentiate their apps to offer unique value to users. Exploring market trends and user preferences enables incorporating sought-after features, ensuring the app resonates with the target audience.

Targeted audience

Targeted audience.

While developing your music streaming app, it is important to remember who will use the app and their demographics. The answer to this question will help you decide how your app's features should be designed, which determines how much effort goes into developing them.

You can get the answers by thoroughly researching the market, opting for MVP development, and conducting surveys. Focus groups or interviews on social media platforms like Facebook Groups or Reddit forums, where they discuss their likes/dislikes about other apps available in that category.

Based on this information and market research reports published by experts in their respective fields, we can make some assumptions about the target audience for music streaming apps.

How much you can invest

money you can invest in your music streaming app development.

The money you can invest in your music streaming app development depends on the features you want to add. The investment will be high if you have a large budget and want to add many features. However, if your budget is small and all that matters, for now, is getting something out there so people know about your brand, then the investment would be low.

The best approach is to evaluate what kind of app would work best for your company or brand before deciding how much money should go into its development.

List down the app features.

app feature list down.

To develop a music streaming app, you must also decide what features to add to your application. You can easily get this answer if you have done your research smartly. 

The goal is to provide the most useful features that provide value to the user instead of adding every type of feature that your competition offers.

Hire remote developer

hire remote developers.

Hiring remote developers for your mobile app development solution can help you complete your project on time and budget. Since they do not need to be physically present at your business premises or office space, things are much easier regarding the time for revisions or updates.

When you are hiring a remote developer, you will have to consider the following:

  1. The remote developer should have experience in building music streaming apps.

  2. The developer should have a good portfolio of previous work. A well-developed portfolio will help you understand the types of projects they have worked on and how well they handle their tasks.

  3. Look for good communication between you and your developer because they need to hear from you about your requirements and feedback from time to time during development.

  4. If the developer offers quality services at an affordable price, hire them for your project.

Top Features to Add to Music Streaming App

Now you have a detailed idea of what key things to consider before starting a music streaming app. Adding these features is the best way to make your music streaming app development more engaging. This list of given features can help make your application more demanding.

Top Features to Add to Music Streaming App.

Design and user experience

Design and user experience (UX) play a vital role in the success of a music app. An intuitive and visually appealing user interface (UI) is essential as it creates a positive first impression, drawing users into the app. A well-designed UI enhances user engagement and encourages them to explore further.

User registration and authentication

User registration and authentication are fundamental features that provide a secure and personalized experience. Users can create accounts using email, social media, or phone numbers with registration and a secure authentication password.

Secure payment integration

To monetize the music streaming app, integrating secure payment gateways is essential for enabling premium features or subscription plans. By providing users with a seamless and safe payment process, they can easily subscribe to premium services. Striking a balance between free and premium content offerings ensures users can access basic functionalities without barriers. You can use technologies like Laravel for a robust and secure back-end.

Know more about Laravel development: What is Laravel? And why it is the best choice in 2023.

Music search and discovery algorithms

Efficient music search and discovery algorithms are essential to a successful music streaming app. Users can search for their desired music with the search feature, and the smart algorithms allow users to explore a vast music catalogue effortlessly, finding their favourite songs, artists, or albums quickly.

Creating playlists feature

Enabling users to create and manage playlists gives them the freedom to curate their music collections. The feature allows users to save and organize their favourite tracks, facilitating easy access to personalized music collections for different moods or occasions.

Offline music and download options

Offline music playback and download features are invaluable for users who want to enjoy music without an internet connection or while conserving data. Allowing users to download songs or playlists for offline listening empowers them to enjoy their favourite tunes anytime and anywhere.

Case Study

music app development case study.

Now that you know how mobile app development for music streaming apps works, it is time for a case study of a music streaming app. We recently worked on a Music INXITE project to build a music streaming app.

As a well-known web and app development service provider, we work on several projects. The project Music INXITE was interesting and fun. They approached us to build an app packed with many crucial features discussed earlier. By understanding their requirements, we started our project and took our client to see our development journey by updating every small task we did.

We developed a purposeful music streaming app using Swift, a technology that ensures the app works smoothly on iOS devices. By prioritizing iOS development and utilizing Swift, our app becomes compatible with iPhones and iPads, offering a seamless experience to iOS users.

We also used Laravel to make it more secure and scalable. By utilizing advanced technologies like Swift and Laravel, we created an app that resonates with music lovers.

If you also want to hire remote developer for mobile app development. Get in touch with us to get an expert solution.

Music App Development: License Requirement

Legal considerations are of utmost importance when developing a music streaming app. Understanding music licensing and copyright issues is crucial to ensure that the app operates within the bounds of the law. Developers must obtain licenses and permissions from record labels, artists, and music publishers to legally stream their content. Failure to secure proper licensing can lead to copyright infringement and legal consequences.

Complying with copyright laws is paramount to avoid potential pitfalls and lawsuits. It includes respecting intellectual property rights, adhering to fair use principles, and properly attributing content creators. Implementing robust content monitoring and takedown mechanisms can help address copyright infringement claims promptly.

Engaging legal experts and consulting with copyright agencies can provide invaluable guidance in navigating the complex legal landscape of music streaming, safeguarding the app's integrity and longevity.


Music is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. People love listening to their favourite songs and discovering new artists. Unsurprisingly, music streaming apps have become popular over the last few years. If you're thinking about developing one yourself, this guide will help you start your journey towards making an app that everyone can enjoy.

This article is a must-read, too if you wish to know about this topic: All You Need to Know About Website Development for Music Industry.


What are the key features to include in a music streaming app?

What are the key features to include in a music streaming app?

Essential features include:

  • A user-friendly interface.

  • Search and discovery options.

  • Personalized playlists.

  • Offline listening.

  • Social sharing.

  • High-quality audio streaming.

How much does it cost to make an app like Spotify?

The cost of developing an app like Spotify can vary significantly based on factors such as app complexity, features, platform (iOS, Android, or both), design, and development team rates. A rough estimate for a basic music streaming app can range from $30,000 to $50,000, while a more feature-rich and advanced app can cost upwards of $120,000 or more.


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