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5 Remote Team Options to minimize skill gaps

February 5th, 2024
5 Remote Team Options to minimize skill gaps.

The demand for remote developers is increasing in today’s fast-changing digital landscape. As companies are looking to achieve a competitive edge over their competitors, they are on the lookout to hire remote developers to achieve quality software development. 

However, companies are not able to find the equilibrium between the demand & supply of IT talent i.e. the demand for IT talent is exceeding its supply due to the shortage in availability of skilled resources.

Before hoping to understand the problems in skill shortage let’s first learn what is skill shortage.

What is Skill scarcity & what are its challenges?

What is Skill scarcity.

When the organization is on the hunt to hire skilled remote developers to meet software development requirements but due to the shortage in supply of remote developers it becomes difficult to find the right talent then this challenge is known as skill scarcity.

Now let’s understand some challenges every organization faces due to skill scarcity.

Understanding the challenges of skill scarcity

Defining the problem: When there is a difference between the availability of talented remote developers and the demand of remote developers it is known as skill scarcity. This shortfall can affect several industries from artificial intelligence to cybersecurity.

Now let’s understand the factors that contribute to skill scarcity

Several factors contribute to skill scarcity, some of which are mentioned as under:

What are the factors contributing to skill shortage

What are the factors contributing to skill shortage.
  1. Fast-paced technological advancements: The fast-paced advancement in technology has resulted in demand for new skills which is escalating faster than the speed of talent acquisition.

  2. Limitations in education: The IT education & curriculum are not able to meet the needs of technological advancements which is resulting in skill shortage.

  3. Increase in industrial competition: The growth in technological advancements has resulted in a high demand for hiring developers. This increased demand has also seen hikes for higher salary expectations amongst the available resources.

The above-mentioned challenges are proving to be a pressing point in the minds of the organizations. But, taking due measures to resolve the challenges can help them in releasing the stress.

Let’s understand the solution to the challenges caused by skill scarcity.

How to navigate the skill scarcity challenges?

Upskilling and Reskilling: To tackle the challenge of skill shortage, companies should invest in upskilling and reskilling their existing team by providing them with proper courses and conducting sessions to deliver them the required knowledge and skills enhancement to successfully work on the software development project.

How Acquaint Softtech can help in hiring remote developers?

Acquaint Softtech is a Customized Software development company that helps organizations with IT Staff Augmentation Services and custom software development. We hold ten years of industry experience; our agile team is responsive and dedicated to helping our clients achieve their vision by assisting them in achieving successful project deliverables. 

If you are falling short of skilled IT professionals then reach out to us & hire remote developers that fit your budget.

Hiring Remote Developers: A solution to bridge skill scarcity

The rise in remote work has allowed companies to fill the skill gaps by hiring remote developers. By hiring remote developers organizations can promote diversity in the workplace. 

Let’s understand a variety of remote talent options available to meet the skill scarcity gap.

Bridging the skill scarcity gap is a concern to be addressed,

By hiring remote developers from Acquaint Softtech you can bridge the skill gaps effectively.

What are the different types of Remote Talent Options?

Namely, there are three types of remote talent options to choose from:

types of Remote Talent.

1. Fully remote team:

The first one on the list is the fully remote team. As the name itself says, these are fully remote teams i.e. they are available to work from home only.
The members of these teams would be scattered in different locations, cities, countries, and even from different continents.

These teams do not have a physical office space like other teams, these remote developers work on projects while sitting in their homes, using all the available tools at their disposal.

2. Hybrid teams:

As the name itself states, a hybrid team is a combination of an in-house team and a remote team.
This team is composed of employees who are working from a central office and others working from a remote location.

The biggest benefit that this time provides is the benefit of remote and in-house collaboration, thus offering full-fledged flexibility, diversified talent, and a huge cost saving.

To drive hybrid teams to success, organizations should focus on building effective communication, team unity, and flexibility in management.
By tackling these issues priorly, a company builds a work environment that aligns both virtual and in-person interactions.

3. Flex teams: 

As the name itself says, flex teams stand for flexible teams. These teams are formulated with a dynamic and adaptable structure. 

This composition is fully flexible, i.e. the team does not have a predefined work schedule & the team is not hired for a longer duration i.e. it can be assembled and disassembled based on the needs and wants of the project. 

This team also allows reconfiguration based on the project requirements.

4. Freelance Remote developers:

As the name itself suggests, these are individual freelance developers who work on different projects by utilizing their skills & expertise. Freelance Remote developers are amongst the most costliest options available for hiring remote developers.

5. Outsourcing Software Development Company:

This is the fifth option available when building a remote team. By leveraging this option, organizations can outsource a part of software development or a full project to an outsourcing vendor or Software Outsourcing Company.

This kind of team can be built based on various options like Offshore outsourcing, Onshore outsourcing, Nearshore outsourcing & multi-outsourcing.

Based on the above five options the companies can choose the best fit which meets their requirements. 

After due consideration and analysis, the organizations would be able to form a winning remote team that helps them minimize the skill shortage.

Now, let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of hiring Remote Developers.

First, let’s begin with the advantages of Hiring Remote Developers.

What are the advantages of Hiring Remote Developers?

Advantages of Hiring remote Developers.
  1. Cost-effective:

Hiring remote developers allows organizations to save a lot of costs incurred towards hiring additional resources. By using IT Staff Augmentation services, organizations can save a lot of time invested in the hiring process.

  1. Access to a wider pool of audience:

By leveraging IT staff augmentation, organizations can get access to a wider pool of talent to choose from. As more options are available for hiring a remote team, the company can choose the best fit based on their requirements.

  1. Timely delivery of the project:

The company that hires remote developers can ensure a timely delivery of the software development project.

  1. Increased productivity:

Hiring remote developers can help organizations in increasing their productivity.

Now, let’s understand the Disadvantages of hiring remote developers

What are the Disadvantages of hiring remote developers?

  1. Communication barriers: 

As the remote team comprises developers from across the globe, it becomes difficult to maintain smooth communication.
The team members would be speaking different languages & working in different zones, that’s when maintaining communication can become a problem.

To maintain a smooth communication flow, the organization needs to use the right communication tools.

  1. Problematic collaboration:

As the remote teams are set in different geographical destinations it becomes difficult to maintain proper integration between an in-house team & remote team.

Using proper collaboration tools can help companies achieve efficient project deliverables.

  1. Security Measures:

When you are hiring a remote team, maintaining data privacy can be a difficult task. The external company has access to all the sensitive information of the company which can hinder data privacy.

It is important for the organization to check and analyze the security measures taken by the external vendor. They should always prepare a mutual NDA to ensure all the security measures are kept in check.

Wrapping up!

The growing landscape of IT has seen a growth in the demand for IT talent, organizations that are finding it hard to meet the skills gaps can leverage remote talent options to mitigate the threat caused by skill scarcity. Doing proper research and following a hiring process can help them find the best talent.

Choosing the right remote team options seems a tough task?

Acquaint softtech can be your rescuer by suggesting you the best fit of remote developers based on your requirements.


Mukesh Ram

Founder and CEO, Acquaint Softtech

I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.

Table of Content
  • What is Skill scarcity & what are its challenges?

  • What are the factors contributing to skill shortage

  • How to navigate the skill scarcity challenges?

  • How Acquaint Softtech can help in hiring remote developers?

  • Hiring Remote Developers: A solution to bridge skill scarcity

  • What are the different types of Remote Talent Options?

  • What are the advantages of Hiring Remote Developers?

  • What are the Disadvantages of hiring remote developers?

  • Wrapping up!

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