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Top 10 IT Staff Augmentation Companies in India

February 26th, 2024
IT Staff Augmentation Companies in India.

The demand for IT-skilled professionals is gaining exponential growth. Moreover, companies are partnering with reliable firms that can help hire remote developers with the right skills.

No matter, if you are a startup or a mid-sized company, finding the right IT professionals is crucial for success.

In this article, we will talk about 10 Indian Staff augmentation companies that help with hiring remote developers.

Whether you are working on a small project or looking to use team augmentation for long-term augmentation, read this blog.

Before, we get into the details, let’s first understand what the term means.

IT Staff Augmentation: What does the term mean?

IT Staff augmentation is a hiring model that involves hiring remote developers to complement a company’s existing staff.

Using this strategy you can fill existing skill gaps without the need to hire full-time professionals. Hence, companies that face a sudden increase in demand for specialized skills can use this method to hire developers.

Let’s take an example, suppose you are an eCommerce company that wants to create a retail platform. Being an organization you already have two skilled developers but you wish to hire more developers.

You have two hiring options available:

  • The first is to hire full-time developers.

  • The second is to hire remote developers.

The choice of choosing any one option can vary based on the requirements.

If you want to hire developers temporarily choosing the staff augmentation method will be a feasible idea. Whereas, if you want to hire developers on a full-time basis using In-house hiring can be a fruitful idea.

Now, let’s understand what are the benefits of IT Staff Augmentation.

What are the advantages of IT Staff Augmentation?

advantages of IT Staff Augmentation.

Companies that find staffing a problem should leverage staff augmentation services to meet their staffing requirements.

There are several benefits you get by using Staff Augmentation services few of which are mentioned below:

Greater Flexibility & Scalability

By using IT staff augmentation businesses can scale their technical workforce up or down based on their requirements. By using a staff augmentation strategy organizations can easily revamp their IT team without doing long-term hiring.

This ability can enable companies to easily respond to the changing market conditions & project demands.

Access to a wider talent pool

By using IT staff augmentation services companies can get access to a diverse pool of IT talent.

For example, if you want to develop high-quality eCommerce-based software, you would require a highly skilled developer. But, finding the right resource would be time-consuming, & that’s when using Staff augmentation services comes into the picture.

Cost-effective solution

Hiring a full-time employee would be costly due to the recruitment expenses & time-consuming onboarding.

However, by hiring staff-augmented professionals, organizations can minimize the cost borne by lengthy hiring processes.

Using this type of IT-augmented staffing model, organizations can save on overhead costs associated with permanent employment.

Faster Time to Market

By leveraging augmented IT staffing solutions, companies can accelerate their time to market the product. 

By accessing a larger pool of professionals, companies can quickly assemble teams to work on development projects.

Higher productivity level

Staff augmentation increases productivity due to developers’ exclusive focus on a single project.

This empowers & motivates the developers, as they are working solely for one client by using their skills. 

But, using these benefits is also possible if you are choosing the right Staff Augmentation partner.

Now, let's understand about IT staff augmentation vs other staffing options

Filling skill gaps has become easy with augmented staff.

Acquaint Softtech is a Staff Augmentation company that provides IT Staffing and Custom Software development services.

Staff Augmentation with Other Staffing Options

In terms of staffing solutions, there are various options available. How does each of them stack up against staff augmentation?

Let's understand in detail

Staff Augmentation vs Managed Services

As stated, staffing augmentation enables your organization to scale your development team up or down based on the requirements. 

Whereas, managed services refer to the process of outsourcing your IT needs to a third-party vendor. This IT organization will provide you with IT infrastructure.

Staff Augmentation vs In-house Recruitment

In-house recruitment means hiring full-time employees to join your company's organization. Additionally, this approach allows you to build a team that's aligned with your culture & values. But, this hiring process can be time-consuming & expensive

Whereas, staff augmented hiring process is hassle-free and enables minimizing the cost of hiring & training new staff.

Staff Augmentation vs Software Development Outsourcing Services

When you delegate IT tasks to an external software development team it is known as software development outsourcing. Software development outsourcing services are useful when companies are unable to manage a project effectively. But, this development process gives you less scope of control over the project.

The staff augmentation model is flexible & cost-effective but would require a high level of management over team members. However, outsourcing is more convenient but can lead to communication & quality issues.

Staff Augmentation vs Independent Contractors

Organizations are hiring independent contractors or freelancers to fill the skills gaps of their existing teams. But, freelancers as a tech stack can be unreliable which could lead to misalignment of skills & project delays.

In such cases, using an IT outsourcing model like staff augmentation can help you get access to technical expertise. Moreover, it allows you to achieve a successful project deliverable as outsourced developers work in varied time zones. Doing, this eventually helps your company deliver projects on time & within the budget.

Now, let's understand the process of IT staff augmentation

Steps to follow in the IT Staff Augmentation Process

Software team augmentation is a fruitful resource for organizations that are looking to supplement their existing IT team. By following the sequence of steps you can easily leverage IT augmented staffing solutions for your needs.

Read Checklist of IT Staff Augmentation: A Complete Guide for 2024 to learn more. Additionally, you learn about how you can choose the best IT staff augmentation services.

Now, let's find the top 10 companies in India that provide Staff augmentation services to hire remote tech talents.

Top 10 Indian IT Staff Augmentation Companies

IT Staff Augmentation Companies in India.

Acquaint Softtech

Acquaint Softtech is a software outsourcing company specializing in IT Staff Augmentation Services and custom software development. Our team of experts has 15+ years of industry experience in helping our clients build custom software solutions. We can help your organization hire remote developers that meet your requirements.


eSparkbiz is a Staff augmentation company, recognized for its exceptional staffing solutions. Additionally, its dedicated team helps to hire remote developers to meet the skill gaps effectively. Its simple approach smoothens the integration process of augmented staff into the existing in-house team,

Bacancy Technology

Bacancy is a seasoned software development company that offers top-of-the-line web & mobile app development services. It has served clients from startups, SMEs, etc. business verticals since 2011.


Radixweb has been one of the most well-known software development companies for the last 20+ years. It offers next-gen software development solutions to SMB companies worldwide.


Simform is an IT talent solutions company on a mission to solve complex software engineering problems. It has been in the field for 15+ years & has helped businesses upscale their value by providing development services. is an IT staff augmentation company that enables you to hire tech-communicators to find the right talent. Additionally, it helps you hire professionals with high proficiency in the English language.

Mitrix Technology

Mitrix Technology is one of the best IT staff augmentation service providers in India. With an experience of over 15+ years, it helps you hire the best IT professionals for your project. Not only this, the company checks the skill set of developers & only provides the CV that suits the project.


CodUp is an agile tech partner that enables your business growth. It offers you a smooth recruitment process to fill the gaps. Additionally, you can expand your team with specific skill sets required.

Ahex Solutions

Ahex Solutions is a 2009 certified software development company. They provide customized web & mobile development.


TatvaSoft is a full-stack Custom Software Development & Enterprise Mobile app company pioneering in developing top-notch solutions.

Check out the Hourly Rates & Clutch ratings of all the above companies to make the best decision.


Clutch Ratings

Hourly Rates

Acquaint Softtech






Bacancy Technology











Mitrix Technology






Ahex Solutions






Based on the above information you can choose the best Staff augmentation company which aligns with your project requirements.

Now, let’s understand Why is IT Staff Augmentation so popular today

Streamlined staffing makes IT Staff Augmentation popular. According to a report by GlobeNews Wire, the US IT Staffing market will reach $39 billion by 2024.

The majority of organizations benefit from staff augmentation by using the capabilities of remote developers.

Closing Notes

By using Staff augmentation services organizations can tackle the skill gaps present in their development team. Moreover, by hiring remote developers project managers can hire the best professionals for the development process. By hiring remote developers for the short term companies are saving a huge amount of money.


What are the hourly rates of IT Staff Augmentation in India?

The charges of IT staff augmentation can vary based on your needs & wants but generally range from $15 to $99

What’s the difference between Staff Augmentation & Consulting Service

Staff augmentation is when you hire an expert or a developer for an ongoing project. Whereas, consulting services mean hiring a team from start until the end.

What are the different types of IT Staff Augmentation Services?

There are namely three types of Staff Augmentation Services. Commodity-based, skilled-based & highly skilled.

Commodity-based may not require special training, but skilled-based may require a little training. Whereas, highly skilled may require extensive training.

What are the challenges or disadvantages of Staff Augmentation?

There are various challenges organizations face while using Staff augmentation services. Some of them are Communication barriers, lack of security & lack of control.

When is Staff Augmentation necessary?

Staff augmentation is essential when you need to hire talents urgently but do not want to hire full-time. This happens when organizations need to cater to certain projects but do not have the right staff required. By using staff augmentation services, companies can outsource developers to work only on the projects going on & let them go after project completion.


Mukesh Ram

Founder and CEO, Acquaint Softtech

I love to make a difference. Thus, I started Acquaint Softtech with the vision of making developers easily accessible and affordable to all. Me and my beloved team have been fulfilling this vision for over 15 years now and will continue to get even bigger and better.

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  • IT Staff Augmentation: What does the term mean?

  • What are the advantages of IT Staff Augmentation?

  • Staff Augmentation with Other Staffing Options

  • Steps to follow in the IT Staff Augmentation Process

  • Top 10 Indian IT Staff Augmentation Companies

  • Why Is IT Staff Augmentation So Popular Today?

  • Closing Notes

  • FAQ

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