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What is Authorization in Laravel?


What is Authorization in Laravel?.

Laravel consists of authentication and authorization methods. laravel Authentication helps to verify the user. Meanwhile, authorization will provide the predefined level of access. With ‘Authorization’ one can determine whether a user is allowed to perform a specific action for a particular task or access a resource within an application.

Difference between Authentication and Authorization

Difference between Authentication and Authorization.

To give you a broader perspective on the difference between authentication and authorization here is a more detailed explanation.

Authentication is like if someone has to enter your home. They must provide an ID or authenticate themselves in order to do so. If their credentials are right, they are authenticated and can enter; otherwise they must turn back.

Authorization is like a higher level of security for your home. Once the person is authenticated and granted access to your home, authorization comes into play. It determines which areas or rooms within your home they can enter. It also dictates which resources they can avail. For example, you may restrict them from entering your bedroom or any other area and accessing your computer or safe.

In a web application, authentication typically involves verifying user credentials, such as username and password. Once authenticated, the authorization system defines what actions or resources the user can access within the application based on their role, permissions, or other defined rules. By using authentication and authorization, developers can create a robust and secure web application.

Different Methods to Authorize


Gates is one of the methods to authorize users for your application. They let you create your own authorization rules based on any criteria you want. Think of it like a checkpoint for users that lists whether they can perform a particular task or not.

To define Gates in Laravel, just simply use the “Gate::define()” method. And to check Gate, means to check if the user is authorized, simply use the “Gate::allows()” method. 

Authorization with Gates.


Policies provide a higher level of abstraction for authorization by encapsulating the authorization logic for a particular model or resource. Policies are typically associated with Eloquent models and allow you to define authorization rules for various actions related to that model.

To generate policy, you can use the Artisan command “php artisan make:policy”. And to register the policy use the “Gate::policy()“ method.

Authorization with Policies.

Gates and policies provide flexible and reusable ways to authorize actions in Laravel. They help you keep your authorization logic organized and make it easier to manage access control throughout your application.

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