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4 Ways To Write Clean And Better Code For Android Applications

April 12th, 2019

Programming is not as easy as it sounds. Coding is a huge beast to handle. It just looks as easy as dancing or painting, but when you get into action, the reality comes out. Most app developers follow Android architecture patterns and Android design principles to make a successful application. But they forget to follow clean code principles just because it does not matter to make clean coding for Android apps. Being a leading Android application development company, we know how clean and better coding is responsible for developing a decent application. In this article, we will discuss 4 ways to write clean and better code for Android applications.

Why Clean And Better Codes For Android Application Are Important

Now you may ask if coding is that troublesome, why code? Guess what? Coding is an art. Once you start practicing it, you will understand the beauty of it. Coding makes complex things simple. With clean coding, you will solve problems in no time, and your software design will become as elegant as you wish. Another benefit is that you need to spend lesser time figuring out what some segments do. Thus, more time will be available for fixing, revising, and extending them. Also, you need not waste a lot of time on its maintenance. If your code is clean and understandable, communication with other programmers will become smooth. There will be hardly any misunderstandings between developers, which also means fewer bugs in the long run.

4 Ways To Write Clean And Better Codes For Android Apps

Clean coding needs practice from developers. It helps in better understanding of Android architecture, reduces the development and maintenance time. Above all, clean coding elevates the skill of the developer professionally. Clean coding also helps in collaborating with another developer. It is always easy to understand systematic arrangement rather than a complex structure.

1. Use Smart Descriptive Titles

You may wonder whether it creates any difference in coding? In fact, this small thing can make your coding clearer to a great extent. For example, can you figure out what does a variable named TBB means? To decode it, you would probably have to read the entire chunk of code. On the other hand, using Two Big Balls instead of TBB would have made it more understandable. So, don’t make simple things complicated to be unique.


2. Delete The Unnecessary Ones

Since coding is something you type, we understand it could be hard to eliminate things. But, you gotta delete the unnecessary pieces to prevent your app from suffering. Never keep the old code no matter how much you like it. Or else, you will never know when such accumulated code turns into big junk. Start a practice of discarding things that are no longer of any use.


3. Keep A Consistent Coding Style

Experiments, changes, and new trends are good but not always reliable. You may find one thing fascinating or another worth trying while coding. But, that doesn’t mean you should keep on experimenting every single time. Try to be consistent while coding. Many things may tempt you, or other programmers may even advise you. But do what you are comfortable with and what is right. Don’t get carried away.


4. Don’t Recreate

Programming doesn’t mean you are the only creator and whatever you create is the first. There are so many libraries, classes, and example snippets of code already available on the internet that you’re free to use. You just need to know how to Google them. This kind of ready-made packs can save you a lot of time when building something complex. Chances are you may find all that you need at different places. Just assemble them, and you’re good to go. Remember to give credit where it’s due and only use the code with a Creative Commons license.


How To Develop Android App Like A Pro Developer

Developing an application may look easy, but it demands an immense understanding of source requirements and better & clean coding. To become a pro developer, all you need to do is follow the principles for clean code and create a unique coding style. A developer always suffers from a complex coding structure and project requirements.

  • Follow Android Architecture Pattern

  • Practice Android Design Pattern

  • Serve Clean Code Principles

  • Clean Code For Android studio

  • Study Kotlin Clean Code For Android

  • Learn New Things In Android Development

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In A Nutshell

Keep learning. There is always something new coming up in the world of programming. Either you develop something new, or else you always have access to the older ones. Go through it. Keep learning and updating yourself. And if you keep the above methods in practice, you will definitely write clean and better codes. If you have got stuck while developing a profitable Android application, then contact us for a solution. We are a renowned Android application development company. Our dedicated team ensures you the next-gen app development with our top-notch Android app development services. Feel free to discuss your dream idea with our industry experts at or give us a call at +1 773 377 6499


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