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6 Killer E-commerce Strategies To Increase Business Sale

March 23rd, 2019

Do you wear the same clothes all year? No, then why your e-commerce store does this. We all are acquainted with the latest Android version and are always ready to update it. Your e-commerce store also needs to be updated. As we all know, there are a huge rush and cut-throat competition in the e-commerce market. You have to roll up your sleeves and create some unique ideas for boosting the sale. Being a leading e-commerce website development company, we have solutions and strategies for a profitable e-commerce store. So to give you some suggestions for the latest e-commerce website development strategy, we have come up with this particular post.

How To Increase Sales For Your E-commerce Store?

As the year is slowly moving towards the end, some aspiring tech & trends have started to make a buzz in the IT industry. The e-commerce business is improving day by day using a customer-centric approach, better user experience, and technologies relevant to e-commerce. It offers to expand product or services range, marketing strategy and accelerate more sales. Some remarkable e-commerce strategies are listed below.


The core difference between E-commerce & M-commerce is that m-commerce is a subset of e-commerce. It is a newly born term for only mobile shoppers. As we know, smartphone users are all over the internet. So a new word emerged for them - M-commerce, where M stands for Mobile. Mobile users are far beyond in number from other devices, so every e-commerce store owner should update their theme with responsive design. Your business web appearance has to be built with a responsive theme that can enrich the mobile experience.

AI ChatBots

Have you seen any pop-ups at the right-bottom of the websites? Hmm! We know Chat Box is not a new technology. But now it is grown as AI ChatBots like Siri, Google assistance, and Alexa. AI-based ChatBots will save your time by giving the most relevant reply without any hassle. By choosing this technology, your website might be ahead of the curve. And users will love to spend time on your website. It will indirectly help your business grow and improve B2C relationships.


Product Video

It is a proven technique for boosting sales and empowering trust. An eye-catching product video can be your USP in the relevant industry. Many famous fashion brands create a product video and place it along with product images. A product video can give a better idea about the product details like size, color, material, and look. Above all, an eye-candy product video can reduce the return rate. Otherwise, customers will keep guessing until the delivery.


Image Search

Google is the best example of this feature. Many e-commerce websites use this technology to increase their sales. Image Search can offer a search for user needs by using relevant images. This technology is adopted by the most popular e-commerce brands. This feature improves the user experience by making users able to find the exact product they want.

Eye-Catching UI 

It is the best way to develop a WOW impression in the customer’s mind. If you have an attractive User interface, customers will stick to your websites for a long time. A perfect UI & UX can elevate your business growth. Choose a color combination according to your business ideology and create a growth-driven landing page. These 6 features can glorify your E-commerce web presence on the internet. But attractive UI is the most crucial e-commerce strategy among all.

Easy CheckOut 

Last but not least, it is the most underrated tactics for increasing online sales. Only a few website owners take care of the easy checkout process, so keeps your checkout process as simple as you can. Perfect checkout page should be minimal in content, focusing on a fast process. For increasing the sales, you can use copywriting content for appealing the user’s approach. Give a secure payment method and give detail info about the kind of payment method you accept.


Last but not least, it is the most underrated tactic for increasing online sales. Only a few website owners take care of the easy checkout process. So keep your checkout process as simple as you can. A perfect checkout page should be minimal in content and focused on a fast process. For increasing sales, you can use appealing copywriting content for the users. Provide a secure payment method and give detailed info about the kind of payment methods you accept.

Now the question is how to upgrade with these technologies? Your e-commerce store needs a renowned e-commerce website development company like Acquaint Softtech to solve every problem regarding e-commerce store development. If you are looking to upgrade your e-commerce business with a responsive theme, plug-ins, image search, AI chatbots, and so on, then we are the right source. Feel free to make an inquiry. Contact us at or give us a call at +1 773 377 6499. If you love to read business growth-related content, then keep SHARING this piece of content with your colleagues.


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